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Turbo Thursday
Owner- @dabrazilian1


“It was all a dream..”
📸: @guywithacamera520

Standard Gang. Another interior shot since it’s one of my favorite parts of my car 🤙#SaveTheManuals

Back up camera on fleek 😁. Been a min ✅


Some people look at these and just see a pile of shit hondas. (Because #mustangbro #v8autoalldaybro lol jk) I see all the time and money I have invested. Each car was/is a reflection of the work that myself and my fellow peers have put in. I had no idea what I was getting myself into in the beginning...but man I don't regret a thing. I have definitely learned so much working on them. I never went to school to learn about cars. I Learned as I went. From asking a grip of advice from friends or just saying fuck it and putting in the work myself. Delilah (white lude) introduced me to a whole new world which would soon become another passion. She taught me one of the most important lessons of all: to never take the things you love for granted. Monique (black civic) taught me about priorities and how important it is to follow them. Sadly these two cars are long gone due to theft. I had NOTHING after I lost them. But like I promised myself...if anyone takes away from me....I would be back even better than ever. And then after some time....I bounced back 10x harder and got myself what is now my lil red loud rocket 🚀I have put a SHIT ton of money, a shit ton of WORK and A shit ton of time learning how to put this car together (especially when it breaks 😔😪) I still have ways to go with Ruby but I'm hella proud of how she turned out so far. Hopefully by next year, she will be ready for car show season 😄✊️ #longrant #feelinmyself #selfpatontheback #dowork #honda #prelude #bb2 #bb6 #ekcoupe #civic #yonaka #lotekcustoms #bballiance #preludenation

Just hangin out

Photo credit @ctangg

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