Working the little muscles that support the bigger muscles is just as important!! If not more... 2 x a week I spend a good hour working all the muscles that support my compound lifts.
I'm naturally quite flexible and can be prone to injury, due to this I spend a lot of time on prehab. In the past I have popped my collar bone, torn my Supraspinatus tendon, inflammation in joints due to instability or over dominate muscles, partials tears, you name it. I have found that the best way for me to keep injuries or little niggles at bay is to spend a lot of time on stability exercises pre training and lots of accessories post training. This helps me stay balanced and injury free so I'm able to fire and utilize the right muscles when I play my sports of CrossFit and Olylifting. °
My accessories for today were:
5min bike warm up + stability work °
3 × 15 negative leg extensions
3 x 15 hamstring curls
3 x 10 horizontal Barbells Rows
3 x 15 straight arm pull downs (I like to think about my bar muscle ups and my snatches - focus being on pulling the bar in close..I also saw the Chinese WL team do this soooo...🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
3 x 15 cable lat pull downs - helps me strengthen my little lats for all the gymnastics, strengthening my shoulders in the "set and down" position. °
Then I do my main training which will consist of either: Squat.. DL..OLYLIFT.. strict gymnastics.. WOD...😁😁😁 °
3 x 8 DB rows @ 22.5kg
3 x 8 Ring rows at Parallel
3 x 8 single arm strict shoulder press @ 20kg
Oh and COREEEEEE!!!! + Stretches!!!
This is just an idea of what I did today, every day is different with specific focus of either power, strict strength, gymnastics skill, intensity, mental toughness etc etc. I love training this way, keeps my body happy and healthy. Super grateful to my coach also @markholyoakegymnastics ...Also ladies.. we take my Monlthy cycle into consideration..my training changes on that week also.. but I'll leave that for another post 🤗🤗🤗 °
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Hyderabad News!
One more step in India for me and my partners,
V Circle Wellness .

Post ANG 🇬🇧 / PL🇵🇱
Stretch your Low Back and the whole side with this one!
🍍Here's stretches to do to open up my low back muscle the QL and up into my lats! Hold this stretch and feel 2x times better when you finish!
🌶Here's how to perform the low back and side of the body stretch!
1️⃣ Sit on the floor.
2️⃣ Cross the legs.
3️⃣ Sit up nice and tall.
4️⃣ Bend one arm by your side.
5️⃣ Raise the other arm overhead.
6️⃣ Bend to the side placing the forearm in the ground and reach with the other arm!
PL🇵🇱 Rozciągnij swój odcinek lędźwiowy -
Mały problem z bólem lędźwi?! Spróbuj tego 🤘🏼
Instrukcja wykonania
1️⃣Usiądź na podłodze
2️⃣Skrzyżuj nogi
3️⃣Zegnij jedną rękę w łokciu i odwiedź ją
4️⃣Podnieś drugie ramie nad głowę
5️⃣Pochyl sie na bok, umieć przedramię na ziemi a druga ręką sięgaj jak najdalej!
#korkizwuefu #gym #gymnastics #gymmotivation #rehab #prehab #glute #muscle #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #body #bodybuilding #bodytransformation #rehabilitation #massage #warsaw #poland #crossfit #olimpicweightlifting #npc #physiotherapy #pain #stretching #yoga #powerlifting #ifbb

