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A prayer for faith, hope and love:
Holy Spirit, open our eyes and calm our mind. Let us be reminded of our Heavenly Father's love, which is shown through Jesus to all of us.
Guide us in keeping our faith, as we pray for you to continually reveal the truth of your unfailing promises to us. Thank you Jesus, for your victory and the price you paid for us.
Let us always be reminded of the hope that we have of an eternal loving relationship in your presence. Kindle our desire for you. Strengthen our will to live and serve. Teach us and lead us where you will.
We know the world will try to bring doubt, fear, and hatred, but through you we are made strong. Through you we are shaped into faithful, hopeful, and loving people. We ask that you fill us with you love so that we may love on others and we thank you for your eternal, unconditional, and everlasting love. Amen!

UPDATE: @wrestler4lifeyouknow_ is recovering great. Physical therapy is good. Movement is coming. And of course, he's gotta wear @wrestleboutique honoring the man @i_am_so_ill thanks for all your prayers. #wrestling #gettingstronger #prayerlife #thegrind

🙌🏾 love this lifestyle 💕💕💕 #prayerlife

Flashback to this picture My Man took of me. We often slip away after dinner for a long boarding date. It is a relaxing prayer time...especially for me...I go slow! #myman #longboard #dateideas #prayerlife

#prayerlife #tibetbuddhism #locallife#historic

Sometimes I just be sitting back and just thinking of how the Holy Spirit moves bruh wow 🙏🏽 #godisgood #prayerlife

We struggle every day, worry, fret and when things don’t work out the way we hoped we fall into deep depression. We need to STOP believing we’re in control and let God take the wheel. When you realize that someone greater is in control and you just submit your day to Him watch how things turn around. I can testify that this works. Jesus take control of my life today and for the rest of the year Amen. Happy Friday 🙏🏾 #Jesustakethewheel #nigeriawillnotkillsomebody #prayerlife #letsgo


For some reason a lot of people think that I have it all together. That I have my life all figured out. That nothing bad ever happens to me. That I'm just so blessed. The truth is, I go through tests and trials just like everyone else.
Last year I made it a goal to move from Chicago to Atlanta and to purchase a home. The day after I put an offer on a townhouse I suddenly lost my job. I didn't let that get in the way of my 2 goals though. The enemy tried everything in his power to keep me from moving to Atlanta. The thing is that although the enemy may have attacked God closed and opened up doors for me that I could not have done on my own and without his grace I would have never made it to Atlanta.
In just a short year I've accumulated $20k in credit card debt. My lights have been cut off. My cell phone has been cut off. My cable and internet has been cut off. 3 times I've literally been days away from having an eviction letter on my door. I've even pulled money from my IRA. I lost my job in Chicago March 2016. March 2017, almost to the exact date, God sent me a blessing that was 4x the amount of debt I racked up. The best part about all of this is not once did I operate outside of the will of God. God said have faith and that's what I've rode on for the last year. For most of that time I was trying to figure everything out and nothing was falling into place. The moment I decided to surrender and tell God "I've done everything that I could do. When you figure out how to get me out of this season then YOU let me know." From that moment everything started to come full circle.
A lot of the blessings I received I prayed for. God answers all prayers. He just doesn't always deliver them the way we want.
This is just a super very short glimpse of my testimony. I promised God that if he brought me out of that season that I would tell the world how his gracious hand has carried me through the toughest and lowest season of my life (I promise I'll be sharing soon). Thank God I don't look like what I been through. I chose not to wear my circumstances on my shoulder, but to give them to God and to live my life as I should despite the hand I was dealt. Romans 8:28❤

PRAYER TIME! STARTS IN 30 MINUTES! 6:30pm EASTERN TIME! PLACE ALL OF YOUR CARES AT THE ALTAR! "IF TWO OF YOU ON EARTH AGREE ABOUT ANYTHING THEY ASK FOR, IT WILL BE DONE FOR THEM BY THE FATHER IN HEAVEN" IN JESUS NAME! AMEN! #prayerchangesthings #prayertime #prayerwarriors #prayerlife #christiansofinstagram #biblestudy #morethanconquerors #thewordofgod #amen #amentothis #amentothat

every week in our life group Bible study, we each come with a specific prayer request ... a request about ourselves, opening up to each other, asking each other to keep on our hearts, knowing the love we have for each other, and knowing without a doubt we are powerfully prayed for. Last week I came asking my sweet prayer warriors to pray that I will stay focused ... focused on my walk with Jesus, my time with Him, focused on truths, and focused on just the day to day details of my life. When I saw this cup at the store today I couldn't snatch it up quick enough. Seriously, how perfect is this tangible reminder of what I need prayed for? I'm all about tangible reminders. #stayfocused #Christfollower #lifegrouplove #prayerlife

