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My heart is with our refugee brothers and sisters stuck in border camps around the world 💔 #teamhumanity #edomeni #pray4humanity

Peoples characters define them not their race or religion. @coreyomar helped capture how 'Raise LA' isn't just all about giving haircuts to the less fortunate but a way to show how being kind to people develops friendships and with that brings together people's differences. Don't let society raise you. #Pray4Humanity #RaiseLAbyFBN

Are we not all human? #pray4humanity #humans #world

I am so proud of my country! 🇫🇷🙏🏼 #PrayForTheWorld #Pray4Humanity

KAMMI KAMDA BABEL .. Featuring fsldk menghimpun dana untuk Aleppo. #saveAleppo #pray4humanity

Planned route of exit of besieged Aleppo

Keep praying for them!
#PrayForSyria #Pray4Humanity #AllLivesMatter

Nama nya Omran Daqneesh berumur 5 tahun...
Dia antara penganas yang dikehendaki oleh russia dan juga rejim syiah...
Beliau terselamat dari serangan udara russia di Aleppo... dan dengan itu russia akan terus memburu dia dan rakan sebayanya sehingga mereka terkorban.!!!! Hey buka mata hati anda!!!!
Masihkah anda terus menyokong russia laknat itu!!!!
Meskipun aku tahu yang menyokong russia itu adalah orang beragama syiah dan adik beradik syiah yang bertaqiyah untuk sembunyikan dari menyokong rejim assad secara terus kerana takut terbongkar anda itu syiah tetapi lihatlah !sesungguhnya kekejaman rejim russia dan syiah assad tidak boleh diterima!!!!! #Pray4Syria

Moralis, macam paling etis.
Fatalis, seolah apolitis.
Sang martir, cupet dan sesat pikir.



Are we not all human? #pray4humanity #humans #world

Konser kemanusiaan cinta dan peduli Rohingya. Di hadiri oleh Izzatul Islam, Hedi Yunus dan Melly Goeslaw, Minggu (17/9).
#StopTheGenocideOfRohingya #konseramal #konserkemanusiaan #saverohingya #pray4humanity

Despite all the bad that may be going on, there is still good in the world. Unfortunately tragedy is what brings humanity closer together. Still it's good to know that in times of disaster/need we can "unite." ~Be strong and steadfast! Do not fear nor be dismayed, for the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go. - Joshua 1:9 #pray4houston #pray4irma victims #pray4mycity #pray4myhood #pray4humanity

Good morning people!! Hope you have a blessed weekend.. let's be thankful for the good things we have in life and mindful of all the tragedies going on around the world... #pray4humanity ❤️💛💚💙💜🖤

Dalam kita berseronok cuti menyambut kemerdekaan dan raya, jangan lupa perbanyakkan doa sepanjang hari ini 9 zulhijjah untuk keluarga, sahabat-sahabat, dan saudara seislam di seluruh dunia. ☺️ #pray4rohingya

My first dream job was to be an astronaut. My parents told me to be a bagger at a grocery store. I wanted to play basketball for my middle school team so bad, my parents couldn't give up their time and money. I got a letter from STANFORD in the 10th grade for an internship at one of the best educational institutions in the country.. my parents told me no because it's in California. My parents hid my letter from the University of Miami that I received my senior year in high school, it offered almost-full ride scholarship information AND an account set up for me with a password and everything... I found my letter 6 months later after my account expired. My parents made me stay at home after high school and attend community college so that they could keep control over me. They called me a financial burden and a bum without a job at the age of 18 right after I graduated high school. I applied for my first job as a dishwasher and my "dad" told me they would never hire me. They hired me. They made me feel like shit for smoking weed and starting to drink alcohol. Even though I was an honor roll student and I passed my SAT with a 1720 the first time without even studying. I worked full time jobs and full time college and even picked up a car payment on top of my own phone bill. I was busy 70 hours a week, 14 hour days for 2 years and I was still a piece of shit for staying out a little late after work to smoke a joint.. it was stressful but I graduated, but not b4 being kicked out 2 weeks prior for being a "crackhead". My best friend @goodvibetribe710 and his family took me in as their own. I moved to Alaska and conquered my depression in the Arctic circle. It was so nice to get away from my toxic family. Then I made the mistake of moving back in for a year. I had to walk 2 miles each way 5 days a week to work at a fucking taco Bell. My parents have SIX cars, I wasn't allowed to use one and they would even drive past me as I walked to and from work without even offering a ride. Their maliciousness made me who I am. And I'm not my father's son. His words. Not mine.🖕 My generation is stronger and more loving than they will EVER be.
We are the leaders of this new world👊

Tuesday! Still here! Let God do the mending! Many are broken-hearted and enduring hurt/hardships! Let the Lord take care of it all! It's ok to get out of your own way!!!
#bepositivemovement #pray4houston #pray4texas #pray4louisiana #pray4humanity #hurricaneharvey #instagood #healing #hurting #fightcancer #survive

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