She’s lookin like a unicorn🦄💖

@pravana for the win once again with these pink and purple tones✨🤗 @behindthechair_com

Did a partial foiliage and fashion shades using @pravana. Finished off with a blunt one length cut to remove old black color 🌸😍

I remember being so nervous telling Cody “HEY if I could build this to make $xx per month would you be okay if I just quit my job??” He was like; “uhh huh…” He had NO CLUE I was SERIOUS hahah and honestly I was scared to say that OUT LOUD because that was a BIG DREAM.. BUT I learned that if we WANT something, we HAVE TO CLAIM IT then DO THE WORK.
I had no clue wtf I was doing when I signed up for this - I just knew I wanted to be HAPPIER! I showed up every day coachable. Learning any new job is sorta awkward👽 at first anyways, right? .
I wasn’t worried about my physical results, I just wanted to fire my boss LOLOL (she was sweet 😂 but I can’t have someone telling me when/what to do *if ya know me, know this ain’t my feng shui*😂) I knew I’d get in shape because that’s what happens by default when you make taking care of yourself to the best of your ability your daily job.. .
When people use to ask me “what are you going to do with your life” I use to get SO UPSET and run off because I didn’t fraggin know.. but the thought of working dead end jobs that I didn’t love.. and struggling to make rent + buy enough groceries - SUCKED. I would think “is this all there is to life?! What’s the point?!” .
With coaching, I finally felt like I “HAD A PLAN” that I was excited A F to share with others! I had a *dream*! That was so foreign to me! LOL😂 I thank my coach all the time for teaching me how to DREAM BIG and then achieve that shit.. I didn’t even know how before… it wasn’t my fault I just thought *life happened to me* & I had no control. I felt stuck and my BS story on repeat was; “I’m not lucky enough”
I worked hard from my little iPhone WHILE I worked a 40hr job doing all sort of comfort zone breach stuff LOL.. I saw that if I did wtf I was told (modeled after my coach because I wanted the life she had - ya know; traveling, healthy, happy, FREE A F from a bosses schedule) this business COULD work for me too! THEN, maybe even allow me the possibility to quit my 40hr/wk job via cubicle..
I REALLY wanted to be free. I use to get SO UPSET if.. [[continued in comments👇🏼]] ✋🏼I KNOW, I’m totally /that/ girl RN but it’s important.💋

Blushing beauty 💕

I kinda miss my different shades of pink!!💞🦄🍬🧜🏼‍♀️ what do you guys think? Bring back the pink?👍🏻 Or I’m getting too old?👎🏻 .

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Let’s keep it going with these fantasy colors, shall we?? This is an oldie but definitely a goodie with my dear friend @killacalical 💞🧡 The pastel apricot & pink make such a dynamite pair. Would you do these colors?? If you’re already blonde we’d love to play with your mane for a discounted rate. DM us!! 😍

Today’s transformation! Lightened her pre-existing colours as much as we could, re did her regrowth (1N) and blended Purple #boldcolors with #pravanalockedinpurple, and coloured her ends into the purple with #pravanavividsmagenta , #pravanalockedinpink and #pravanawildorchid 🖤💜💗

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Eyebrow Queen 👑 @beatrice_brows wanted to come back from a super dark base colour. We did a full head of back to back foils with #olaplex and left a deliberate root. We then used multi tonal #pravana pinks all over. Not going to lie to you, these kind of colour jobs take a looooong time and we still have one more appt of freehand to lift the mid banding but this colour looks AMAZING already! Swipe to see before >>💗

Come see me to get a 🎊POP🎊 of color in your hair before school is back in session🎨🦄🔮

Call 989.772.8898 to schedule your appointment today & receive 20% off your color service along with a FREE haircut!✨
~ I have openings this Monday the 13th.🤩
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