Our husbands are our constant helpers, our confidante, and our lifetime partners in all of our life’s adventures. As wives, we have to let them know how much joy they give to our lives.... In what way you show appreciation yo your husband?

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Did any of you mommas have this done or any other spa treatment?

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You can also submit as many pics and videos as you'd like. And if you have a caption you'd like me to copy and paste about your journey then please make sure you include that as well.

Can’t get enough of these views 😍

Last day in the office. It’s been fun guys, but it’s about to get real, real quick. Just hopefully not TOO quick. 😳 Mama needs to get some rest. haha. 😝 #37weekspregnant ❤️

Wind in my hair...and swollen feet...
Constantly looking for something to eat...
Oh, third trimester, you are "sweet"!.. 😂

Bish, I'm a poet! 😆

19 weeks today. I hide my belly to avoid unwarranted conversation about myself and my pregnancy. No I don't know what I'm having, no I don't have crazy cravings, yes I'm small for 5 months, yes I eat often, yes I still am physically active in every sense of the word (giggity), yes my partner and family is excited, no you can't touch my belly. I'm a person not a damn science exhibit. 📸 cred to my soul @rberthil84

.... But for reals 🤷🏼‍♀️ Thank you Auntie Elle for quite possibly the cutest baby shoes ever created known to mankind! 😍 These Kate Spade Keds literally melt this Mommy’s heart! Also, a big thank you to Lovey and Papi for buying Baby Girl her first Minnie doll. I still have my “Baby Mia” from when I was a baby. 💕 One thing I know for sure is, our baby will be a Disney-loving, shoe obsessed girl just like her Mama 😂

By far, one the most frequent pieces of advice I’ve received from current parents is to travel and spend heaps of private time together before baby comes. A few weeks ago, Usman & I took a road trip to Savannah and I did my best to be as active as possible. I’d love to squeeze in some more quality time over the next few weeks, but it’s getting tougher for me to mobilize 😫. Please share some date ideas for late pregnancy that are easy on mama!

And then one day everything changes and all the things you thought mattered are replaced by the one thing that does.
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..what an incredible journey it’s been so far. ✨ there’s so much to say & I wish I could’ve captured/shared more throughout.. but if you have any questions, I will try to answer as much as I can down below! 💕⬇️ #lilbiggsadventures #tinylilbiggs

A sneak peek at my new office. 😍 It’s so girly & cheetahlicious!!! I’m so happy with how it’s turning out & it’s seriously my dream room. 💖

I just shared a try-on haul with @vicidolls on my YouTube stories tonight! I have it linked on my stories so make sure y’all go check it out! They have the CUTEST new arrivals for fall & the go quickly!! 💃🏼

My desk, chair, @ lamp are from @grandinroad & my rug is linked with @liketoknow.it! 😘 http://liketk.it/2xqjy #liketkit #LTKhome #grandinroad #leoparddecor #ballarddesigns #leopardrug #annieselke #nordstromhome

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