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💚Update from Liverland 💚Today is April 11th and we are 3 months Post Transplant. Both of our ladies are doing great. Kiersten is back to her old self, hanging out with her friends and family and looking forward to a Memorial Day Trip. Talia is doing amazing. She has gained more weight (she is about 22.5lbs) and we have dropped her steroids and Zantac (for a few weeks now), and we have gone to monthly blood draws. Her next liver clinic is 4/18 and if her numbers look good we will drop 2 more meds. Talia loves to dance and play with her brother and sister and loves to snack all day long (making up for lost time). We will be doing The Sharing Network 5K in Long Branch on May 7th. We are having T-shirts made for Talia and have a link if anyone is interested in signing up to walk/run with us! Thank you all for continuing to ask for updates, we appreciate you all so much. Prayerfully things will continue to go in the same direction. #donatelife #111 #prayfortalia #ourherokiersten 💚♻️💚@kierstenmiles #natalialr @farragr

world cup vibessssss🎉im blessed we became the world champs on my birthday back in 2014😏for this year, it's gonna be the worst one for me since i have math exam on it😩😭 #prayfortalia

This took like the last hour and a half no joke 😂🙉💙 I really hope you all like it! I haven't full on edited like this in a really long time!!💖💛 ~Mikayla💕

not one day goes bye. I still miss you talia. pretty soon it's going to be three entire years without you. woah. has it really been that long? seems like just yesterday, I went on Instagram & found out you passed. I went straight to my mom & told her the awful news & we cried. and cried. I will forever be your fan, tal. no matter what. I miss you so much. I'm so proud of what you accomplished in your short 13 years on earth. I mean, who gets to be on ELLEN?! you still are amazing babe! even though your no longer on earth you still inspire so many. you were very wise beyond your years. you truly appreciated life & you have even made me appreciate life even more. Talia, thank you for everything. I will forever be your fan. ✨
#taliajoy #taliajoy18 #taliacastellano #prayfortalia #restinpeacetalia

I'm sorry I haven't been active I will try to be way more active #prayfortalia

"Pregate, e non abbandonate la speranza!" ❤️🙏🏼❤️(Papa Francesco)
#italia #prayfortalia #pope #papafrancesco #popefrancis

Cuando... Te pones a escuchar, Cenizas en la eternidad, y lloras. Hoy, mi por qué, es que me he puesto a pensar. Y si no lo conozco?... Esto ya es depresión... No se que hacer, con todos me muestro feliz, pero lo q llevo por dentro es tristeza... Muchísima de ver que insultan a mi ídolo, y yo... No puedo hacer nada. De ver que todos me dicen q a el le importo una mierda. Ayer estuve con mis amigos, le insultaron, como no, y yo me tenia q mostrar feliz. Lo que más me duele es pensar es que no se si tienen razón en una parte. Yo si lo conozco, para el, va a significar una más de todas las que tiene... Y eso, me mata por dentro. Me dan ganas de... De... Bueno...
Y, joder, la suerte que tienen algunos de poder hacer noche en los concis, poder abrazarlo en cada uno de ellos. Formar parte de el y que al final te recuerde. Y recuerde tu nombre. De poder ir a varios conciertos por giras, etc. Yo solo pido, tenerlo. Es mucho, muchísimo. Pero, estoy fatal. Quiero abrazarle, ese 'exdrogadicto' es mi droga joder....😭 si alguien me puede ayudar, por favor...
Espero q el año que viene hayan entradas golden y firmas de discos, y poder abrazarle. Poder llorar con ganas... Y, con esto, me despido...

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