When praying mantis likes to fly at my brother haha #funnyvideos #prayingmantis

This planet is so cool ! Praying mantis brings the message of good luck, peace, calmness , guidance , wisdom and stillness within. Grateful for the messengers .

Mantídeo jovem de Stenophylla cornigera Westwood, 1843. Mantídeo Dragão.
Juvenile mantis of Stenophylla cornigera Westwood, 1843. Dragon Mantis.

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BUGS AND FROGS AND STUFF AHEAD! Swipe at your own risk, haha 🤣 🐸🐌🕷🦗🐜🐝🐞🕸😍
I had the amazing opportunity to teach English summer camp on an island in Fukuoka, Japan this year. .
Ok, I say “teach,” but actually it was more having watergun fights, catching bugs and frogs, and playing while speaking English than actually teaching. It was so much fun!
The photo of the bamboo was for “nagashi somen” which is basically a water slide for noodles! I cut the biggest bamboo we could find in the forest, and all the boys helped me carve it out. Then they stood around with chopsticks and tried to catch the somen noodles we washed down the “slide.” Guys and gals, I am really bad at catching high speed noodles! 😱 One of the boys kept catching noodles for me and putting them in my bowl, haha _(:3 」∠)_
What did you do this summer? Did you go on any grand adventures? Or did you stay home and chill in the cooooool AC? Comment below!
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The faith of the least. #havefaith #eyesonjesus

These guys just wouldn't leave me alone #prayallday #prayingmantis

Still have a #prayingmantis couple hanging out in my #hotpeppers and managed to get this shot during one's evening meal

Found this little critter on my car the other day getting gas. #mantis #prayingmantis

#prayingmantis 🙏 upclose and personal. No insects were harmed during this photo session.

This fella was begging to be picked up. #chineseprayingmantis What a beast of an animal! #prayingmantis

Door guardian this evening. Praying for my safe return... Thank you Spirit for this blessing....
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