Who doesn’t love a #peanut #satay? ⠀

So this week members enjoy two satay-inspired meals, along with a #steak lovers favorite, and an interesting way to make a mini #meatloaf and get your load of veg at the same time – enjoy⠀

Not a member yet? Join us! The food is not only delicious but our members are getting awesome results - lower #bloodsugar, lower #a1c, improved #cholesterol, #weightloss and more!⠀

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Those are my two favorite words (apart from “plant based” 😄)

This is me and Dr. Neal Barnard, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Every year, PCRM puts together the International Conference for Nutrition in Medicine where world-renowned researchers present the latest evidence-based studies on plant-based nutrition.

Thousands of physicians attend this conference to learn how to heal their patients with a whole-food, plant-based diet.

We are finally starting to realize that the answer to prevent and reverse disease starts in our plates. 🥙👏🏼

{ TBT } "Viajar é trocar a roupa da alma." Mário Quintana⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Los Angeles, 2014.

Here is a chart of fruits with low sugar. Are you surprised to see a very short list? Most other fruits are FILLED with sugar. While fruits are a source of natural sugars, it’s still SUGAR. Meaning those same natural sugars can cause increased glucose levels in your kids bodies which can turn into something more serious. Start your kids on healthy habits at a young age, educate them, and inform them.
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¿La alimentación a base de plantas es restrictiva? ¿No hay muchas opciones? ¿Muy difícil de seguir? @setareh.khatibi no piensa así (y nosotros tampoco)!

Mira todas estas opciones. Mira la variedad, el color, la abundancia! Y esos 3 platos se pueden hacer en menos de 10 minutos!

La alimentación a base de plantas puede ser fácil, deliciosa, y llena de variedad. ¿Que estás esperando?! Y si te estás preguntando que puede hacer para revertir la resistencia a la insulina, mira esta página www.masteringdiabetes.org/programa 💚

"Go on a walk after a meal." That is one of the MANY practical tips Jill Weisenberger @nutritionjill, Certified Diabetes Educator, shares in my interview with her in the blog.
Is it possible to stop prediabetes in its tracks? YES, and there are so many easy strategies that can make a huge difference.
Our interview is jam packed with ideas so you are sure to find a few that you can slide into your lifestyle.
Most importantly, don't worry about what you can't do, just take 1 small step today.

You are in the drivers seat and that is a very powerful place to be!
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The research tells us that you can prevent or delay diabetes. By “prevent,” we mean that you could actually keep from getting it. And by “delay,” we mean that you might get it anyway, but way later than if you had done nothing.
If you get (or have) diabetes, don’t blame yourself. Just try your best and be kind to yourself. We are looking for improvements here and not perfection.
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In order to reach your goals, you’ve got to be willing to GO ALL IN. -
You’ve got to want it BAD ENOUGH to STOP letting “your way” (that never worked to begin with) get in your way of succeeding.
You may want to recover from a disease and buy every plan made and book written that can give you answers or even hire a coach after a coach and have all the TOOLS you need to succeed, but still can struggle to get the results that you want.

Because some people are not going ALL IN. You may be trying to listen to your coaches advice but still trying to control the situation by doing THEIR plan YOUR way.
There is SO much value in diving in head first to a plan that you trust.
Now let’s talk about YOU. You have goals you want to reach. What’s stopping you?
Are YOU going all in? -
Are you committing to the process, giving EVERYTHING you’ve got, and leaving nothing on the table? Are you trusting your trusted coaches? @viktoriyaandoksana

It's important to have a good, hearty breakfast every morning with protein and a healthy fat (normally I have 1/2 avocado on my turkey.) I eat organic, hormone free, antibiotic free, humanely raised meats & eggs from pasture raised chickens. Regular eggs make me nauseous, b/c I guess I'm sensitive to the soy feed & allergic to corn, in their feed as well. Pasture raised chickens eat a natural diet of bugs & plants, whatever else they eat...no corn or soy feed. I also eat some roasted veggies (beets, carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, okra...) with coconut oil over the top, roasted at 350 for 30min spread out on the pan, not in a pile. They are so sweet & delicious! Along with a smoothie or I'll have the smoothie for a snack mid morning before lunch. .

