PRAY everytime if you trust God.
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God bless you."

Darkness is a harsh term, don't you think?

Allahu rakyat Malaysia masih boleh tidur dengan tilam yg empuk 😔 tapi ramai yg masih tak bersyukur dengan nikmat yg tuhan beri 🍃 sedarkah kita yg mereka siang malam berjuang utk terus hidup , Syurga lah buat kalian hai saudara 💗
#prayfortheworld #prayforgaza #prayforpalestine #prayforislam #prayforpeace #prayforsyria

Perjuangan demi Islam yg tercinta 🍃😌 Syurga buat kalian semua ! 💗

#prayforgaza #prayforsyria #prayfortheworld #prayforpeace #prayforpalestine

#KellyClarkson dio inicio a la ceremonia de los #BBMAs2018 recordando a las víctimas de la reciente masacre que azotó una secundaria de #Texas

#CaraotaRadio #BBMAs #Billboards #LasVegas #PrayForTheWorld #Performance #20May

JOY comes in the mo(u)rning! #StayFaithful #prayfortheworld but don’t forget to #prayforthebodyofCHRIST #brothersandsistersinCHRIST

I absolutely love this! First of all, I knew of Jonah’s story but I didn’t realize that he had his own book in the Bible. What an amazing story this is! Can you imagine being stuck in the belly of a gigantic whale and praying to God?!? I’d be seriously freaking out. In his distress, he called to the Lord and he answered him. While our family is not stuck in a whale this past month, it feels that way with the pressures of my husband’s job. It’s such a good reminder that when we’re stuck in a trial, regardless if it’s whale-sized, we need to stop and pray. #pray #jonah #jonahandthewhale

I can't believe this is what our world has come to. My heart is breaking. I just don't understand. I feel like no where is really safe anymore. I'm thinking of the angels we lost tonight and sending love to their families and friends. Ari has to live with this memory forever of her fans dying at her concert i can't imagine how she feels or the arianators & families. I am really hoping for better days bc i'm just tired , tired of watching the news and not being able to do anything , let's pray for all the families who lost someone , let's pray for the world and i really mean it cause we really need it. I truly feel like we a family and now we lost 22
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