Because sometimes aprés ski means almost missing your flight and getting caught with whipped cream on your nose! 🎿 // Was back on the slopes this weekend in Utah. Catching the last of it before hanging up the skis till next season. 👋🏻 // #PRBtakesOff #SkiUtah ✈️

Welcome to my kind of beach 🏖 ❄️ // Nothing like a last beer at #SilverLakeLodge at @deervalleyresort before shutting down for the day. Loved spending time out here with great people watching in the snow. #PRBTakesOff ✈️

Missing those #ParkCity town strolls this weekend. 🎿// Take me back! #SkiWeekends #PRBTakesOff ✈️

Snow and sabarage sunsets @stregisdv 🎿🍾 // #SkiDV #Utah #PRBTakesOff ✈️

When the lift operator says “pose for mom!” You have no choice but to act like your 12. 🎿 // One of my favorite places on earth @deervalleyresort. #SkiDV #PRBTakesOff ✈️

Wishing I was back on the slopes today! Countdown is on till the next mountain! 🇨🇦 // @SkiLouise #PRBTakesOff ✈️

Rather be shredding this stuff about now. 🎿 // Sunny days at @SkiLouise are kicking NYC’s rainy butt right about now. #Banff #PRBTakesOff ✈️

It’s rare you find someone who will game travel points with you, see a sky club membership as as a non-negotiable, ski the bunny hills and the bowls, drink “pear beers” in the hot pools, and make lift friends too. I couldn’t imagine going on adventures with anyone else. Thanks for a cold/cozy unforgettable weekend B! Here’s to always being two muffins in a helmet, Love you so much! 🎿😘 #BDoesntHaveInsta #PRBTakesOff ✈️

Bumps on bowls on bumps! 🎿 // Spent some time in paradise today - Paradise Bowl that is. 😉 // Best runs at @skiLouise with the most amazing weather. ☀️ // #PRBTakesOff ✈️

Good Morning #Banff! 🇨🇦 // The town is perfect walking distance from our hotel and we walk to breakfast and dinner every day! A quick stop at @goodearthbanff and then 🎿! Back to @SkiLouise today! // #PRBTakesOff ✈️

The air is just better out here! #Banff 🇨🇦 #PRBtakesOff ✈️

In Helsinki they wear coats in June! 🇫🇮🧣❄️ // Maybe they could teach me a thing or two about bundling up! #Brrr // #TravelTuesday is dedicated to my trip to #Finland last year. #PRBTakesOff ✈️

Dreaming of these Barcelona beaches today as we sit in a snow globe! Here’s to a 2017 year of travel! ✈️ // More to come in 2018! #PRBTakesOff ✈️

The architecture in Barcelona is to die for! It gives #lookup a whole new meaning. 🇪🇸 // Then again who wouldn’t want to stare at gorgeous buildings with wine during their nightly Paseo. #opencontainer. 😉🍾🇪🇸 #Barcelona #PRBtakesOff ✈️

Another gem of the Barri Gothic minus the amazing tapas - the Barcelona Cathedral. 😍🇪🇸// Absolutely stunning! #Barcelona #PRBTakesOff ✈️

Finding interesting fountains all around Barcelona! 🇪🇸 // B caught me cheesing by this one! You’ll find fountains like these all over but this one may be my favorite - it’s the entrance to the Barri Gothic - the old town of Barcelona with amazing restaurants, bustle by nightlife and amazing history. #barcelona #PRBTakesOff ✈️

The rain in Spain... isn’t falling on us! 🇪🇸 // Arrived in Barcelona and already have a ton of photos to share! To catch up - head over to insta stories! Many photos of tapas included. 😉 // More to come but for now - all the Rioja! Olé! 🇪🇸🌵☀️#Barcelona #PRBTakesOff ✈️

Barcelona is an amazing city mixed with wonderfully old and surprisingly new. We had an amazing walk along Avinguda del Portal de l’Àngel and little gems like the Englésia de Santa Anna are tucked away waiting to be discovered. 🇪🇸 // #Barcelona #PRBtakesOff ✈️

When excitement finally sets in for the next adventure! 🇬🇧 // See you next week #London #PRBTakesOff ✈️

Ahhh home! 👸🏼// I wish! Pretty sure my shoe box apartment in NYC could fit in one of those gold onion domes up there. 🇷🇺 #PRBTakesOff ✈️

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