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The sweet and talented @dianasartistry86 did my makeup at Southdale mall! πŸ’š I got my makeup done in honor of Talia because I know how much she loves makeup she Sephora and I did the look in the photos <3 Definitely go to her when you’re getting your makeup done πŸ’— You’re so beautiful inside and out @dianasartistry86! 😍 #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy @tinkythechi XOXOXO ~Claire πŸ’™

56 months 😒 Ilysm and imysm Talia πŸ’™ #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy @tinkythechi XOXOXO ~Claire πŸ’™

From the Wet N Wild Mega Glow Illuminizing Powder in 345 Catwalk Pink, Talia also uses the gold for an eyeshadow πŸ’› She loves the Wet N Wild mega glow illuminating powder #345 catwalk pink she really really really loves it πŸ’• #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 #gettaliasaccountback #gettaliajoyverified @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy XOXOXO ~Claire πŸ’™

Talia likes mostly bronzer on <3 Her all time favorite bronzer is the Comma Momma bronzer 🧑 When Talia's bronzing, she doesn't like to bring it all the way down, and she doesn't like to bronzer her whole face πŸ’ She loves like using the light to medium bronze sister as literally an all over bronzer, and then she'll probably go back and get the medium to dark one so she can use that as more of a contour and more like just on her cheeks and stuff πŸ’— A high end makeup product that Talia wants to get is the NARS Turkish delight lip gloss as well as a ysl lipstick and anything NARS. She really wants to get the NARS casino bronzer as well as the Angelica blush πŸ’– #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 #gettaliasaccountback #gettaliajoyverified @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy XOXOXO ~Claire πŸ’™

Talia doesn't really wear powder. She really likes the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in "Sunny" because it looks not like sun kissed but like not too orange and it's not too like sculpty, it's perfect. She loves it ❀️ Talia loves the translucent pearl powder. She loves just swooping it just kinda like all over her cheeks for like a sheen. She really really really likes it. She wants to go back and get the gold one πŸ’› #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 #gettaliasaccountback #gettaliajoyverified @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy XOXOXO ~Claire πŸ’™

Fill a Pot O' GOLD for Childhood Cancer.. this St.Patrick's Day, join for a day of fun!πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’š Supporting the Pet Therapy Program at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Talia's Legacy Children's Cancer Foundation.
March 17, 2018
CHECK IN- 8:30 am
EVENT- 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Ticket Prices:
Early Bird: $20.00
On Sight: $25.00
Early Bird&Event Shirt: $30.00
Event Shirt: $15.00
Vendors: $150.00 for space!
*children under 12 are FREE!
*children and families who have been affected by childhood cancer are FREE
You can be a "virtual walker" TOO! Purchase a shirt on the website to support the cause!
πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’› http://taliaslegacypetwalkforchildhoodcancer.eventbrite.com/ #taliaslegacypetwalkforchildhoodcancer #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 #gettaliasaccountback #gettaliajoyverified @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy @tinkythechi XOXOXO ~Claire πŸ’™

Talia uses the Crownbrush in C439 buffer brush for her foundation, and she'll buff it, and she loves it πŸ’› She loves the IB124 from Crownbrush the Italian badger brush. Talia loves it πŸ’ž #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 #gettaliasaccountback #gettaliajoyverified @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy XOXOXO ~Claire πŸ’™

Talia's worst fears in makeup is that if the makeup on her foundation being like tan, having a line or having splotchy makeup. It gives her the chills thinking about it. She doesn't really wear foundation πŸ’ž Talia stopped wearing foundation because she just felt like it was too heavy on her skin, but she wears that occasionally on Wednesdays and Fridays because Wednesdays are her "fun day" and then fridays are her "whoop woop almost weekend" days <3 A product that she really really wants is the Laura Mercia silk cream foundation, the NARS cherry glow foundation, the Roxie perfume πŸ’• #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 #gettaliasaccountback #gettaliajoyverified @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy XOXOXO ~Claire πŸ’™

Talia likes the Clinique rinseoff foaming cleanser. She didn't like it at first because she felt like it was almost like texture of a conditioner and it was like sitting on top of her skin, but then she took her face brush, and she started to wipe it, and then it started foaming, and then it felt really good and it made her skin look glowy, and she liked it then, so she uses that πŸ’™ #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 #gettaliasaccountback #gettaliajoyverified @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy XOXOXO ~Claire πŸ’™

Desiree and Mattia are honestly Angels for Talia πŸ’š Desiree and Mattia are Angels on Earth <3 Talia was an Angel on Earth and now she’s an Angel in Heaven πŸ’™ #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 #gettaliasaccountback #gettaliajoyverified @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce XOXOXO ~Claire πŸ’™

Talia really really enjoys the Hydrating Eye Cream and the other facial moisturizer πŸ’ž She loves the Clinians moisturizer <3 Talia mixes the Dove cream oil with her tinted moisturizer because the tinted moisturizer is like a foundation it's like medium to full coverage πŸ’– #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 #gettaliasaccountback #gettaliajoyverified @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy XOXOXO ~Claire πŸ’™

Talia loves the Samsung Galaxy Epic Touch 2 and headphones, because when she's in the car, she likes to watch YouTube, so she just sticks the headphones in πŸ’– #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 #gettaliasaccountback #gettaliajoyverified @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy XOXOXO ~Claire πŸ’™

Talia loves Sour Patch Kids. Her favorites are the greens and the reds <3 #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 #gettaliasaccountback #gettaliajoyverified @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy XOXOXO ~Claire πŸ’™

Talia's eyebrows are this very like ebony color and her hair used to be like a very ebony black color πŸ’š Her eyebrows and eyelashes are very thick <3 Talia's really into her brows πŸ’— She loved the result of eyebrow waxing πŸ’™ Talia loves the way that threaded eyebrows look πŸ’• She has very sparse brows πŸ’› Talia's obsessed with everything brows ❣️ She doesn't like shimmer on her brow bone #taliaslegacy #teamtalia #prayfortalia #taliajoy18 #gettaliasaccountback #gettaliajoyverified @taliajoy18 @taliaslegacy @momma_joy @mattia_joyce @bellamariejoy XOXOXO ~Claire πŸ’™

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