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A tiny little hand of a miscarried or spontaneously aborted 10 week old fetus.

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As a community of "medical enthusiasts" I'm sure we can all relate. Check out @medthusiast medicine-inspired apparel at Medthusiast.com (Link in bio)! #medthusiast #physicianassistant #futuredoctor #futuremd #medstudent #medschool #premed #paschool #pastudent #nursepractitioner

Gestation - This is the period of human development from fertilization until birth. Gestation occurs in 3 stages: the germinal stage, the embryonic stage, and the fetal stage. The germinal stage begins during the first 2-4 weeks after fertilization. At this point in time the union of the sperm and egg have formed the zygote, and development has officially begun. The zygote begins to move along the fallopian tube until it reaches the uterus, at which time it is called a blastocyst. .
Once the blastocyst has implanted itself in the wall of the uterus, the  germinal phase ends and the embryonic phase begins. This stage lasts from implantation until about 8 weeks from the time of conception (or the 10th week of pregnancy). This is the most important time of prenatal development because the embryo is developing the foundations for a healthy baby. Most importantly a process called gastrulation occurs and the three germ layers are formed.  The outer layer is called the ectoderm, the middle layer is called the mesoderm, and the inner layer is called the endoderm. Each germ layer will differentiate into different structures. The ectoderm will form many outer tissues such as skin and hair, as well as most of the nervous system tissues - including the brain. The mesoderm will form tissues inside the body such as the lungs, bones, and muscles - including the heart. The endoderm will form tissues such as the digestive tract and bladder, as well as other internal organs. .
Finally, the fetal stage begins at the 10th week of gestation (8th week of development). From this point forward, the developing organism is referred to as a fetus . All major structures are already formed in the fetus, but they continue to grow and develop until birth.
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Case of a 33-year-old mother, with a 4-year history of hemoptysis (Coughing up blood, in small amounts mixed with sputum). She was diagnosed with Aspergilloma (also known as a mycetoma or fungus ball, is a clump of mold); PTB (Pulmonary Tuberculosis) Upper and Middle Lobectomy , right was done. For those who said this was a cake, it's not. :)

Today, I experienced a surreal moment as I put on my first long physician's #whitecoat from @medelita_gram and bid my short white coat farewell, giving it a permanent spot in my closet. My short coat has gone through a lot and will forever serve as a reminder to me of my journey through #medschool. I remember dreaming of receiving that coat during my postbacc years and distinctly remember my excitement the day I received my white almost 4 years ago during my white coat ceremony as a first year #medicalstudent. This coat has been with me on every single one of my rotations and has been with me during some of my longest and most stressful days (and nights). This coat helped to give me confidence as a student doctor during moments I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. That coat served as my backpack and lunch box as I stuffed every imaginable item I needed during rotations into those pockets, such as chapstick, gum, snacks, band aids, notebooks, paper, pens, reference books, you name it. My coat has been marked with multicolored pen stains and scatters of bodily fluids that I have tried to scrub out. It's crazy to think that through all of the ups and downs of Medschool, I have finally earned my coveted physicians coat. And you bet I was walking around my apartment wearing it. I can't believe that in a few months, I'll be working as a resident physician. Thank you so much to @medelita_gram for gifting me with my first coat! #womeninmedicine #medstudentlife #medstudent

A little #throwback pic and absolutely no prizes for guessing the caption 👨‍⚕️ 🍎👣.
If kryptonite is Superman's weakness, then apparently an apple is a doctor's.
Not for this doc though.
My weakness is carrots 🥕😷🤢😊
#whatsupdoc 🐰 .
😁😁Have a lovely day everyone #laughteristhebestmedicine .
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Mesmerized by its cool @$$ floors, I ducked into @osmeperfumery during a visit to Miami a few weeks ago. Tucked inside the Wynwood Arcade (made a trip to @thesaltydonut for which have ZERO guilt) I lucked out and talked with the co-owner, Maurice. He spoke passionately about his love of fragrances and said they purposely curate fragrances with a higher percentage of essential oils (I can't remember exactly, but at least up to 3-5x more) than those at your typical department store. Usually a trip to a perfume store just means I get to add to my collection of scented paper strips that I hoard in my various purses. Three weeks later and those little strips continue to make my wallet smell like an eternally fresh bouquet of citrus, jasmine, vanilla, and rose. They have guy scents, too, by the way- he showed me a bottle that's supposed to have the same formula as the cologne that JFK used to wear, if you're into that kind of thing. Definitely going to have to visit again when I'm not pressed for time. -----------------------------------------------
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Hi um ya I just need, like.. $2,000, every month..... for the next two years

Answer: A!! The Lacunae are situated between the lamellae, and consist of a number of oblong spaces. In an ordinary microscopic section, viewed by transmitted light, they appear as fusiform opaque spots. Each lacuna is occupied during life by a branched cell, termed an osteocyte, bone-cell or bone-corpuscle. Lacunae are connected to one another by small canals called canaliculi. A lacuna never contains more than one osteocyte. Sinuses are an example of lacuna.

