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"When you have an emotional reaction to what you see, you are judging. That is your signal that you have an issue inside of yourself - with yourself - not with the other person. If you react to evil, look inside yourself for the very thing that so agitates you, and you will find it. If it were not there, you will simply discern, act appropriately, and move on."
-Gary Zukav ✨ |
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#transformationtuesday - thought an appropriate picture after my post from yesterday. I just wanted to say thank you for all the super sweet and supportive comments yesterday. Sometimes it's super scary to share stories about being a parent on such a public forum - we all have different views, opinions and methods. Parenting is so intricate and such a fiercely debated topic. There is a lot of judging that goes on, which leads to guilt and shame. And it doesn't help when you feel like you are flying by the seat of your pants sometimes. Haha. So I'm incredibly grateful for all the positive support and the stories shared. This community is truly amazing and so special. Today was so much better and a day filled with a couple belly laughs. This little one can push my buttons, but he sure knows how to turn on the charm, making it hard to stay upset for long. Haha ... I took the "2017" picture back in the spring - the first time he ever did a tree pose. Oh how far this little peanut has come 😍💜💜💜💜🙏🏻

When Strength and Flexibility are there, you are able start working on Alignment. At the end of the day, a posture performed without alignment is performed without awareness. I want to get the maximum out of each Yoga pose, and that means being totally aware. Alignment is the tool I use to unlock that awareness.

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Here's my take for the #GearTalkChallenge, go to @geartalk if you want to participate too. 🕶🎼
🎸: @lslinstruments
Pedalboard: @fractalaudio @fractal_matt

This morning, I asked Alan to lead our session. I am usually the one leading the practice and calling the shots and it is rare for me to get the chance to be on my mat and be directed in what I am doing. I actually find it a difficult thing to do, being a mega-control freak!
What challenges you about practice?

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Don’t waste your energy

on going to war
with yourself everyday.
There are larger battles

that need your strength.
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@aloyoga is giving you early-access to their Black Friday sale - take 25% off all full-priced items using code: SELFLOVE. Things sell out fast during this sale, so be sure to shop before it’s all gone! #aloyoga
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Practice gratitude for this day, and every day that we're given. So often, the things we take for granted someone else is praying for. Every day it is a gift and a blessing to simply be alive. ✨
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Sharing the practice of Ashtanga yoga brings me alive in more ways than one and the people around it create a space that continues to inspire what it means to my life. I want to thank everyone who have crossed my path this year. I hope to meet many of you again in 2018!!!! ❤️ #practicedaily #inspire #larugayoga
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Wishing everyone a warm and restorative Thanksgiving holiday 🦃🍁 Today we are especially grateful for our brilliant, inspiring, and persistent community ♥️ We wouldn’t be us without you!
. . .
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My American friends are all celebrating thanksgiving, and I hope you all have a beautiful day. For me giving thanks is a daily practice. Thanks and gratitude to my body for being able to move and explore with such freedom. Thanks to my teachers on and off the mat for inspiring me, educating me and encouraging me to grow. Thanks to my family and friends for being a constant source of support and love. Thanks to all my students for contributing energy to build this awesome community. Today this ones for you, thank you all 💚🙏🏼
Couple of spaces left on the Movember Handstand Masterclass this Saturday if anyone wants to join - book online @another_spacelondon - all proceeds going to the charity!
Lens: @jake_paul_white
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Happiness comes from within. It doesn’t come when you finally get that job. It It doesn’t come when you buy that thing. Or you finally go travel. It doesn’t come when you are finally in a relationship or are single. It doesn’t rest in our future.
Happiness is the thing we all are looking for. We all have different ways arriving there. But one thing is sure: Happiness is an inside job. It‘s created inside of us. It depends on our emotions that create our thoughts or the other way around. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Change your mindset and create a new, positive path in your brain. Filter your thoughts. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Avoid things that make you feel unhappy and DO more things that make you happy.
Meditate. Have a look what’s going on inside of yourself. Give all emotions place. Be the ruler of your thoughts and don’t let your thoughts rule your life. .
. .
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Breath in - hold - squat down - grunt! Squat day: 50kg #challenge

Happy Thursday guys☀️🌈
As you know my birthday was on Monday 🎂🍾
And..... as I promised I have 5 lucky winners for my birthday giveaway 🎉🎉
But, before I'll tell you who they are....I would like to share some magical story about where and how I celebrated this year🌼
Three months ago my mother gave me a book. It was "the journey" by Brandon Bays. It came to me in the most perfect timing and brought so much light and new understandings to my life.
I decided that I must travel to Europe and find out where and when Brandon is giving her journey seminars.
Well, can you guess what I discovered?
I found out that Brandon is coming to Israel!!!!
🌈🌈When? 👉 20/11/2017 - exactly on my birthday 😍😍
🌈🌈Where? 👉 from all the places in Israel she chose to come exactly to Rishpon!!!!! It's a small village where I live🐯🐯
Magic is happening my friends✨✨✨
All we need to do is just open ourselves to it❤️
On this happy note I want to thank all the beautiful birthday wishes that you've sent me😊🙏
You are the best💜❤️💚
And... thank you so much to all of you who participated in my birthday giveaway 🎉🎉
I will make one more for the new year so you'll get more chances to win🎁🎁
The lucky winners are:
Congratulations guys🍾🎉🕺
Pls DM me for all the info😍😍
👖👉 @re3life #re3 #re3life
👙👉 @anjaly_tlv
🏄‍♀️ 👉 @liforme
📿 👉 @mymalanecklace
📸 👉 @yanchkes
Have a beautiful day my friends 🌈🌈
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🗓🎲🎛Day 2️⃣3️⃣ of #Yoga4x7 with @cyogalab 🔀 #HighBow or #Dhanurasana variant 🎛🎲🗓 I am not a natural backbender and needed the help of my yogawheel for this pose ⭕️😄
❤️ Big thanks to amazing host
@cyogalab ❤️
and gracious sponsor @livesankalpa ❤️
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Assumptions are mere illusions.
Take a small snapshot of a lifetime
and take it for what it is.
Once we see everything
as a state of transition,
only then we realize,
that noting is eternal
and that anything is possible.
This #pinchamayurasana wouldn’t be safe without the wall. I would need to vertically balance out the weight of my head with the weight of my feet to be stable. Yet by practicing it against the wall like this, I’m using the forces of gravity in inversions, to help my chest open up more and ease into backbends. All while building strength in the shoulders.
If you’ve never tried it before, have an experienced Yogi guide you through, so you don’t strain your back. 🙃
Happy Thursday fellow souls! 💕
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“What a terrible waste of a life it is, to always take the easy path, to never know what it is to risk everything for what you love.” - Beau Taplin

Love this lady in the pic with me!! 😍
During one of my shoot i met this lady,who was really amused to see me twisting & turning on the rough surface ....wen I asked her to click a picture with me, very bluntly she denied & said 'I will charge for it ,won't click a picture with you for free #whattespirit 😱😱😂😂 Though @makk550 did manage to click her for free 😜😉
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