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“It has been my great honor to have been involved in the realms of birth for the past 33 years. For 20+ years I worked in numerous cities in rural Georgia and in Asheville, NC, serving women having large families. I learned from these women how to nurture, how to trust and how to sit back and let birth proceed without interference.
My midwifery often took me to the poor and the indigent in the “toxemia belt” in Georgia, yet toxemia/pre-eclampsia was never experienced in my practice. I think it was because the women taught me how to nurture them and nurturing made the difference.
In 2001, I retired from active practice of midwifery and began teaching what women have passed on to me. The Matrona was created as a repository of this birth wisdom and our programs have been educating women as midwives and doulas since then.” -Whapio Diane Bartlett
We are SO honored and excited to host one of our teachers, and one of the birth communities most knowledgeable and respected birth educators, Whapio from #thematrona for our first Hollistic Doula Training from March 23-26 at our studio in Harrison.  If you are working in the birth world as a pre or post natal teacher, a doula, or in any other way,  this training will not only compliment and expand whatever training you already have, but it may also just change the way you see the world and it will empower and inspire you to serve your clients more confidently and passionately.  Whapio only comes this way once or twice a year so this is an amazing opportunity to study with her while she’s here.  We are also offering a dual Prenatal Yoga and Doula certification so you may do this doula training alone or combine it with our prenatal training in April for the dual certificate.  More info in link in bio and email us with any questions.  #doulatraining #doulas #doulasofwestchester #doulasofny #nydoulas #doulalife #hollisticdoulatraining #holllisticdoula #birth #labor #hollisticbirth #westchesterprenatal #westchesterdoulas #doula #prenatalyogateacher #prenatalyogaeachertrainingbirthwork #birthworkers @whapio_and_thematrona

Community ~ How is it defined?
The community of a prenatal yoga class is more than the simplicity of “like” women coming together on their mats.
The community of women find support and trust by sharing their journeys with one another as I am checking students in, preparing for class, or handling what ever shows up on a given day.
Conversations about more than pregnancy occur. Things such as: Which baby carrier do you prefer for flying? We live so close! Maybe we can do play dates when babies arrive. Have you had the test for (fill in the blank)? What is it like?
Have you or are you using a doula?
Our babies due months are the same!
Community! Defined by prenatal yoga students on their mats.
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During pregnancy, not only are you growing a human, but you’re growing into a mother, a selfless caretaker and protector. You are a shape-shifter must learn to navigate all the newness, change and overpowering LOVE! Applying the philosophy of yoga along with the strengthening and simultaneously stretching the body is so amazingly beneficial. I can’t imagine going through my pregnancies without it. So excited to be offering it once again at @aliveandwellaustin ! This serene and gorgeous wellness center is the perfect spot for prenatal yoga with easy community building possibilities at our healthy cafe. Located in Bee Cave, a close 15 min drive from S & SW Austin, Dripping Springs, Spicewood, Lakeway and Lake Travis! Can’t wait to bask in the glow of the Mamas once again!!!

Rainy days call for soup! Just a simple chicken avocado today! Made it to the gym and library just in time! Then drove home in the rain to throw this together for lunch. It brings me joy cooking for my little family, and it’s so peaceful to cook to the sound of rain 😍

Day 9 of a most incredible and supportive challenge #frommymattoyours
Today we take pigeon. I have 3 variations for users.
When I began yoga my hips were so tight! So I started coming to the pose using a chair. I would gently press on the inner thigh and scream to myself to just breathe 8 times before coming to the other side.
As my hips began to find freedom and space I added the floor version making sure alwYs to have the foot flexed to protect my knee. Again, it was uncomfortable but as I continued to practice pigeon from a seated version I could feel my hips begin to awaken and shed years of darkness and shadows of emotions.
And who doesn’t love yoga in bed!!! I like doing certain poses upon waking or falling asleep for the night. It allows the body to melt and relax because for most, that is what we do when going to sleep. We relax, soften, and melt until we drift away.
Teaching Prenatal Yoga has seriously opened my hips!
And now, pigeon and I have become great friends. We continue to work alongside each other as we move forward in the journey. ••••••••••••••••••••••••
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Baddha Konasana:
Pelvis bölgesindeki kasların ve iç bacak kaslarının uzaması, rahatlatır ve doğumu destekler
Siyatiği rahatlatır
Zihni sakinleştirir
Omurgayı uzatır
Üreme organları ve sindirim sistemini tazeler

Dikkat Edilecekler:
-Bel bölgesinde hassasiyet varsa ,omurga uzun gövde dik iken hareketi yapmak faydalı olacaktır.
-İç bacak kasları gerginlik hissettiriyorsa ,bacaklar biraz ileride yapılabilinir ve dizlerin altına hafif (etki alınacak kadar uzama hissi kalmalı)destek konabilir. -Dr egzersizi engellemediyse son haftalara kadar yapılabilecek bir harekettir.