Do You Feel The Banded Pull Aparts In Your Traps? You’re Doing Them Wrong! ❌
If you want to build strong and healthy shoulders, Banded Pull Aparts (second video) need to be a staple movement in your dynamic warm-up. HOWEVER, if you're one of those people who “feel it in the traps” instead of achieving upper back activation, then you're doing it wrong! .
For those of you who struggle to tap into the posterior shoulder girdle with a strong mind-muscle connection, we gotchu! 👌🏽 Give the Banded Pull Down & Apart (first video) a try. This will be a game changer for upper back activation and stability! 👊🏽
This variation allows you to use the lats to stabilize the shoulder girdle so that you can better feel the mind muscle connection in the upper back. By doing so, the posterior deltoid and scapular stabilizers can perform their actions properly without being taken over by compensation patterns (i.e. the upper traps). .
🔹Start with relaxed hand position on the band (you want to avoid the triceps and forearms taking over the movement)
🔹Pre-tension/contract the entire body (especially the pecs and lats together before pulling apart the hands)
🔹Flex every rep as hard as you can tapping into the mind muscle connection on the back side
🔹Focus on driving the hands apart, and not back behind you
Give both the Banded Pull Apart & Down as well as the traditional Banded Pull Apart exercises a try, and see which one works best for you! 🤙🏽
Tag a buddy who wants to bulletproof their shoulders! 💪🏽 #artofmobility
🎶 Distance - Omarion

⚠️Занятие без цели.
Килограммы,сантиметры,сколько убрать или прибавить. Четкий план действий для самоорганизации и мотивации.
⚠️"Забить на разминку "
Если не хотите получить травму на тренировке, и лучше подготовить мышцы и суставы к работе,то не стоит пренебрегать разминкой!
⚠️Тренироваться натощак.
Отсутствие энергии на тренировке. И как следствие высока вероятность гипогликемии..
⚠️Делать только кардио.
Сердце тренировать очень важно! Но не стоит забывать о мышцах. Ведь именно они создают прочный каркас и поддерживают ваш позвоночник и не только. И не забывайте, что чем больше мышечная масса, тем лучше сжигается жир!
⚠️Копировать Инстаграм "специалистов"
Вы должны выполнять на тренировке только то,что соответствует вашим целям.
#smidyukacademy #SA👁 #trener #fitness #prehab #fitnessmotivation #sport #спорт #дисциплина #фитнестренер #мотивация #продуктивность #тренеркиев #тренировки

Turn your setbacks into comebacks! Injuries are sometimes part and parcel of playing sports.
At Rehab Pro Movement Therapy Clinic, we take our Athletes through a full spectrum of Rehab and Prehab. Solving their pains and teach them to prevent injury reoccurance.
DM us today if you are interested in a more sustainable approach to your conditions!
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Confession: I’ve been too drained to do #thoughtfulthursday posts justice. As an introverted empath all the videos last week wore me out. By the time Thursday comes around I’m often feeling so much and have completed several social activities / sessions that to break down a topic I’m passionate about for the lens is overwhelming. So this week is more filled with textual food for thought👍 👍👍 ... Good news is you made it! 🤣 Seriously though we should be grateful firstly that out of the more than 15 million sperm per mL, we swam so fast 🤣🤣🤣 Clearly already destined for greatness friends! And then to speak of the traumatic effects of stimuli on our lil’ bodies in an already claustrophobic space. 😲😲😲 ... I swear I’m not high writing this post. Just really excited about the connection between (prenatal) memory already imprinted on cells, & stress, tissue and health.

Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy (PHT) is typically described as a deep pain localized to the ischial tuberosity region that is worsened with running, lunging, squatting, and sitting.
As it is generally an insertional tendinopathy, compressive forces with hip flexion and adduction can provoke symptoms.
The key to managing all tendinopathies is gradual, progressive loading, and proximal hamstring tendinopathy is no exception.
This 4 phase program outlined in the study should be expected to take 3-6 months to complete, but there is high variability based on each individual. Let’s take a look at the first two phases below.
Phase 1: Isometric Hamstring Load
Isometric load of the hamstrings with minimal hip flexion (no more than 20-30 degrees) in order to avoid compressive load of the tendon.
Exercise examples: isometric leg curl, bridge holds, isometric straight leg pull down, long leg bridge holds, and trunk extensions. These exercises can be performed every day, or even multiple times per day. Contraction strength and duration should be based on patient symptoms.
Phase 2: Isotonic Hamstring Load with Minimal Hip Flexion
Here is where we introduce heavy slow resistance (HSR) training. The focus here is on slow, resisted isotonic exercises to fatigue.
Exercise examples: single leg bridge, prone hip extension, prone leg curl, Nordic Hamstring Exercise, bridging progressions, and supine leg curl.
Start with a 15-rep max and eventually progress to an 8 rep max (heavier load) for 3-4 sets, with a 3 second concentric phase and a 3 second eccentric phase. Exercises in this phase should be performed every other day, and you can perform Phase 1 exercises on the in between days.
Check back tomorrow for the next two phases!
Goom T, Malliaras P, Reiman M, Purdam C. Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy: Clinical Aspects of Assessment and Management. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2016; 46(6): 483-493.

