Hoy se cumple un año del atentado en manchester #prayformanchester🙏❤️

Today marks a year of a very sad attack where 22 people died and they had more than 40 years. I wish them the best and a great sales to all the people affected by the Manchester bombing. I love them very much animos and forces life follows family 💕 @arianagrande #prayformanchester #arianagrande #prayformanchester🙏❤️

@arianagrande #onelovemanchester #prayformanchester🙏❤️ #prayformanchester #arianagrande #manchesteredit

Edit: this was inspired by someone on musically idk who but ya lol

Exactly 1 year ago. A coward took the life of so many innocents. #neverforget #manchester #onelovemanchester #lovealwayswins #respect #lovenothate #westandtogether #prayformanchester🙏❤️ 👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼

Im so humbled..im so sad..im so happy..im so safe..im so disgusted..im so mad...im so confused..but..at the same time..im so proud..that we all stood up to ariana and all those families who experienced and felt so much pain..im so proud of even a small amount of humanity that some people still have..keep loving and caring 4 each other. #prayformanchester🙏❤️ I hope from the bottom of my heart that ariana sees all of them and just understand that she had amazing courage and she is such a strong woman and that was not her fault and all of these were just a dumb ass who did something without caring for its cauzes..and as ariana says..if his perpuse was pain and sadness..then we will prove him wrong..cause he is..and everyone who tries to cause us pain..we are all united and we can achieve everything!we all have been through so much! So why giving up to those terrorist attacks!Instead we learn and we get stronger and smarter! So cmon arianators LETS GIVEM THAT GOOD SHIT AND MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND WHAT IT MEANS 2B A STRONG PERSON A STRONG CHARACTER A STRONG ARIANATOR AND A STRONG HUMAN!😍 SPREAD LOVE NO HATE!!💕 #memoriesmakeusstronger #spreadlovenohate #arianators #imahuman

A year ago today 😢 🙏🏻 #neverforget #manchester I feel like I share this picture I took of my daughter Miley in @boltonabbeyestate more and more nowa days especially with the different attacks that happen around the world, but I'm going to share it again this time with a quote that is doing the rounds on social media after the attack in Manchester. It was meant to be a fun picture that I took of her but without sounding cheesy I believe that the image I caught that day is even more prominent after yesterday's events. One of an innocent child who had asked me what the praying alter was in Bolton abbey, I showed her she copied me, she learnt. The attack yesterday was targeted on our innocent children it was cowardly, One of the youngest confirmed dead was Saffie Rose Roussos she was 8 years old. Miley is 7, she is music mad I was recently trying to get her tickets for Ed Sheeran at the MEN Arena, I couldn't get her one, now my first thoughts after yesterday was I'll never attempt to take Miley to anything like that again after the scenes I witnessed yesterday but simply we can not live our life like that, If we start doing that and then we let the terrorists win. We need to stand up to those who wish to harm us and try take away our freedom, if we stop living our lives the terrorists win, stay strong Manchester 🙌🏻 R.I.P Angels

#prayformanchester🙏❤️ #boltonabbey #peace #love #live #life #instapic #iger #igers #manchester #instapic #manchester #neveragain #neverforget #angels

I can't believe it was just a year ago since all of this happened I hope every body is better now #prayformanchester🙏❤️

22.05.17 🙏🏼❤️😭 @arianagrande
1 like ❤️ = 1 prayer 🙏🏼❤️ today would have been the day ariana’s concert was bombed 😢❤️ 22.05.17 ❤️❤️ Just have a minute silence for @arianagrande and the people who were injured or even killed ❤️ #prayformanchester🙏❤️ The people who decided to bomb it have no heart ❌💔 1 like ❤️ = 1 prayer 🙏🏼

So one last time 
I need to be the one who takes you home 
One more time
I promise after that, I'll let you go
Baby I don't care if you got her in your heart
All I really care is you wake up in my arms
One last time
I need to be the one who takes you home, yeah

One last time
I need to be the one who takes you home

#neverforget #oneyearfrommanchester🐝 #foreverinourhearts❤️ ✨ 🙏 #prayformanchester🙏❤️@arianagrande

#manchesterunited #manchester #prayformanchester🙏❤️ My condolences to the 22 angels 😭😇

1 year later. Football is not just rivarly but also a moment of communion and pray.
#prayformanchester🙏❤️ #manchesterderby

Un anno all'attentato a Manchester🐝
È incredibile quanto gli esseri umani possano essere crudeli
Molte delle vittime erano lì per divertirsi commuoversi e essere felici. Ma nel tempo di pochi minuti la loro vita è scomparita #prayforword
#prayformanchester🙏❤️ #olm

I can't believe that it's been a year.. I wish the family's who lost their children's all the best!! And I wish all those angel's a beautiful and blessed life in heaven 🙏🏻 feel loved ❤️ @arianagrande 🙏🏻❤️ #prayformanchester🙏❤️

One year since the Manchester Arena Bombing, it feels like it was yesterday. I had a minute of silence at school and if your school didn't, please have a minute of silence at your own time. #prayformanchester🙏❤️

PART 2/8 ♡🐝✨🙏🏼
Please , watch all the parts , I put my mind, heart , feelings and time for make this ... please I ask it with the heart in hand ♡
#arianagrande #prayformanchester🙏❤️ #welovemcr #loveyou #1yearofmanchesterattack #🐝❤️ #restinpeace

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