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I mentioned in my stories today that I've applied and gotten accepted into the @elephantjournal academy. -
This three month intensive is focusing on editing, publishing, and journalism ethics in an virtual classroom that you can jump in on from anywhere in the world. -
I am super excited to be joining the team to co-lead a weekly segment on writing for Instagram. -
If anyone is interested in taking this trip with me visit http://elephantjournal.com/academy to apply asap as it begins June 1st and spaces are limited! -
Outfit @aloyoga -
My new wall hanging 🙌🏽 @macramania -
#elephantacademy 🐘🤙🏽

When you nourish them they will grow. Seeds of the mind are like seeds of a plant, take the time to cultivate what it is you want. Become focused like you would when trying to balance. Your mind becomes crisp, distinct and clear. Sort through the weeds and the mayhem of the brain for the progression of this process will pass through you. •
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Today was all work and no play, including no yoga play. Sometimes practice is not doing the practice so that I can get other necessary stuff done! .

I still had a mini stretch session though, and am hoping to get the hammocks up when I get back from the Midwest in a few weeks. .

Catch @erinkellyart and I in.... .
. .
🤸🏽‍♀️MILWAUKEE @UrbanOmMKE June 2-3
. 🤸🏽‍♀️CHICAGO @ohmCultureYoga June 4

Limited spots in both cities. Sign up by following the studio links and then checking the schedule. ✌🏽

🙏 @evgeshayoga

"Yoga is the fountain of youth. You're only as young as your spine is flexible." - Bob Harper @hannahtaha

Yoga is a moving prayer.
Find magic in your movement...
Photo by @aminahtaha ❤️
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Best yoga pic today! @aminahtaha

@erinkellyart on Productive Days 😎
Today's been fabulous, I got up extra early, cleaned and rearranged the house. Purged lots of material items and added some new ones. I took a nap with the kitties, meal prepped for the next couple of days and even got to read some of this new book I've been hooked on. Happy girl, Happy Sunday 🙋🏼😊😘-
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Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.

Credit: Lisa
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@talia_sutra on Approaching Birth
Week 39+6...tomorrow will be 40 weeks or the estimated due date. As we approach birth, each day swells (like me) with awareness of nowness- of this moment. How many more practices with @baby_sutra in the womb?
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Thank you my love @ezrabaderman
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Day 2️⃣4️⃣ of #UntangleMe with @cyogalab - variation of #HumbleWarrior or #BaddhaVirabhadrasana 🙏🏾 Thought I'd tone things down and do today's modified version...except it didn't really feel like I was toning anything down. 👀 #HipsDon'tLie

#Happy #Thursday .
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Day 1️⃣4️⃣of #CrownAwakening is #meditation or #dhyana
Today was a wonderful day I made the day just for me I unplugged from social media and focused on myself had a great meditation with @bohobeautifullife I'm definitely going to make that the start of my day. It makes me reflect on what I want to achieve for the day and it totally sets my mood for the day then did a #yogapractice with @adrienelouise and read a book (yoga of course) Yoga has changed my life completely, it made me look at life at a different perspective, which I'm so grateful for. As Judith Hanson Lasater says "Yoga is not about touching your toes. It's about what you learn on the way down." We all do #yoga for a reason but some people need to respect it, it's a practice and you learn things everyday about yourself that you wouldn't even imagine. I'm ready to take the next step forward and start looking into yoga teacher training. I need this in my life, it's my passion and I can't wait for the doors to open to bigger and better things.
Thank you to the wonderful hosts 💜 @inspiremyyoga @kerrieyoga @yogameg.uk @omniyogagirl Wonderful Sponsors @yogamattershq @collectionandco @blossomyogawear @spiritualplanet @uspaah #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeveryday #yogachallenge #yogacommunity #yogalife #yogalove #yogapose #yogagirl #yogainspiration #yogajourney #yogisofinstagram #untangleme #summerselflove #sunshineyogavibes #onebreathatatime #namaste #practiceandalliscoming #cancerawareness

One of the reasons I love yoga so much is because it reminds me to keep my heart open by appreciating what's before me.... Let's appreciate together 💚💚 ••• I'll be guiding class tomorrow at 7pm- @yoga108studio. Come join me! 🙂🙏🏼💚

Good evening/morning babes!!! We are Day 6 #Flexyhipflexor ❤️ For tomorrow we are doing #anjaneyasana #highlunge. Amazing hip flexor lengthener!! .
Bra top and leggings @ONZIE .
@shreeyoga .

@anapoenergy .

