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This past week my girls and I had the privilege of attending the Gospel Coalition Conference in Indy. Hearing the gospel preached, visiting with dear friends, listening to great music, and the book store were some highlights for me. I'm looking forward to reading these four new must reads. #tgc17 #bookstagram #lifeafterloss #ephesians #prayerlife

My #prayinghands #nomakeupwednesday 🥊❤️🙏🏻

Don't miss #Prayerlife at 7:30 after Realife! Pastor Reggie is planning to teach on how to prosper based on prayer & being led by the Spirit. #fwclakeland

When counting blessing, some i count them twice…… guess who ??? :-) #Prayerlife

Khabashing works....it's the reason for my ever present smiles😊


Man ought to always pray and not faint.

#tbt One of my most popular posts at BecomeLess.net (link in bio) - 5 Things Every Single Should Pray For. "#3: To let go and learn from past failed relationships. It’s easy to cling to the things of the past... It’s easy to keep re-hashing every terrible memory and replaying every malicious word ever said. Never allowing the wounds from the past to heal just like a child who continues to pick at their scabs. But eventually, and with God’s help, you have to let it go. You have to accept it for what it was – the good and the bad. But most of all, you have to learn from it – learn to choose differently, learn when to walk away, learn red flags and to follow your discernment when it tells you something just isn’t right. Even learn where you were wrong in that relationship (because it’s easy to only look at what was done to you and never look at what you did to the other person). Pray to let go, learn from it, and then, eventually one day, move on!" #BecomeLess

Over time I realized I was slacking pretty bad in my Christian walk. It was depressing for me because I had also realized that it doesn't only affect me but my children. I believed in my early marital years that I couldn't conceive. I prayed long and hard for the Lord to bless me with babies and promised that I would raise them to believe in Him. I had just asked myself, "What example have I been setting?" "Do they see Christ in me?" "Do they know Him or will they when they're older?" In order for these questions to all answer positively, I must set that example and environment in my home. "To be a Christian without prayers no more possible than to be alive without breathing." - Martin Luther This quotes touched me last night because that's where I lacked the most. I used working, cleaning, and raising children as an excuse.. but honestly THERE IS ALWAYS TIME for prayer. As long as you are thinking you can be praying. Always plant your apple tree in your home and bring forth good fruit. #prayer #inspiration

"When everything seems to be going wrong, take a minute to remind yourself of all the things going right." 🙏🏼😊 Sto.Nino Church Tacloban City #prayerlife #resilience #region8

Titanium Car Rosary can be attached to a steering wheel or rear view mirror. #titanium #mary #rosary #crucifix #prayer #prayerful #prayerlife #fathersday #gift #fathersdaygift

Stay focus 2017 #prayer #prayerlife

Prayer & The Family Meal Time - Day 2: Sing the traditional prayer—let your child improvise the melody. (© 2017 Loyola Press. All rights reserved) #stanastasiacc #staugustine #staugfl #dosafl #A1A #parishlife #beachlife #sayamen #Florida #floridahistory #oldestcity #jesus #christ #pray #prayerlife #holyspirit #praise #word #bible #faith

"I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone believing." Romans 1:16

“And I pray thee, #loving #Jesus, that as Thou hast graciously given me to drink in with delight the words of Thy #knowledge, so Thou wouldst mercifully grant me to attain one day to Thee, the fountain of all #wisdom and to appear forever before Thy face.” These words are appropriate of the #monk and #scholar, #SaintBede. For his devotion to his monastic life and #scholarship, he is given the title of “the venerable,” and recognized as a #doctor of the #Church. Bede was a monk of Saint Peter’s Monastery in England. He was raised in close proximity to this monastery and attended school with the monks. When he was old enough, he would enter the #monastery and embrace the life of #prayer and #study. During the whole of his life he would study adamantly and write profusely. One of his main accomplishments was translating the writings of the Church Fathers into English. Because of his extensive work, he was well versed and a scholar in his own right. For this reason he is often pictured holding a book with a pen in hand. In this representation which hangs in the #Eucharistic Chapel of Saint Bede Parish in La Cañada, California, the saint is represented in the garb of a monk. He stands holding a codex in his hand, but he is not writing. Although represented advanced in years, Bede is still #studying. He is a reminder to us that we are always learning. We never know everything. Bede read, studied, and wrote faithfully within the walls of his monastery until the day he died. #devotion #faith #faithful #prayer #prayerlife #happy #happiness #God #Jesus #Lord #JesusChrist

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