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THE SELF-INFLICTED C-SECTION. A few days ago, I posted a story about a surgeon who removed his own appendix after developing a severe case of appendicitis while stationed in the Antarctica. I didn’t think I could top that story until I came across the case of a woman in Mexico who performed a c-section on herself. Inés Ramírez Pérez was alone with her small children when she went into labor in March 2000. After 12 hours of excruciating pain, she began to fear that the baby would be still-born, as her last one had been. Terrified, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Pérez drank three glasses of hard liquor, took a 6-inch knife from the kitchen, and sliced open her abdomen. She later told the Telegraph: "I put the knife in here, then pulled it up. Once wasn't enough. I did it again. I was crying and screaming, in terrible pain." The cut was deep, measuring nearly 7 inches long, which allowed Pérez to reach into her womb and pull out her baby. She later reported that she cut the umbilical cord before passing out. After she came to, she covered the gaping wound with some clothes and sent one of her children to go get help. A village health assistant eventually came to her aid, sewed up the incision, and took Pérez to the nearest hospital--eight hours away. The poor woman underwent a second surgery to correct some of the damage she had inflicted when she performed her own c-section, but eventually recovered without complications. In these photos, you can see Pérez herself, along with the knife she used to cut into her abdomen. This case was unknown to me as I usually write about the “long ago past,” but it certainly deserves to be documented on this page! If you’re interested in the history of surgery and all the strange and gruesome things that went on before anesthetic or antisepsis, you can now pre-order my book THE BUTCHERING ART in the US (link here & in profile: http://bitly.com/2lhYa0f), as well as in the UK (link here: amzn.to/2r5KN2z). #thebutcheringart #histmed #surgery #undertheknife #csection #pregnancy #TIL #believeitornot #themoreyouknow #wow #mindblowing #FOTD #historyofmedicine #medstudent #nursingstudent #preorder #amwriting #writer

From the moment I knew you were in there, growing against the odds I loved you.
I promised you that I would never lose my temper with you and that I would treasure every second and make things perfect.

I want to say I'm sorry Elijah as I simply haven't kept that promise. My love runs deeper than I ever thought it could for you but I am human, your guardian, your protector and your friend and somedays you simply piss me off beyond belief.

Today is one of those days, you're tired and grumpy and pulling my hair refusing to sleep as I write this.
Im told that as a Mother I should treasure every second, see you for the perfect bundle that you are; well master Bhaskara you're not perfect, you're human just like mummy and daddy.
You'll anger us, we'll anger you. We'll want time away from you and you'll want time away from us.

I guess I'm trying to say Im sorry I promised things would be perfect because it isn't and never will be but I can promise you one thing; Mummy and Daddy adore you and your peachy butt, we'll protect you at all costs but also call you an asshole under our breath when things get too much- you're welcome to do the same when you grow up and we piss you off too.

Here's to every perfectly imperfect family trying and feeling lost/lonely.
You're doing a great job and if today your child is being a knob then I feel you.
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Сколько вопросов после стори, как я лежу на животе😂🙈
Учитесь)) полубоком! Конечно на живот я не ложусь, давно уже, большой же🤰🏻
Но вот так моху 💪🏼🙃
Вы с какого срока перестали на животике лежать?! И вообще любите?! У меня это любимое положение!
Так и помню кайф, когда меня на 2 часа после родов положили на живот 😍
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Omg only my life🤦🏻‍♀️
Still cracking up so hard over this😂😂😂
Can't wait to welcome Dominick Joseph McMahon into this world💙💙💙💙💙
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Selfie Saturday! Baby in-tow and @misskyreeloves has never been cuter! What a doll! #inspirepregnancy #selfiesaturday

"I don't want a brother- brothers are stinky" 😩


How cute is this quarter sleeve white dress? So crisp and a perfect idea for summertime! #Maternitywear is all about simple #style and #fashion! Shake up your summer by #trending in white! Love your #bump 🤰🏻@shopbop #preggostyle #expectingmodels


Dah mulai turun kata bidan...
Sehat2 yaaaa~

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Algo me diz que vou morrer de saudades dessa pancinha! #amoestargravida #melhorfasedavida #felicidadesemfim

Под пальмой🌴

June is almost here! I will be offering a limited number of mini sessions with multiple dates available! More details to come soon.
Message me today to reserve your session!

Recordando a la princesa #Martina con su bello sweater Grün Modell y camisita estilo portuguesa 💕😇☁️ .


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