Emily really hit my heart with her blog today. See if it hits yours too! #allmomdoes #prayer #whenprayerishard #prayerlife #keeppraying #mombloggers

1.Some people really want to help you but their hands are tied or may not be in the position to be the Help. They have their plates already full or An external force may distract them.
2.Some others may have helped in the past but are tired of your sob stories and don't want to indulge further in your pity party.
3.Some just blatantly ignore you.
4.Some just like you to be bitter and bicker and overly laid-back.
5.Some raise your hopes to help you but are out of your way the next minute.
If God doesn’t build the house, the builders only build shacks. If God doesn’t guard the city, the night watchman might as well nap. It’s useless to rise early and go to bed late, and work your worried fingers to the bone. Don’t you know he enjoys giving rest to those he loves?

If God has not instructed someone to help you or put you on someone's radar, then pray and pray and pray some more until you are tired. Then ask God to help you, tell him you want to be a solution provider. Tell him you want to help other people who are going through what you may be going through. Tell him to show you what you were designed to do from the Volume of the books written about you before you stepped into this life.
Then pray again.
Take actions.
Pray some more.
And just keep living like that.

And when you are THERE.... In that position to be someone's Help and support, don't stop praying.

Stream of consciousness 😉 #prayerlife #musicforlife #ukelele #poet

Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who brings forth bread from the earth. A Jewish thanksgiving prayer for meals. #Christian #Christians #christ #bible #biblical #jesus #jesuschrist #jesusfreak #pray #prayer #prayerlife #amen #inspiration #inspirational #GOD #GODSNOTDEAD #faith #faithful #scenery #landscape #kap3x #photos #photo #photography

Sunday afternoon; all is quiet for a moment as the boys are out enjoying the cooler weather. I am trying to relish in the stillness. The week ahead promises to be just as hectic and full as the last one. I feel like it’s an unending battle to keep up with everything. I tell myself that these days will soon pass and I’ll miss them, but in the midst of it all -it’s very daunting.
Today’s Sunday school lesson was about how nowadays everybody turns to Google or something else to find answers and wisdom when we need to be turning to God. That is what I am trying to learn to do more each day. Today in the quiet it’s easy. If I could only do this during the busy hectic times then I would do so much better.
That’s my goal this week-to ask God for wisdom and peace as I go through the daily struggles and to do so with grace knowing He’s with me and that He’s got my back.🙏💕

What was your prayer life like in 2016?
Is your prayer life different today?
Describe Your desired prayer life?
What are you willing to do/change in order to have your desired prayer life?
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My favorite season 😍 🍂

#realtalk💯 ... I live to do better so they can live with intention, opportunity, vision and a better tomorrow. No generational curses here. We live in legacy creation. °
Don't accept the normal. Create what others only dream about. Need help, ask for it. Are you building a legacy? Check the links in my bio. #sundayplanning #newweekgoals

Prayer is power and strength. A power and strength that influences God is most salutary, widespread, and marvelous in its gracious benefits to man. Prayer influences God. The ability of God to do for man is the measure of the possibility of prayer.

The prayers you pray influence God. He remembers every single one of them. You may be thinking, “You don’t know me - My prayers seem so feeble and weak - God doesn’t seem to answer me.” Do not ever think that God hasn’t heard you or that your prayers do not matter. The enemy is trying very hard to discourage people in prayer in these days because he is afraid of prayer. He knows it’s strength and potential, and he is trying to keep this hidden from the Church.
Prayer takes time. We have to learn to wait and believe. One day you will see that your prayers have had a mighty effect in the spiritual realm. Do not give up or ever think it is not important to pray today. If ever there was a need for intercession for America, it is now. We are in a key (kairos) time in all of history. The Greek word “kairos” in the New Testament means the appointed or opportune time that God has set for something to occur. During a kairos time, we must respond in prayer and press through in intercession in order to see God’s plan fulfilled. We are in a time of urgency, and we must seize it in prayer. This is the appointed season for change and for intercession to increase.
We must not fear the future or believe the lies of the enemy, but we must stand strong in authoritative prayer.

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