In this video, you'll see Kim grabbing the handles of the cable machine and walking backwards then forward.
This variation instead of seated leg extensions actually forces the person to focus a lot more on deceleration control.
Think of going down the steep slope of a hill, would you just let your weight pull you downward and forward and let your joints take a beating? Or would you slow down so that you protect your joints? (For every action [force] in nature, there is an equal and opposing reaction).-Newton's third law of motion.
This means that if you were to strike the ground hard with your foot, the same amount of force is returned to your foot, subsequently sending the impact upstream. Pain is temporary, but damage is forever.
Are you looking to fix your low back pain, shoulder and neck discomfort? If so, Dm me for a consultation today and let me help you to stay pain free and move better with a better posture.
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Anterior knee pain is a highly common and frustrating problem to deal with which impacts lifting potential and daily life. However, the cause of the pain is rarely the site of the pain with the problem typically due to a number of factors nearby. In essence, the neuromuscular system needs to work in synergy and requires a delicate balance to function optimally. .
With poor activation, strength or mobility dysfunction somewhere within the body, there can be a flow on effect and pain can follow. It’s a matter of when not if... To overcome anterior knee pain I primarily use three main strength methods in conjunction with some soft tissue therapy (ART). When and how I do this is always context dependant. .
#1- ACTIVATE: Isometrics or pauses are a powerful way to “turn on” or increase neural drive to a muscle which is receiving inadequate signalling. Without sufficient signalling the muscle will have an inferior activation potential. Here I’m using 30 second holds at 15 degrees off full extension to increase activation and essentially better turn on the Vastus Medialis to do its job. .
This quad muscle is located on the lower and more medial part of the Anterior thigh. It aids tracking of the patella (knee cap) yet it is commonly too inactive and/or dominated by the bigger Vastus lateralis (lateral quad). Strengthening and sufficient firing of this muscle is crucial, especially post injury. Here I’m demonstrating a Poliquin step up to strengthen. It involves a very low box, a heel elevation, a vertical posture, a quick snap of the knee and minimal use of the bottom leg to better recruit this muscle. .
#3- STRENGTHEN GLUTE MEDIUS: Located on the lateral part of the hip, the glute medius is a small muscle integral to knee health. It aids the positioning of the knee and prevents it collapsing inwards. There are numerous glute medius strengthening options and I’m simply demonstrating crab walks. .
None of these movements are sexy but they’ll allow you to keep working towards you ideal physique and/or superior performance. They’re essentially the equivalent of eating your vegetables! Enjoy and happy lifting

A seemingly minor injury during volleyball training. A severe pain the next morning.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
🌚 Sometimes pain can come in like a wrecking ball.
😱 In Jared’s case, he woke up with a severe pain in his right knee. It was so bad he couldn’t put any weight through his right leg. To walk, he had to depend on a pair of crutches.
👉🏻 Within 2-3 hours, he limped into the clinic. After the physio session, he was able to put weight through his right leg, and he was able to walk without his crutches.
💪🏻 The next day, the pain almost disappeared. He could return to leisure cycling that day. Being diligent with his exercises, he eventually return to volleyball training with no more pain.
✅ So when pain comes in like a wrecking ball, choose physio, because we can help you break it apart so that you can continue to do the things you enjoy.

