Jesus understand when you pray in silence and just tears roll down your face. When you scream but no one hears you. Jesus knows. He knows the pain. He knows the despair and he’s using me as a messenger tonight to tell you it was all heard. Wait and be still.
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You cant want to convert them to Jesus and wreck them. God has those whom He has called. People make mistakes. The hustle does not change the purpose. God gave you a dream does not mean you copy their ministry to form a miniature one. Is it yours? In fact He will use the foolish things and confound the wise.

Most times people are not saved in the church. Jesus saves souls in clubs, a dank hotel room, waiting at the stop light, doing what you should not be doing. Jesus saves souls when they listen a song. Its the constant drawing to Him. If you are willing, He can save you. Ask God to break down your pride and fight to Him. Turn to the word of God. Therefore you should be more excited to come to Jesus because He will save you.

Hello, friends! The @prayerinstitute has written a special prayer of Thanksgiving for the family. Please join us in praying this prayer and feel free to pray this prayer with your families. (Link in bio). #prayer #thanksgiving 🙏🏽

🍁happy givingthanks 🍁🥬 .
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An answer now is what I need
See it in the new sun rise and
See it break on your horizon
Oh come on love
Stay with me... 🙏🏼
🎶 "White Shadows" by Coldplay 🌄🏞🌅
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HE IS THE BREAD OF LIFE 🥖🍇 Worship is 💫Gratitude 💫🌷🙌🏼🌷”For this reason, ever since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all God’s people, I have not stopped giving THANKS FOR YOU, remembering you in my prayers.” -St.Paul (Ephesians 1:15-16) GLORY TO GOD!!!🕊 #you #gratitude #jesus #thanksgiving #satisfied #god #love #thanks #grace #blessing #baking #believe #prayer #bread #coffee #inspiration #faith #thevinery_ #holyspirit #friendship #spirituality #natural #wisdom GOD BLESS YOU!!!🍁🌅😍🙌🏼💕

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