Excited for when I can go on #khanacademy and watch the videos about #economics and #markets and #finance and other things I know/care nothing about because I CAN 🐸☕️ #mcat2017 #premed #medicine #student #ACAsaveslives #science #physics #tea #time #minneapolis #help #want #to #be #a #doctor

#NEOMED The mission of the Northeast Ohio Medical University College of Medicine is to graduate exemplary physicians oriented to primary care practice and other needed specialties. We strive to improve the quality of health care in Northeast Ohio through:

education of medical students
support for residency programs in our affiliated hospitals
continuing professional development of our staff, faculty and regional health professionals
scholarship, including original research
community service programs
stewardship for the health of Northeast Ohio.

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One last review before the practical 🤗

THANK GOODNESS it’s Thursday = almost the weekend! The start of our cardio block has been SO overwhelming with lots of new material on top of clinical skills exams😂

It’s only been 4 days of cardio, but so far we’ve had lectures for: cardiovascular physiology, EKGs, hypertension, vascular pathology, and histology. I’m 5 lectures behind😱 but a lot of my classmates are in the same boat as me, so I’ll have to stay focused and chug along🚂
I ❤️ learning about the heart, but I definitely need to spend a lot more time with the material.

Please let me know of any good resources on learning how to read EKGs!

循環器学、難しい💦 心電図の読み方を簡単に説明してる資料などあれば教えて下さい!

so many things to do, so many books to read... 😩😭
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A follower recently asked about how to decide between different medical schools. I know some #premed folks might be pondering this, so here are a few thoughts now that I'm 4/5 years thru my program.
(1/3) Location:
Are you an urbanite, interested in rural medicine or somewhere in between? Your school's location (including clinical campuses) is where you're going to live for four of the most difficult years of your life thus far. And the type of community your hospitals serve is going to determine which patient populations and clinical problems you see.

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I know I'm breaking the rules of fashion bloggers by posting a picture of me with people in the background but life is too short to not post cute moments! 💁🏻BUT HAPPY CASPA DAY and GOOD LUCK TO THOSE APPLYING! I've gotten a few questions of how I got into PA school so link is in my bio if you want to read about it ☝🏼📖📚 My favorite part: "To me, those sacrifices were worth it if I knew I was doing everything in my power to help my chances of getting into PA school.  I honestly believed my personal statement and interview gave a face and story to all of the numbers of my application, hoped the committee could see me and my heart, and why this was so important to me." GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL! And if you have any questions about my classmates or need some encouragement, always feel free to send me an email or DM me! ❤

Happy Thursday y'all! This morning, I was surprised by the nurses & techs that I volunteer with during my hospital shift--They each brought in something special to celebrate #volunteerweek 💓 so blessed to work with people who appreciate & respect me (even as a student volunteer) 🤗

Here's the answer!!! Thermodynamic product favors more stable products as opposed to transition state (carbocation). More substituted DB is our guy!!! #solution #answers #prenursing #predental #dat #pharmacy #prepharmacy #pharmacology #chemistry #reaction #mechanisms #walkthrough #orgo #chemistryclass #science #reactions #organicchemistry #arrowpushing #premed #organic #ochem #orgomadeeasy #mcat

This is one of the hardest lessons to get students to understand. You see successful people, you see someone who is where you want to be, doing what you want to be doing don't say "man, they're so lucky, I wish I had their gifts". Instead ask "how were you able to work so hard and so consistently that you have become what I aspire to be?" Then, quit admiring and start grinding. #grindbeatsgift #grinding #grind #hustlehard #workhardplayhard #thegreatnesswithin #noexcusesjustdominate

Soaking up every minute of my dream honeymoon, day 9 of 15. Let the good times roll 🚢 🌊 ⛅️ 🍾 .
Greetings from the islands, comment below and drop us some love

The medical alphabet! Patient assessment power tool!

A-Airway. Is your patient's airway patent (open) and self maintained?

B-Breathing. Is your patient's breathing normal and sustainable to life? Is their respiration rate within normal limits? (12-20 bpm). C-Circulation. Does your patient have a pulse? What is the quality of their pulse? Are there any major concerning bleeds? What is the color, condition and temperature of their skin?

D-Disability. Does your patient have a neurological or physical deficit?

E-Examine. Expose and examine the area of complaint.
F-Fahrenheit. What is your patient's temperature?
G-Get vitals. Take a blood pressure, pulse rate and quality, respiratory rate and quality, and O2 saturation.
H-Head to toe assessment. Here, you're looking for DCAPBTLS, which stands for Deformity, contusion, abrasions, punctures/penetrations, burns, lacerations, tenderness, and swelling. Inspect and palpate every body part for these things from head to toe.
I-Intervention. Fix anything you found in the head to toe exam. This may include splinting, bleeding control, C-spine immobilization, etc. **note.. if you find something that needs to be fixed with your patient's Airway, Breathing, or Circulation, fix it when you get to it! Not once you get to the head to toe exam. Airway, Breathing and Circulation come first. Your patient can't benefit from a leg splint if they do not have a clear airway, are not breathing, or are not circulating properly. Hope this helped you learn a little bit about patient assessment! -DeAnna❤️
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