celebrating that I’m almost 33 weeks pregnant and still fit into a medium non maternity dress!!🤗 💃💃it is a flowy dress but to feel beautiful and not like a beached whale this late in pregnancy is worth celebrating!!
Not going after that donut I crave everyday is worth celebrating! Trying to stay active during pregnancy is worth celebrating. Growing a little human who is sucking the life out of me is worth celebrating.
So I’m going to love this pregnant body for the little time I have left being pregnant and embrace the bigger curves I have and the stretch marks and the sleepless nights because I’m not going to be pregnant forever💙
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So many new beginnings! I have found something amazing. A lot of you that know me know I have been looking for the best safest way to get healthy because I haven’t taken the proper care of my body in probably ummmmm, NEVER. I’ve tried weight loss pills, fad diets, all the garcinia pills you can think of and so much more and never have I been able to find anything trustworthy or beneficial. Until NOW! I have finally found a company and product line that not only cares about promoting all around gut health but has NATURAL plant based products to help me meet and exceed my health goals. I would have never thought taking the steps to make myself feel better and be healthier, especially through pregnancy, was this easy or even possible at all. I was so wrong. After 100% agreeability and approval permission from my OBGYN, I started a new routine to not only help me get healthier for my daughter while she grows in my belly and maintain a healthy pregnancy, it is making my prenatal symptoms so much more tolerable. Less heartburn, better easier sleep, more energy to prepare for our little one, a clearer mind and so much more. Hearing my doctors tell me at every visit my daughter is growing perfectly with perfect numbers and levels, feeling her powerful movements everyday, amazing ultrasounds with a strong wonderful heartbeat makes me feel like such a great Mom already. Hearing my family and friends tell me how fantastic I look through my whole pregnancy, maintaining a healthy weight(I’m still 3 pounds less then I was before I became pregnant!) and not over gaining, feeling energized and positive getting a full restful nights sleep every night has put me on an entirely new life high I am speaking on. This has been an amazing start to a new journey and I am so excited to see how far the new better healthier me will be able to go for my family and mostly, for myself. Cheers to new beginnings!
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Today was so beautiful! ☀️ Feeling large and in charge, baby bumpin' in the backyard, couldn't resist the sunshine 💗🤰🏼 I bet the neighbors were laughing 🤣 🎉👶🏼rockin' the bump #2ndtrimester #halfway #imissbeingfit #untilthen #rockthebump #floridasunshine #feelinlargebutgreat #embracethebelly #gacanicapartyof5 #pregnancycanbebeautiful

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