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Today was a great day @netflix and then the celebration at @katanarobata was insane. I can honestly say this was by far one of the greatest meals and days I’d ever had. We ordered everything on the menu… you know that made my year as a foodie! The real treat was the big seabass. It’s not on the menu, and they only do 5 a night… So, if you wanna go hard on your palate; It’s a must do. #katana #netflix #prayerworks #thanks #waitforit #marlotableof5 #production #ready #ateam #getwhatyouworkfor #20hourday #business

I come to you with reverence and affection my spiritual father and I call upon you as Lord of all. I offer to you my praises and prayers, which I cannot live without as they allow me to connect with you. I openly pray and honour you with my praises as the comforting peace of God is with me. I desire on the behalf of the unsaved, the pardoning mercy and comforting peace of God.
Lord I thank you for every occasion you have acted on my behalf, for the grace which you have given me, for all the spiritual blessings which are freely given. I thank you that in everything, with all kinds of spiritual gifts, that my life is enriched by God. I know I have received these gifts by your will and loving kindness. I acknowledge the consideration you have shown towards me by granting these blessings.
You Lord, are the foundation for my success. My accumulated knowledge are part of the gifts I have received from you. I will remember to be thankful and grateful for the specific set of skills you have given me in life, that were proportioned according to the work that you have designed for me to do. I am convicted that the spiritual gifts you have given me have been and will be continue to be used for your purpose. What exists now is not all there is, I have faith that you will transform my ability to achieve greater things. I give thanks in the precious and gracious name of Jesus. Amen.
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Choose “praying”over complaining!

Try this. If we pray something changes for the positive. If we complain does the same happen? .

And also the next time your mind tells you, “oh, but I prayed in the morning”. Ask your mind whether it keeps a count of the number of complaints in a day. So why keep a count of the number of times you pray.
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There are days when you simply have to stop, drop to your knees and pray. Those are the moments when God, just like a Father, reminds you that everything you need is inside of you because he put it there!
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Join the KCU Pastors on Palm Sunday morning for the culmination of 40 Days Of Praying the Names Of God. #prayerworks #kcuprays

This week @chadaharms taught on the story of Jesus' transfiguration. This is a moment in the life of Jesus where his humanity was pulled back and three of his disciples were able to get a glimpse into who he really was as his glory shown brightly. This incredible story came on the heels of two important things. First, Jesus had told them that following him might cost them their lives. This declaration had to make some of them wonder if following him was worth it - a question that some of us have today. After this, as if he knew they'd ask if it was worth it, Jesus told his disciples that some people would get to experience the power of his kingdom while they were still alive. Six days later, in the transfiguration story, this happened. For those men, especially a guy named Peter, the moment impacted them forever. Later, when encouraging others to follow Jesus, Peter drew upon the transfiguration as proof that doing so was worth it. When Jesus was transfigured into a dazzling being it showed who he was and helped the disciples understand that following him was worth it. The written record of the story does the same for us today!

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THIS SATURDAY! The Gathering is back and we might be a little biased here....but we think you should definitely be there! Who's excited?? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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After an amazing conversation, I was reminded me that today is the First Day of Spring. 🌸 With Spring, it means we soon get to watch everything around us come back to life! We get to watch it grow and blossom into its full beauty. I always hear people talk about how they’re so sick of the same old life, the same old crap, and they want something different. Yet people are too scared to step out of their comfort zone to get different results! I promise you people there is a DIFFERENT way! You can bloom just like SPRING!! 🌸🌷🌹In this new season, I pray that you don’t hesitate to make the changes you’ve been longing for, I pray that you learn to sit in the uncomfortable things in life, with the patience to learn that is where the biggest growth is formed! I pray you, like the season bloom and come to life. I don’t know who this is for, but I know someone needs to read this! #springtime #bloom #cometolife #jesuslovesus #thankful #sofull #comfortzone #change #timetochange #beablessing #prayerworks

When your soon to be 5 yr old volunteers to wash the dishes 👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾🙏🏽 #prayerworks #thankyoulordjesus #imtiredboss #35weekspregnant #boymama #teachemyoung

I’m praying for you and with you all week...write below or dm me 🙏🏾 requests only!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #bombardingheaven #prayer #prayerworks #prayerrequest #prayertime

Any time I pour my love and self into the idols this world has to offer, I prostitute God for God IS Love and He made myself in the image of His Self. Not only that but to give myself so freely to worthless idols, to turn to anyone or thing other than Jesus, is ultimately a form of self harm. It is only Yahweh who can bring me peace. Only Yahweh that can give me purpose. Only Yahweh that can fill me with meaning and value and freedom... I am an Israelite. I watch God bring me out of darkness through the great exodus of grace, kneel at His feet, proclaim my faith, and promptly grow distracted by life. And as I wander away, I find myself chasing after the things of this world. But I come up empty every time. I some how always seem to forget that God alone is sufficient; God alone can satisfy and fulfill my needs. And, impossibly, graciously, God never seems to run out of mercy for his prodigal child. Father, teach me to seek first Your kingdom, to run after Your will above my own, to trust You with everything I have. Transform me into someone who is always, always, always willing and ready. Make Your way known to me. I want to worship You. I want to honor You. I want to serve You. I want to cling to Your faithful love. Amen. #Jonah #FaithfulLove #Always #PrayerWorks #TheWay #DailyDoseOfJesus #WakeUpCall #GodIsSufficient #Peace

It is good to pray with fellow believers! Thankful for 40daysforlife for nudging me to carve out time to pray- wondering why I don’t do it everyday! So thankful for friends who were brave and stood for life for the first time! #40days #prayerworks #expectingasavethisweek

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