A hearty breakfast like this will help you to lose weight because it will actually tide you over and keep you full for hours so you won't get "hangry" mid morning and reach for junk food. It will also give you energy for the day and stabilize your blood sugar. I don't recommend cereal or straight up carbs for breakfast. Make sure to have protein & healthy fats to give you energy & stabilize your blood sugar for the day. .

If you hate eating breakfast, make a smoothie with a protein powder, and add some greens, and a fat (avocado or coconut milk) and throw in some berries. I'm actually creating a FREE "delicious, body balancing smoothie recipes" e-book for you on how to balance your hormones naturally, lose weight and have tons of energy. It will include a handful of smoothie recipes!! I'll finish that soon so watch out for it!! 🍌🍎🥑🍍🍃🍓🍇

Do you wake up feeling like you are on top of the world or are you tired and dragging?

Come learn about metabolic syndrome on Saturday!
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Do you have Metabolic Syndrome? Come lunch and learn with us Saturday #metabolicsyndrome #prediabetes #360healthcoaching #enhancehealthcoaching

Plant-based diets are restrictive? Not enough options? Too hard to do? @setareh.khatibi says otherwise (and so do we)!
Look at all of these options. Look at the variety, the color, the abundance! AND the 3 meals that she has sitting behind the produce pile can all be made in less than 10 minutes.
Plant-based diets can be easy, delicious, and full of variety. So what are you waiting for?! And if you are wondering how it can help reverse insulin resistance, check out our resources at www.masteringdiabetes.org. 💚

If your blood sugar is stable...
🌱 Your energy will soar
🌱 Your hormones will stabilize 🌱 Your mood will improve 🌱 Your sleep will be more restful 🌱 Your unhealthy cravings will diminish

If your gut is healthy...
🌱Your immune system will improve
🌱 You won’t feel as anxious or sad 🌱 Your brain fog will disappear 🌱 Your skin will glow 🌱 You can properly manage weight
If you reduce inflammation in the body...
🌱Your body will not be stressed 🌱 Your discomfort will go away 🌱Your body can function properly
Our bodies are pretty amazing when they function right. I’m so thankful our family has found a natural way to get back in step. #healthyliving #inflammation #painrelief #guthealth #probiotics #radiantskin #immunesystem #bloodsugar #diabetes #prediabetes

Dear Thursday,
A Mama Who Was Ready to See the Sun.

Keto restart day 1/90

When you wake up feeling completely awful (I think it's from dust while cleaning out my entire classroom with lots of old junk), take the kids to the dentist, and realize that you forgot your water. Luckily the dentist office always has a fridge full!
Here's hoping I feel better REALLY soon. 😖😨😷🤢🤧

via @nih_niddk
How can I lower my chances of developing type 2 diabetes?

Research such as the Diabetes Prevention Program shows that you can do a lot to reduce your chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Here are some things you can change to lower your risk:

Lose weight and keep it off. You may be able to prevent or delay diabetes by losing 5 to 7 percent of your starting weight.
For instance, if you weigh 200 pounds, your goal would be to lose about 10 to 14 pounds.

Move more. Get at least 30 minutes of physical activity 5 days a week. If you have not been active, talk with your health care professional about which activities are best. Start slowly to build up to your goal.

Eat healthy foods most of the time.Eat smaller portions to reduce the amount of calories you eat each day and help you lose weight. Choosing foods with less fat is another way to reduce calories. Drink water instead of sweetened beverages.

Ask your health care professional about what other changes you can make to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

Most often, your best chance for preventing type 2 diabetes is to make lifestyle changes that work for you long term. Get started with Your Game Plan to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

More here:


Lunch and learn!! Our coaching team is THE BEST and always gets us THE BEST free training and insight from THE BEST speakers! I'm so excited to learn more about this new program....it looks right up my alley!

Enjoy the benefits of red cabbage! Powerful vitamins and antioxidants will help boost your immune system and keep you running smooth. Saute' red cabbage over the stove or add them to soups, medleys, and slow roasts for extra flavor and color! #redcabbage #cabbage #antioxidants #prediabetes

If you are trying to keep your blood sugar levels in check, this tip is for you!

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