Sausage, kale, and mushroom stuffed butternut squash, not pictured was a delicious, dairy free, sweet potato bisque. My kitchen looked like a bomb went off by the end, and i wasn’t quite sure how i should eat this squash creation, but it was #whole30 goodness. My favorite thing with leaving meal planning to the app is that i try new things!

On this gray blustery day, they light up my life 😍
What are they trying to do? “Blast off like Mary Poppins!” 🤣

It has taken me 3 years to get here! 3 years! So excited...still quite a ways off from 1000. As a homeschooling SAHM with a husband that travels a lot, oh and i lived in Louisiana for one of those three years, I’d say that is still something to be proud of!
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Focusing on visualization of progress in your practice

Doesn’t look like much, but i just love this cumin-lime slaw, it’s one of my favorites. I add garbanzo beans for a healthy vegan lunch or i serve it with Cuban pulled pork for my carnivorous husband 😉

I love practicing and teaching malasana against a wall!
Try it at home and tell my what you think! Everything I do in this short video is easily modified for any stage of pregnancy. When twisting you can use your palm on the wall to assist your chest in opening, focusing on the upper part of the back. Flying in a small crow from here is fun and safe while pregnant, and by keeping the knees wide you don’t put too much uncomfortable pressure on your baby’s home. .
If your heels lift off the ground the fix is easy~ simply place a rolled or folded blanket (or towel) against the wall to go under your heels 👍🏼
If this pose becomes comfy for you throughout your practice during pregnancy you might find it supportive and comfortable during labor as well! Put something under your heels, drape a woven wrap, blanket or rebozo around your partners shoulders with the ends dangling down toward you, and hold onto the ends. During a contraction you can pull on the rebozo, and between you can rest against the wall ✨
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There’s still a few spaces in today’s Prenatal Yoga Workshop at @hoshyoga at 3:30pm. We’ll talk about what you will and won’t see in a prenatal yoga class, how to modify your existing practice, and learn tools to help prepare you for labor. Open to expecting mamas and teachers who want to learn how to accommodate pregnant students in class!

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Day 17~#AnatomyOfSelfLove ~#spinaltwist |#supinetwist ~Affirmation: I AM AWARE THAT THERE IS INFINITE HOPE SURROUNDING ME 💗🕉️ I spent my entire morning practice twisting & detoxifying before my students arrived for class. Wringing out and letting go of everything that would not serve me and moving forward with my day.

Still completely in LOVE with my @baobeimaternity #theMUTHAofallsweatshirts ~it is the perfect #postpartum sweatshirt ~all wrapped in like a warm hug 💕

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Day 6 of this very inspiring challenge #frommymattoyours ********************
To be honest, I almost just skipped today. I even contemplated dropping out today. Why? Because I feel so inadequate in this pose.
I used to attempt this once a week. It has never felt good in my body, especially my neck that has a build up of arthritis. I dropped my comparison to the 20,30,40,even 50 year youngsters.
Today I taught a beautiful class. I decided to give it one shot. One! That is it. If It doesn’t happen in one then it just isn’t the day.
All alone, I videotaped. Here is the result. And I apologize for the shirt drop exposing some of my body that is typically hidden away from others eyes.
I don’t come into it the way others do. Maybe that is my issue. I feel more connected and less worried about falling as I come toward the wall.
No judgment. No worries. Just me and a pose. ********************
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Can it really be day 5 Of #frommymattoyours
Today is lizard 🦎 pose! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Never! Never ever! I never thought I would be able to do this pose.
Years of tight hips. Years of not being a yogi. Years of inflexibility. And then along came my teacher training for prenatal yoga. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wow! What a difference. I guess it helps that I teach this in every class, every week, 3 times a week.
The tight hips are gone. There is no forcing if the movement. There is only flexibility and trust that my body will melt down into the pose.
I could not do this even during teacher training. I looked at all the youngsters in their tiny bodies just popping down and resting on their arms.
Well, today I feel like one of those youngsters opening into this great pose.
I have the ability. I have the trust. I have the mindset. I am that I am. I can melt ~ like a lizard ~ on the ground Beneath my bones. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hosts: @da_via_yoga @valdasaur @schun @carreyia @sandragon21 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sponsors: @sahajanskincare @liforme @yogisurprise @namaste.tv @malaprayer @moonchildyogawear ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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A one syllable word.
Easy to let flow over the tongue and lips.
Yet why is it so difficult to feel?
Why do we doubt our own ability?
Why do we doubt our trust in our own body?
Remember you are hardwired to give birth.
Stop thinking so much about it.
Allow birth to happen as you breathe.
Allow birth to happen as you let your body move in motions to bring baby down and out.
You were born with the knowledge of how to birth.
Trust your body.
Say it! I Trust My Body.
I Trust My Innate Ability to Give Birth!
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