We have a working interview today... How do you think she's doing?!

Friends are what you will make when you step into our office.
Makenzie are her cute little patient are BFF's! And the balloon making is a huge plus. 🌼🌸

More like ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Treatment!
We love our brave patients! And they love our balloons.

“You will become what you focus on.” #minimalmaxims

We love working the weekends, especially when we have the B E S T patients!

Why are Dental X-rays important in Dental Care?
Dental X-rays can detect even the slightest traces of oral health problems at their earliest stages, such as cavities, gum disease, oral infections, and some types of tumors.
With early detection, you can get the treatment you need before problems have a chance to develop.

S M I L E. It's the weekend. 😀

The qualities of a yoga student and spiritual seeker: courage; determination; inner strength; humility and ability to take skillfull action.~ #ashtanginiyoga #ashtanginievents #ashtanginiofficial #holdthevision #practicewithlove #ashtanginimasterclass

Delhi Master Class 1 focused on Foundation: breath, vinyasa and grounding. Tomorrow we will explore further into the Vinyasa Krama: the magic relationship between breath and movement. Happy to teach amazingly devoted and committed Delhi yogis and expand the wave of solidarity for those in need in Kerala. Welcome all at 8:45 am for Master Class 2.#bethechange #peaceintheworld #practicewithlove #holdthevision #ashtangayogalove #ashtanginievents #ashtanginiofficial #ashtanginiyoga#ashtanginimasterclass

Wonderful practice today! Thank you Delhi ❤️🇮🇳🌿see u tomorrow Sunday 8:45 am.#bethechange #peaceintheworld #peaceispossible #practicewithlove #holdthevision

Wake up! Come feel the Love in the aliveness of your own body and mind. Yôga is the art of awareness and connection. #bethechange #peaceintheworld #practicewithlove #holdthevision

How AHHHHmazing is it that today is Friday?! 😛

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