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When I was standing on the bridge which was raided by the ruthless and inexorable act last night. #pray4london #prayforlondon

Wieder wurde Großbritannien Ziel eines Terrorangriffs. In London kamen bei zwei Attacken mindestens sechs Menschen ums Leben. Außerdem wurden die Angreifer getötet.
Lasst uns für die betroffenen Menschen beten. Möge Gott ihnen beistehen in dieser schweren Stunde und ihnen Kraft geben.
Again Britain was the target of a terror attack. In London, at least six people were killed in two attacks, also the attackers.
Our prayers go out to the victims, their relatives and to everyone who is helping. May God be with them in these difficult hours and give them strength.
#Pray4london #PrayforLondon

Conservationist fight against U.S. withdrawing from The Paris Accord. Shout out to all the donors. #MakeADifference #Pray4London 🙏 #AmazingNight

I know it was Saturday. But I am truly praying for London. It's so sad. This has GOT to stop. #pray4london #prayforlondon again🙏🏽☹️💔

#pray4london? Is that today?
@Regrann from @tackstactical - Time for profile pictures to change and to have another # to pray for fill in the city/country. When is it time to get angry? 🤔
#tackstactical #fuckterrorists #fuckdaesh - #regrann

Not sure 😴
Thought I'd upload but only thing I could find...
🤜🏼 Returns 🤛🏼


Pas banget hari ini London di bom lagi, kali aja ada yg mau koreo #Pray4London, selow mah, ga bakal diapa2in, kan pesan kemanusiaan, bukan muatan politik
#SaveRohingya #UdunanBobotoh #Receh4PSSI

What is happening in the world is tragic, but unfortunately the governments are using religion to divide us. Historically, this is not the first time it happens.
Governments don't care about us, they never did and never will. All that matters to them is finding new ways to justify wars for mere economic reasons. The killing of innocent people unfortunately will continue.

Question what you see/hear/read on the news.
Start researching.
We are being lied to and controlled.

We don't need to let them win.
We need to stand together ❤.

All the way fom UK!! #pray4london #bensherman #myowncollection #formyrewards #terapidiri #kepuasandiri ...alang2 beli seutas baik sambar lg 1.. nmpk x ketamakan nyer di situ?? @jijanlinggi 😊😄😅😃🤣😆

#pray4london ❤❤

Pray 4 London #grenfelltower #pray4london #fire #pray !!!!!

R.I.P.....A Month Ago Today 22 People Lost Their Lives.
#pray4london #prayformanchester

Dear friends
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH earlier today and car deliberately crashed into a mosque in London

Let's make the world great again and end terrorism
#prayforlondon #pray4london

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