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Lately I’ve heard from some of you asking what it is that I do as a virtual health and fitness coach!
Well, it means that I have the privilege of leading other boss babes from all over the WORLD on a path of health and fitness, whether they are in their journeys! I feel so blessed!
Becoming a virtual coach has renewed my drive to pursue medicine and has put such an interesting spin on my version of WHY I want to become a physician as well!
When I signed up, I did it purely to be a part of my amazing team of women who inspire the hell out of me, but little did I know that I would find so much JOY and success in helping others along their journeys, as I have been helped along my own.
Being a coach is as much about working on YOU as it is on your clients, so you can lead from the front and hold everyone accountable (including yourself!).
If you are curious about what this passion project of mine looks like in real life, I’m coming at ya LIVE tonight in a sneak peak private Facebook event to tell you my story.
If you’d like to come learn and hang out with us, comment or drop me a message! NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Just listen and learn!
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Una razón más para amar la medicina! esta pequeña bebe se recupera satisfactoriamente de una cirugía de corrección de craneosinostosis, esto es una entidad que se caracteriza por el cierre precoz de una o más suturas craneales, lo que produce un crecimiento y desarrollo anormal del cráneo. El Neurocirujano Juan Manuel Riestra, y su equipo realizaron esta cirugía exitosamente cambiando la vida de esta princesa.
Créditos y agradecimientos: 🧠➡@neurocenter10
Sigue al Dr. Juan Manuel Riestra en su cuenta personal: ➡@neurocenter10 🌐✅🧠
One more reason to love medicine! this little baby is successfully recovered from a craniosynostosis correction surgery, this is an entity that is characterized by the early closure of one or more cranial sutures, which produces an abnormal growth and development of the skull. The neurosurgeon Juan Manuel Riestra, and his team performed this surgery successfully changing the life of this princess.
Credits and thanks: 🧠➡ @neurocenter10 neurocenter10
Follow Dr. Juan Manuel Riestra on his personal account: ➡ @neurocenter10 neurocenter10 🌐✅🧠

About to finish up my last week of my Radiology rotation! Reading X-rays, CTs, MRIs, ect. Has always been a challenging task for me. I believe this is because we do not get much practice through out medical school. We spend majority of our time in the text books or with our patients and do not have much of an opportunity to practice reading films or even learning how to read films.
📷💻Radiology is such an important field in medicine and every physician will encounter opportunities to read films and imaging of all sorts. It feel so nice to feel more competent and confident in reading different types of imaging and being able to relay vital information to other medical professionals.
🎞💻I would highly recommend any and every medical student doing a radiology elective throughout fourth year.
💥What has been your experience with radiology? Has your medical school prepared you to be competent in reading films? What are your favorite types of imaging to read?

Hello, my name is Page and I am an honorary member of the PA 2019 cohort (they even have me a stethoscope). My duties include giving my fellow classmates cuddles, playing fetch during breaks, lifting spirits and lounging around when professors are speaking. I'm also a service dog in training and once took off Luvleen's sock. 😘🐶

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Is it just me, or has this week been EXTREMELY busy??! I gotta admit that it feels pretty good to say 'no' to less important things and 'yes' to priorities -- because when you're so busy, it's all about streamlining tasks and conserving energy to ensure that priorities get taken care of. And of course, don't forget to schedule a bit of 'me' time too. 👌 Who else has been busier (and more stressed 😨) than usual this week?? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Night study (also today) 🌑🌃
There are some of my schemes that I am doing to better remember the structure of vitamins🍋🍊
The colour for this subject is yellow (and its nuances). I usually choose a colour for each subject to study.🌼📒
For this session I chose yellow for biochemistry, pink for histology and blue for biology. In this way I can associate the colour with a certain subject.🌼🌸🌳
🇮🇹Studio notturno🌑🌃
Questi sono alcuni dei miei schemi che sto preparando per ricordare meglio la struttura delle vitamine🍋🍊
Il colore per questa materia è il giallo e le sue sfumature. Solitamente scelgo un colore per ogni materia da studiare. Per questo semetre ho scelto il giallo per biochimica il rosa per istologia e il blu per biologia. In questo modo riesco ad assocciare il colore a una determinata materia. 🌼🌸🌳
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Teaching medical students how to do central lines so no one tries to copy what they’ve seen on The Resident. I don’t know about you, but I could not watch that central line scene (or the show altogether) without cringing!

The loop alive 2/3

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