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Was just enjoying this place a month ago. 💔 #PrayForSantaRosa #CaliforniaFires 📷: me



Santa Rosaで前にfireがあって

Thomas fireも含め


Yung tanaw mo na yung destinasyon mo pero aabutin ka pa rin ng mahigit kumulang sampung minuto... #AngLala

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There’s a lot more going on.
#FEMA is still here.
people are homeless... Video credit: @_celestine9799
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#santarosa #santarosafire #prayforsantarosa #califire #dew #laserweapon #nwo #femacamp #seekthetruthjapan

The images from those Fires in California are terrifying!!! It’s like something you’d see on a movie about the end of the world! So scary! Hoping they are stopped soon! Please, don't forget your animals! See an animal in need, please help them. Try to help and save others too! #CaliforniaFires #PrayForCA #california #fire #resque #californiawildfires #prayforcalifornia #prayforsantarosa #PrayForNapa #help

To my friends and family in California, please stay safe. I’m sending my love and prayers from Albany, Georgia, a small town hit by tornadoes back in January at the beginning of this year, as we got through it all and worked together as a community. These fires are insane and out of control. I know those who have to evacuate, (my girlfriend might have to as well) please get somewhere safe and get everything you need. ❤️ #prayforventura #prayforsocal #prayforla #prayforsantarosa #prayforsantapaula #prayforcalifornia

There’s a lot more going on.
#FEMA is still here.
people are homeless... Video credit: @_celestine9799
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#santarosa #santarosafire #prayforsantarosa #califire #dew #laserweapon #nwo #femacamp #seekthetruthjapan

Let’s try this again.. #givingtuesday

Stella is fundraising with Olympic Gold Medalist Laurie Hernandez to help raise funds for Northern California Wildfire Fund! Northern California Wildfire Fund assists in the recovery from the devastating wildfires.

Please help Stella raise funds! Your generosity will help her win unforgettable experiences with the great Laurie Hernandez, including a clinic, lunch, Q&A session, and more! Anything helps!
Thank you!!! Link to her fundraising page is in bio!! @mermaidgymnast #gymnastics #gymnast #gymnasticsfundraiser #fundraiser @lauriehernandez_ #lauriehernandez #northerncaliforniawildfirerelieffund #california #prayforsantarosa #goals #🤸🏼‍♀️

There’s a lot more going on.
#FEMA is still here.
people are homeless... Video credit: @_celestine9799
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#santarosa #santarosafire #prayforsantarosa #califire #dew #laserweapon #nwo #femacamp #seekthetruthjapan

Today was my first time back to Santa Rosa since the wild fires took down 3000 homes in the city and this is what i saw. At the end is my high school i attended that is now destroyed. I am thankful my parents are safe and their house was unaffected, but this Thanksgiving i am sending out extra prayers to those who aren’t able to have their homes anymore to celebrate this day of thanks. #prayforsantarosa @baduncnjunk @juliabertolero @bertskii16

First time for everything!! Making these turkeys for @sprengerstaproom s event on Thursday they are feeding the community with tons and tons of food for FREE!! You buy drinks, and eat for free ❤️🙏🏼
So this is my actual first time roasting a turkey 🦃since my mom always does it.. it feels good to help the community in any tiny part of way, considering what our towns been through in the last couple months it’s the least I can do 🤗

I must say... When doing the beginning part with the neck and inside stuff... I was considering becoming a vegetarian 😳😥 lol

Here we go... I hope they’re delish!! 🤷🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️💗

Standing in the middle of the devastation caused by the October Fire Storm in the Coffey Park community. There are no words, it is as if you are standing right where a bomb was detonated. My heart hurts. Please pray for those in these communities.
#sonoma #santarosa #coffeypark #prayforsantarosa #prayforsonomacounty #norcal #fire

Waking up and thanking God for the chance to do it again today. There’s gonna come a time in all of our lives where we have to meet the maker. Until then, I hope you get everything you want outta this world. #prayforsantarosa #nofilter

Some footage I shot this weekend in the Fountain Grove area of Santa Rosa destroyed by fires weeks ago. #prayforsantarosa

“Great Faith on October 8th”🙏🏻 Through the fire and the smoke, your words were heard; they healed, sealed and spoke.

Glorify and magnify your great power and hold us still. Through the night, hold us tight, weaving us together in your sight.

Through the fire and the smoke, though we were weary and tired, you sifted us all as you spoke.

Refine us into sparkling gold, through your hands as they mold, strengthening what remains, just as you told... Tend your flock, tend your sheep, strengthen our love, let it never go cold.

Build your mighty rock, bind us together hand in hand, for your family and your plan.

Build us up one by one, unite us in your highest love, Holy Spirit burning as one Holy Fire, yet gentle as a dove.

Bless your people, bless your land, fill it with your kindness, grace and love; through the fire and the smoke, may your presence be upon us all who seek you Lord just as you spoke.

May you be made known in every tribe and every tongue, great is thy faithfulness will be sung.

Sifting through the night, finding many souls won; burning bright, humbly telling each and everyone, of your goodness and saving might, holding us tightly through the night.

Shining embers, for your great glory, will be the only important story, for when we were tested; through the fire and the smoke, through the ashes and what was sifted, the night our lives forever shifted,
All that remains is love's greatest story of your great glory, that was found on October 8th. And what was found was great faith.

amazing concert that helped raise over $15 million for the nor cal fire victims. honored to be a part of last nights event. if you can, please reach out and help with whatever you see fit. check out the links in my bio. #bandtogetherbayareabandtogether#metallica#gratefuldead#johnmayer#davematthewsband#geazy#raphaelsaadiq#santarosastrong#sonomastrong#prayforsantarosa @metallica @g_eazy @davematthewsband @deadandcompany

The kids don't have school tomorrow so this is our Friday. We are celebrating by watching the Holiday {breaking our no Christmas movies before Thanksgiving rule 😳}. What's really going through our minds: It's been raining this past week. Like hard. We keep saying WHY couldn't it have rained a month ago?!? Why do our friends and our city have to suffer? We don't understand and feel so heartbroken for so many of our dearest friends who don't have their homes to snuggle in during this cold rainy night. Our mortgage broker, who has known me my whole life and who lost his home, texted me tonight and said, "I know God has a plan, I'm just trying to see it." 😢Tonight as we relax in our warm home, our hearts are with those in our city who are still trying to settle in on their new life and trying to understand the why's. #prayforsantarosa

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