FULL VIDEO IN BIO!! This is just a teaser of the first episode of my "Live from the Larynx" web series. I would love it if u could follow the link to the full episode on YouTube and let me know if you could keep your lunch down.
In this debut episode I had a rather graphic trip to a ENT doctor to learn a little about the source of my sounds and what everything inside my throat actually looks like.
HUGE shout out to DR Broadhurst​ for your expertise and willingness to engage in a project that is a little left of centre. And THANKYOU for enlightening me to the fact my larynx looks the Predator's vagina.
Huge shout out to too to everyone that made this series work, it was a slog but we broke new ground and lots of hard drives. #tomthum #beatboxfaceisnotfortheladies #livefromthelarynx #endoscopy #ENTdoctor #vocalcords #acapella #nodules #beatboxer #larynx #rank #predatorsvagina

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