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Last year on our foster princesses last day of Pre-K I cried. No, I sobbed uncontrollably. Because I knew that while I would be able to snap her first day of Kindergarten picture come August 2016, I knew there was a very real possibility that I wouldn't be the one taking her last day of school picture. But friends? Those fears? Those worries? None of them ever became my reality. #praiseJesus Instead today I cried with tears, big alligator tears, of joy as I was able to do what we were once told we might not. /// I love you my sweet foster princess and the light of Jesus that you always shine. I have no doubt you will make a difference in this world. You have already made a difference in mine. #fostercare #fosterprincess #itsworthit #lovewins #ifonlyforalittlewhile #cantbelieveit

Guess which babe finished her LAST final of her undergraduate career 📸: @jampop_ 👩🏻‍🎓: @biolauniversity 👗: @tatyanaboutique
#4Days #BYEola #PraiseJesus

I've been far overdue for a lesson and revelation of Truth. No matter how many books or blogs read, conversations had, or positive thoughts you fill your head with, nothing replaces God's word.
I've been walking around in circles for months, just trying to find a way back to who I used to be. I was calm, confident and so very content in whatever God was orchestrating in my life. Until my faith in him had been hit so hard that I couldn't seem to find any way to be at peace. There isn't a formula to this, but the Holy Spirit knows exactly what our hearts need to find intimacy again. "But seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." (Mat6:33) Surrendering every thought and worry into the Lords hands is what brings that peace. It feels amazing when a huge weight has been lifted off your chest! #praiseJesus #35mm

Ontem eu tive a oportunidade e a honra de compartilhar o amor de Deus com algumas pessoas, esse na foto e o Jose Luiz, enchemos o coração dele de alegria e certeza de que ele também é filho de Deus e Deus está desejando um relacionamento com ele. Ele me perguntou por que fazíamos isso, a resposta foi simples, recebemos tanto amor de Deus nas nossas igrejas que não podemos conter só para a gente, precisamos amar outros. Agradeço minha linda namorada @leahrauch22 por me apoiar e por amar ao Senhor acima de todas as coisas. Yesterday I had the opportunity and honor to share the love of God with some people, the one in the photo and Jose Luiz, we filled his heart with joy and certainty that he is also a child of God and God is longing for a relationship with him . He asked me why we did this, the answer was simple, we received so much love from God in our churches that we can not contain just for ourselves, we need to love others. I thank my beautiful girlfriend for supporting me and for loving the Lord above all things. #nofilter #lovethelord #praisejesus #evangelism #evangelismo #orlando

On top of the world with this beautiful lady! #Abovetheclouds #PRAISEJESUS #Maunakea #Hawaii

Much has happened since this time last year. Throughout, the Lord has revealed much to me about failure, persistence, & faith. It was a fun ride, & a hard decision to not join my sister at Penn Dental Med, but I'm excited to announce I'll be taking my (lack of) dental talents to the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA - LOS ANGELES SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY this Fall! Guess the west really is the best! #praisejesus #uclaschoolofdentistry #classof2021 #gatortobruin #doubleannedentistry

One month from today I get to marry the woman of my dreams! #31Days #PRAISEJESUS #HALLELUJAH


Breakfast!! Mmmm getting ready to burn off all those carbs from last night!! 🍦🍕 #fueledbynlaforher

What a fun #BJJ session with Coach Sakkie and the interns at our church #WordandLife...
Nothing like a lunch time roll & sharing the love...😉 #nosecretsjustmattime #bjj #bjjisforeveryone #wrestling #grappling #superblessed #praiseJesus #mma #family #fitness #fun #justrollbro

One month from today I get to marry the woman of my dreams! #31Days #PRAISEJESUS #HALLELUJAH

Too bad I don't know what any of these are called 🤷🏼‍♀️ #southaustralia #australianliving #brandsouthaustralia #florals #garden #teamcanon #findingadelaide #moods #praisejesus

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