Guidelines To Enter:

1) Repost This Flyer and Hashtag
2) Follow All Hosts and Sponsors
3) Tag a couple friends to join
4) Post daily, hashtag #Flexyhipflexor with all posts, and tag all hosts and sponsors so we know you are playing along. .
Pose line up
1 half split
2 lizard
3 yogi squat
4 pyramid
5 boat
6 anjaney
7 pigeon
8 camel
9 split
10 yogis choice ❤

@life_of_mel - As you hurry along on the path to finding the things you think you want, I hope you stop once in a while, and find the things you need 🍂🍂 Wearing a vibrant local brand @esjay_sports captured by @ross.cairns // Absolute Magic 💫💫 .
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"Be the energy you want to attract." ✨✨✨ Vibes don't lie and good energy is contagious so spread that shit everywhere! 😉 Also, it took me months but I successfully was able to get a pic with the whole Rumi quote in the shot so I'm pretty excited about that! 😊💖🙌 #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #flipdog #wildthing #backbend #rumi #rumiquotes #whatyouseekisseekingyou #houstonyogis #practiceandalliscoming #holdthevisiontrusttheprocess #manifestthatshit #lawofattraction

#SayYesTo100HappyDays 055|100:
INTROSPECTION: I’ve been very quiet these past few days. Introspective. Thinking about things like personal responsibility, manifestation and what will be. What have you been thinking of?

It’s been busy as I’m doing my classes at studio, covering some of Ved’s classes at various gyms and doing some private teaching and sharing as well.
Sending love to all of you - who attend our classes, who check us out on social media and who support us in whatever way you can. I see you and I appreciate you.
It’s new moon today - what would you like to manifest? What do you need to bring into being? Take some time today for introspection. ~Renee

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Last year my peach harvest consisted of a total of five peaches, 😂 but I'm very excited that there are about 70 peaches on my tree this year! Most peaches in the United States come from California so I'm glad my tree seems to be getting the memo! 😄🍑🍑🍑
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Another Wednesday come and gone. Once in awhile there are some Wednesdays I dread just because it's my busiest day. When I feel that way I know I have to do lots of self care to replenish myself and just take a few moments to reflect on how blessed I am. There are some people who do their teacher training and can never find a job. Then here I am considering if I can possibly add another class to my schedule or if I need to turn down a prospective student. It comes relatively easy for me, but at the same time I work hard to be able to live the life that I am.
Then there are Wednesdays like today where I was sooo looking forward to a busy day. When I have too much time off (like I did over the long weekend) I really miss teaching. Just another sign that I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing 😌🙏💖
Night night ig 🌙🛌🌟😪

Here we go finally! I’m so excited to announce the My Daily Practice yoga challenge. I wanted to create a challenge that was safe and accessible to most everyone but also deep enough so that all yogis can experience yoga. The challenge is a platform to share our experiences with one another, connect to beautiful and inspirational people, and learn for each other. The rules are simple.. Play along for 7 days.
Happiness, mindfulness, and balance may be a daily practice but it requires less time than we think to get started. Each day we’ll be exploring a pose, I’ll be posting both a photo of my favorite variation and a video of how to get into different variations of the pose. You’ll find one that works well for your body and take just a couple of minutes to sit and breathe in it. Each day has a theme, an intention, a practice in mindfulness.. Something we’ll be focusing on together and then you’ll post your photo or video telling us your experience in the pose and your own meditation on the intention. At the very least each practice will take 5 minutes but you can go as deep as you want, as long as you want to.
It’s really about making this YOUR daily practice so make it as unique as you like, be a creative as you desire. If you haven’t practiced with me yet, for me it’s not what the pose looks like but what it feels like and how you experience it that makes the pose perfect. So let’s practice imperfectly in our own perfect ways and inspire each other on our journey to creating our own daily practice.
The amazing Dame Body skin and face basket (worth over $100) is a wonderful prize that goes to who we feel had an incredible authentic experience in their yoga. 🙏🏽
You can join for as many days as you want to, as much as you want to but to have a chance at our wonderful prize you must follow both @thedamesannae and I on Instagram and repost this flyer with the hashtag #mydailypracticeYC. You also have to post every day with the hashtag. We’re excited to get started playing along with you and being inspired by you! Namaste lovely yogis! ✨

Day 3 of #healthymindyoga is here!!
For todays pose, @malucentin brought us a heart opener! The pose is Ustrasana (camel pose).
I decided to perform a more restorative heart opener. I performed Heart Bench by using two blocks!! (The video will show you how to get into the pose).
**if the blocks are too hard, feel free to rest a blanket or a pillow over the blocks**
Heart bench is another pose I often use at the start of my practice.
The body bottles up emotion.
A lot of this bottled up emotion can be found resting on the chest. Heart openers are great for releasing emotions like sadness, grief, anger, and frustration. The opening of the chest helps to allow more blood, oxygen, and nerve circulation which will be freed up to invigorate you mentally and physically. Restorative poses cultivate mindfulness, deep self-awareness, strengthens acceptance/detachment, and helps create deliberate actions. By performing heart bench, you are allowing yourself to receive all of these amazing benefits. -------------------------------------
Our amazing sponsors: @plexus.co @bhufoods @gaeros.fitness @sashka_co @yestooils @yogishcollective

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