Shout out to this dude, in the middle!. He’s started a new adventure today! One that we all prayed for especially the little man. When we told Benny daddy would start his new job the day BEFORE his 7th birthday.. he yelled, “ God heard me pray for daddy a new job mom!!” I told him it must be an early bday gift 😍. we love you and so proud of you @kris.perkins.5059 . Hope your day is full of joy!😘

Thank you in advance ❤️🙏🏽 #prayers #bigweek #prayerswork

Church with a toddler. .
#toddlerlife #charlottejane #latterdaysaints

I’m not sure I can express how truly lucky our family is right now.
This is my youngest son Owen he’s 11 and plays football.
Last night was probably his best game played all year! He was kicking butt and taking names. Unfortunately some of us know that puts a big bullseye on your back.
He was sandwiched between the largest kid on the other team (270 lbs) and another child they both illegally hit him (blindside with heads down) he was immediately stabilized on the field and taken to Riley for evaluation for neck injuries.
When he didn’t get up from the play, my heart sank.
You know the risks but you’re never really fully prepared.
He sustained a mild neck injury and a possible concussion. He had an angel 😇 watching over. Keeping his head up during that play, saved him. We were told had he have dropped his head during the hit, we would most likely be having a different conversation today.
That photo is a picture of him being taken out. Y stretcher and his teammates praying. On their own. Leading a prayer for their friend. My heart is overflowing from the love and prayers we have received.
Being part of a community that still believes in prayer and the true miracles is so special for us.
This is the true meaning of team and community. Thank all of you♥️ 📷: Teresa White
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She just looks so big in this picture! 🌎🌙🌠 #ReaLife #prayerswork #biggirl #LidiaMonroe #sundayworship

My baby boy having an EKG my Lily girl double ear infection and me with my injury. I’d take all the pain and problems away from my babies. #prayers #myworld #momlife #lovesofmylife #boygirltwins #bestfriends #myeverything #blessed #prayerswork #please

I feel like I just did one of these. 😨😢 We are on our last single digit month. Sammi turned #9monthsold today. We are so happy with our #littleblessing and watching her grow. She clapped for the first time 2 weeks ago during #disneyonice and now claps when shes bored to entertain herself. 👏 LOVES to eat everything and give mommy the yummiest kisses. She's learning to sit herself up and we're working on teaching her how to crawl. She's gained more strength in her upper body and reaching for toys now. Likes to pull her sisters curls, pet the dog and cat, music and going to the art museum. She's weighing almost 15 lbs and officially in size 3 months clothes. She's now sleeping 12 hours at night and mommy loves it! We thank God every day for our #littlepeanut #preemie #docbandbaby #plagiocephaly #torticollis #happybaby #mommysbaby #prayerswork #pcos

With every breathe I take, I believe in the power of prayer. I also believe that you need more than love to keep a relationship afloat and that can withstand the tests of time. When God sees fit, I will cover my King in prayer and love. Empowering him with encouraging words, commitment, dedication, trust and love. There is more to say, but I'll just leave it there. Lol! #blackart #blacklove #lovematters #unity #family #afamilythatridestogetherstaystogether #prayerswork #kings #queens #repost

Still grinding behind the scenes. Exercising has been a great tool in my life especially now.

It keeps my body energetic and strong, which subsequently enables me to be more productive.

Happy weekend guys!

Often in my life and I assume often in everyone’s lives we go through seasons of HURRY-UP and. . . W-a-i-t!!! I’m a reader so I’m always on the look-out for good recommendations. I will pretty much read anything - so give a shout out to your faves or can’t miss choices! Or even let me know how you pass the time in those seasons of “waiting”.
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Can’t believe how some of you really lack the presence of the Lord, y’all doubts is so low tht the 1st thing tht come to your mind is death, Satan is real, but GOD is too & stronger💪🏽🙏🏽 #PrayersWork #UseGod✨ #GetWellSoon💙

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