Usually when we do step ups or go up the stairs, our upper body is always upright. Nothing wrong with that since it's normal, we just work the quads more.
The problem comes when we're quad dominant and our glutes are neurologically under active and weak. In this modified single leg step up, Kim in the video is focusing on pushing her hips back in the starting position.
This is to teach hip hinge, as she goes up she pushes her hips forward to activate the glutes. After all, our glutes are meant to be powerful his extensors.
This movement is essentially hip flexion (start position) to hip extension (driving the hips forward and the leg backwards). The same goes for running, if we learn to move correctly, we help to minimize the risks of compensation and injuries.
Do you have low back pain, shoulder and neck discomfort? If so, Dm me for a consultation today and empower yourself to move better and stay pain free. .
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Nixon decide to bless us with his presence, enjoy 🐕

In pain? Injured? All a part of a broken system that has occurred over a long period of time. It’s been a process getting to the point where you are now, just like it will be a process to get to a point where you are pain free and feeling the greatness of how the human body is supposed to feel. But it’s absolutely possible. Strive for greatness. Move your body often. Stay focused and stay motivated. Believe.

#movement #chiropractic #health #wellness #physiotherapy #prehab #nutrition #chiropractor #yoga #cscs #therapy #training #belief

•Deep Recovery Enhancement •

Adding this Enhancement to a 40|60 minute moment massage using warm jade stones will leave you feeling balanced and recharged. Great for the sport enthusiast, sedentary & physical job occupations, Injured or arthritic as it restores muscle mobility and healthy muscle function.
Purchase products from our Recovery Range- Balm, Magnesium salts and spray to gain the full benefits of managing muscle tension

🥏Ankle Stability🥏
BOSU= BOth Sides Up = You can FLIP this awesome piece of equipment and use it on both sides 🙌🏽.
I LOVE..LoVe..Love❤️ the #BOSU for rehabilitating my ANKLE patients. WHY you ask? Wellll....It is a great way to challenge ankle STRENGTH & STABILITY andddddddd there are MANY ways to use it 🤗.
These here are a few #SquatVariations ON the BOSU. I would say this in Intermediate Ankle Rehab- Level 2- because we are using both ankle to support the body. With tgat being said PEEPS- this is still VERY CHALLENGING! Watch my ankles tremble and work here in these videos.
So if you are looking for some good #AnkleExercises... Try these out & LMK what you think.
🗣Side effect... Quad , Glute & Hamstring work too!
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It’s national kinesiologist week and we won’t to take a moment to appreciate all and our own kinesiologist. Some people ask what is kinesiology?
Well... Kinesiology is the scientific study of human or non-human body movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, biomechanical, and psychological dynamic principles and mechanisms of movement. Applications of kinesiology to human health include biomechanics and orthopedics; strength and conditioning; sport psychology; methods of rehabilitation, such as physical and occupational therapy; and sport and exercise.

We appreciate everything Chelsea, our own kinesiologist, does to help our clients progress safely and effectively in achieving their goals! .
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•Small foam roller – practical on the road
For the targeted massage of feet, legs, arms, and other parts of the body
•Use on the table, on the floor, or against the wall
•Ideal tool for treatment of shin splints and plantar fasciitis
🔹BLACKROLL® BALL •Massage your arms, neck, feet and other hard to reach body areas
•Helps with back pain, hip pain, neck pain, foot pain, trigger point therapy, sore muscles and pain relief. 🔹BLACKROLL® DUOBALL
•Even more effective massage by keeping distance between the balls
•Ideal for the treatment of the thoracic and lumbar spinal column, since the gap is gentle on the spinous processes.
•Also suitable for the massage of sides, arms, and legs .
•Suitable for professional therapeutic use as well as for self-myofascial therapy.
•Massage of fore arms along the trigger bands by applying pressure and twisting by hand
•Therapeutic stimulation of the upper skin layer (for instance subsequently to a manipulation treatment of the deeper lying fascia)
•Targeted application of its different surfaces for optimal therapeutic results .
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