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#prayformajoraakacole @arcena_92 I don't know much about him.... Or really anything but I did read what you said so I thought this would help... I'm sorry for the loss of @masked_majora

Follow @allforcole it's an account where u share ur memories and experiences with him... #prayformajoraakacole user:coleforall password:thankyou

I feel so bad..

#textgram Well I guess this is goodbye you guys. I will be logging out of Cole's account in a little while. Don't worry. I'll still be on kik. And I will log back in for special events. Holidays, And birthdays. Etc etc. Don't be sad~ Cole didn't like it when people where said. And I'm sure he doesn't want you all crying over him. So smile~ :) Love, Aaraa #prayformajoraakacole

@masked_majora... You'll be missed

I don't even know what to say about anything anymore.... Words can't describe how we all feel and how you touched our lives in some way. You were a word earful friend Cole aka @masked_majora and I know you will be missed and remain in our hearts forever. We love you. ❤

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