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Batch cook goals from @dngo90 - Get #prepd this weekend with our tips, tricks & recipes for meal prep over on our website.

Finally using my @getprepd ultra sleek lunchbox after waiting for a year for it to be produced and shipped. Well worth the wait, I carried this pretty little thing on my hand and it is super functional! #prepd #getprepd #kickstarter #mealprep #notsosaddesklunch

I used to be embarrassed by my Indian lunches at school. Not today! #panipuri #mutterpaneer #indianfood #proud #prepd

4 x work lunch! Ready to go! 😎
Thanks to #PrepD! πŸ’ͺ🏻
So, since many of you have asked:
After using PrepD for a week, I think I'm liking it! It's compact to store in the fridge, easy to carry in your bag and the cooler works well. The app has a nice variety of recipes, but they're mostly on the healthy side which I don't mind at all! My only complain is the washing part which is not so easy! The container's cap has a seal which sauce and other stuff can get stuck to.
Overall, I recommend it to anyone who wants a weekdays lunch solution and happy to spend an hour on Sunday night to prepare it! If you like to order it, message me and I can send you a special code which gives you $15 off your order!πŸ˜‰

#love my new #prepd #lunchbox It worth the wait

Call me sentimental, but this workout is kinda special to me cuz it's the last one I'll ever do in my new place w A, w e space this state! Tmr marks the start of our renovations, and altho we aren't doing anything suuuper extensive, it's still Project Make This House A Home ❀️🏑
That also means saying goodbye to this bare wall, cuz once we start buying furniture and moving stuff in, goodness knows it won't look like this anymore πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚
Just a quick one to talk abt today's tweaks-- high knees vs skips, modified burpees, and twisting crunches ✌🏻
High knees vs skips (left side, third vid): so ppl frequently msged to ask me if they neeeeed to buy a skipping rope for #bbg. I always think if you can afford one and the space it requires, why the heck not! I bought a cheapo one for abt $6 when I first started, and hv never regretted it! Having said that, if space is tight, it's 100% okay to sub skipping out for sth else, like high knees πŸ™‚
Modified burpees (right side, first vid): a few of you hv commented on prev videos to share that you're struggling w burpees. For some of you it's the coordination that's tricky; for others, it's stamina/strength. Either way, this is an easy modification you cld try to slow things down, while still keeping things challenging! It's basically a regular burpee w/o e jump; that helps to keep the motion simple, and strips out the "kill me I'm dying" element-- a good way to focus on the first part of the move and get the basics down first πŸ‘πŸ»
Twisting crunches (right side, second vid): I did these in lieu of raised-leg sit-ups w twist, because all of my makeshift platforms had been packed up ahead of renovations! I'd say these look deceptively simple... they actually give quite a burn-- esp if you make the effort to lift + twist (vs just rolling fr side to side πŸ˜…) πŸ”₯
Hope this helps anyone looking for modifications/tweaks to certain moves πŸ™†πŸ» Remember, you are ALWAYS free to make changes that suit yr level of fitness-- scale it up or down, it's STILL a workout that you can be proud of. Don't fall into the trap of thinking: "okay, I'll try it when I'm strong enough." No biatch. Do it today. You'll thank yourself after 😘❀️

Meals & snacks prepped for @debrapear and I plus bonus mango snack w/tajin for me!!! Prepd - the best @indiegogo investment yet! #prepd #healthyfood #makingtheeffort

After over a year of waiting I finally received my @getprepd lunch box. I couldn't be more thrilled. #prepd #getprepd #mealprep #kickstarter #patience

Another successful prep session #mealprepmonday #prepd #macros


Batch cook goals from @dngo90 - Get #prepd this weekend with our tips, tricks & recipes for meal prep over on our website.

Symmetry lunch by @julia_suleymanova in Toronto #PrepdPack

How to you fill yours? We want to see your lunchboxes! Join our #prepdpack by sharing yours with us & we'll post our favourites. πŸ“· by @apairandaspare

PrepD Lunch Box πŸ˜„
Guys how cute is my lunch box? Comes with interchangeable sizes inside and cutlery and chopsticks and 2 cold packs that fit inside the box and a carrying insulated sleeve. Check it out on Kickstarter search for Prepd β€’
#lunch #lunchbox #coollunchbox #coolbox #prepd #prep #snack #food #foodtogo #food2go #fastfood #gadget #gadgets #shopping #shoppingonline #shopaholic #kickstarter #kickstarterproject #kickstartercampaign #easylunch #pictureoftheday #fruits #veggies

Mango fried rice by @chef_karlos - check this guy out for some great #prepdpack recipes & ideas πŸ‘ŒπŸ» #prepdpack

Today is the last day of our Sale on Bootcamps!! Visit www.thevoyagebootcamp.com/memberships to sign up today and get locked in for $25 for unlimited Saturday Bootcamp! #TakeTheVoyage

βœ–οΈβœ–οΈβœ–οΈAs of tomorrow we are taking orders for our first week of meals! Cut off day will be next Thursday an meals will be made fresh for pickup on Monday the 31st. Please contact us on either Facebook or instagram for more info and to place your orders. You can also drop in to either mass nutrition wollongong @massnutritionwollongong or snap fitness wollongong @wollongongsnapfitness to place your order. We look forward to prepping the Illawarra βœ–οΈβœ–οΈβœ–οΈπŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽#excited#prep#mealprepillawarra#mealprepping#prepd#openingdate#grandopening#igers#instagood#insta#fit#toned#bulk#shred#health#food#healthyfood#yum#cleaneats#clean#yummyhealthyfood

Desk lunch goals by @daryl_shannon
Show us your #PrepdPack pictures

So simple, yet so tasty! Veg fried rice and fresh cut neon red watermelon from last night, paired with organic mixed greens and tomato salad and a chocolate chip seas salt cookie from Kali's Kitchen. @boylanbottling cane cola palette cleanser to boot! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‚

Al fresco lunch break? Check out our freezer sticks for keeping your #PrepdPack cool & fresh. πŸ“· by @shree_shree - Share your photos and show us how you #GetPrepd

A healthy lunch prepped = a healthy day ahead. Lunchbox by @kittykittypuss - share your lunchboxes & recipes with us and we'll post our favourites! #PrepdPack

Brighten up lunch this week with a simple veggie traybake batch cook. πŸ“· by @chef_karlos prepping for his #prepdpack #regram

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