For something a little different, add some gorgeous greenery to your nursery ♡
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Rain? Go away or stay, doesn’t bother us! A bit of rain doesn’t get in the way of a good nap in Nuku Nap, the cotton made shade can handle light rain just fine! ☔️

🎶They see me strollin’ they hatin🎶 actually I get a lot of compliments whenever I pull out my @hushbabycovers pram cover! This was one of the gifts I received at my baby shower. It’s also a breastfeeding cover and it can be used in a trolley... so many purposes!! But my current fave is pram cover. It looks super stylish and it keeps the sun out of my little ones eyes! Oh and it’s obvs a monochrome mamas dream - winning!!

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Baby nap time = toddler play time! It’s hard to time these things with two so we try to make the most of baby nap times (whether it’s just zonking out on the couch or going crazy in the park!). How do you manage yours?

Monochrome love 🧡 #zoesagemamagoods

Summer holiday style 👌🌞🌈⛱#Repost @mamarulesltd
Owning her Mama multitasking holiday look in style with our tropical print large muslin. Thank you for sharing @marydeacs Showing us how stylish and versatile our muslins are. The perfect mama essential for your mama capsule wardrobe this summer, making packing that tiny bit easier.
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Our wraps are so incredibly versatile, you can take them anywhere. They are great used as a swaddle, pram cover, car sun shade, scarf, beach sarong the list goes on.

#regram Out for a shop with Mum, but all tuckered out. @weebeeaanddottiemae used some clever thinking to use her Smylyn Bubby Cover as a pram cover so bub could sleep. Cause we all know how much a baby in a pram attracts adoring strangers, this way baby gets uninterrupted rest 👶😴😍
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We ❤️ a good pattern here at Nuku Nap HQ! Our aim is to design colours & patterns that suit any buggy but that also feel personal and fit your own individual style! There’s no need for boring buggy accessories!

Έχει μήπως φθαρεί το κάλυμμα στο καροτσάκι της μικρής σας; Αν ψάχνετε για αλλαγή σας έχουμε τη λύση που ακούει στο όνομα Minene. 100% βαμβακερό κάλυμμα, διπλής όψης και φυσικά σχεδιασμένο για κάθε τύπο καροτσιού! Αποκτήστε το από τα @oneirabebe
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It’s so easy to check even a child could do it! 😀 The sides and the top of our Nuku Nap sleep shade allow for an easy check on your sleeping baby.

New Classic Grey Lace Wrap available now 💕💕

It’s only the blooming gorgeous @fernemccann featuring Nuku Nap on her stories! Check it out on our stories right now!

The perfect little toes , enjoying his time out with mama, with no yucky germs to be concerned about! @ourwanderingwild .
Protect your babes this winter in public places 👌🏻
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Check out our latest review by @my_life_as_a_mummy! We are so happy you are enjoying your Nuku Nap!
I’ve been very lucky to try out the new @nuku_nap product for a few days (swipe for more photos ➡️) It’s basically a pram cover or sleep shade to protect your little ones from UV rays, rain and wind...(mostly it’s to block out the sun so they have a good nap on the go, which is what we need right mamas?!!)
So @nuku_nap are a relatively new company launched by 2 friends and mothers, Lotta and Karolina, and they saw a gap in the market for a trendy snooze shade...I don’t want to bash other brands, but the SnoozeShade (you may have heard of) are just plain old boring aren’t they!? The @nuku_nap have funky contemporary designs that fit pretty much any pram/stroller/car seat etc.
First impressions were that it was packed really nicely and was very compact which surprised me! I didn’t know how it would fit on my pram!! But upon opening I was amazed that it stretched loads and was super soft.
I tried it out on a very sunny day in London and it definitely did the job! It looked great just rolled up on top of the pram, and when it was nap time or just really sunny I could tie it to different parts of the pram to make a sunshade or just to completely block out distractions. You attach the rings to the top of the pram and off you go, apart from that, use it how you wish, it’s so versatile.
The most important thing is that it’s well-ventilated, I’ve seen so many people tie blankets to their prams and clip them on with hair clips, this is so dangerous and your Baby could overheat so the @nuku_nap eliminates this, but always check on your Baby frequently on hot days anyway.
I haven’t used it in wind or rain yet, but I can imagine it will be really useful as I always carry around my bulky pram protector, this @nuku_nap is pocket sized and I’ll take with me everywhere!
Thank you for my baby must have @nuku_nap I recommend this to all parents!

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