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it feels like church
unrolling the mat
unfurling myself long and liquid
opening up to the idea of something higher

it feels like church
stepping into the space
incense burning
limbs waving in fluid motion
the sweet sweet notes of mantra humming
a sermon to self
and yet more
so much more

it feels like church
but the only tithes I pay
are the ones long overdue to my body
the effort
the energy I pulse into each posture
balancing the scales
paying myself whole
with the slow currency of breath

it feels like church
except the time I put in
is a prayer to no god in particular
an offering
an honoring
of divinity much more primal
much more present
than any words in a scripture
any statue in the garden .

it feels like church
only the lessons can be carried off the mat
only every sermon centers around kindness
around acceptance
around the raw naked truth of Being

it feels like church
only my skin is no longer sinful
only everyone is always welcome
only it no longer matters if I'm into She's or He's or Someone In Between

it feels like church
it feels like church
it feels like church
...only Holy

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I love this close up pic from my shoot with @sfreneenyc! She mentioned when I met her that she had no idea what I looked like because you could never see my face in any of my photos 😂 I do tend to hide my face in my shots - but here you go, 3/4 of my face (baby steps) 😉#upcloseandpersonal #hair #splits #poledance #poledancersofig #poledancenation #polepose _______________________________
@polefitdubai | wearing @aloyoga

You can wish for it, or you can work for it... #mondaymood
Happy Monday, loves! Hoping your week is off to a great start. 😍
Loving this super pretty outfit - it's a sneak peak from an upcoming collection by @miraraeactive
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I love this pose and I love to end my classes with this - it really opens up the hips without much effort. But for those of you with really tight hips, this pose can feel like torture even if it may look easy. Here’s how to get into the pose, as well as some tips::

1. Lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest.
2. Grab the outsides of your feet, big toes or ankles (depending on flexibility and what feels best for you), and bring your elbows inside the knees.
3. Open up your knees wider than your torso, then pull them in the direction of your armpits. Keep your feet flexed, with the soles facing upwards.
4. Try your best to keep your ankles directly above your knees and your tailbone and neck flat against the ground. If you find that the chin starts to lift and the back of the neck compresses, it could mean that the flexibility isn’t there yet and your hand position isn’t working for you. (See below for modifications)

For those with really tight hips, trying to grab onto the outer edges of the feet can be tough. What would happen is the top of the head will roll down towards the floor, and the back of the neck will lift off, causing a lot of tension in the neck. I suggest grabbing the ankles instead, keeping the back of the head and neck flat on the ground. If grabbing the ankles is still too difficult for you, loop a strap around the middle arches of both your feet and use it to pull your feet downwards, aiming knee to armpits.

Those of you who are very comfortable in Happy Baby and want to go deeper, untuck your tailbone slightly, rolling it down towards the floor. Imagine you want to get the entire spine – from tailbone to neck – plastered onto the floor. You could also bring the knees a little wider, aiming to bring them down to the floor outside your ribcage.

Comment to let me know what other poses you'd like to see a Right/Wrong post on! Happy Monday x

Happy Monday 🙈😂 pants: @aloyoga

I like to starts new week with a great dose of motivation and I like to share it with you :) as you might know inversions are my weak point and the thing I'm trying to work on the most lately.. and I like to never forget the basic, this is making the way a bit slower but I feel like is the right way for me :) this is how I'm working for a future pincha press ❤️
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Busque novos horizontes e novas escolhas. O momento é de renovação! Dentro da crise surge o inesperado, confie! Look for new horizons and new choices. Time for renewal! Inside the crisis comes the unexpected, trust! 🙏🏼. #ashtangayoga #practiceandalliscoming #newmoon #goodvibes #ashtangayoga #practiceandalliscoming #newmoon

Be Here Now! 🌤💗☺✨
photo / @bodhiimaging 🙌🏼

Day 8 of #SpicySpringSplits 🌻💗 We have standing splits unassisted today - sorry if I got anyone confused with day 6 and today. If you did yours like mine on day 6, feel free to use the wall today or come into your sugarcane pose or do whatever you want 😁

Outfit: @xxivactive
📸: @uhhuhdon.
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1. Follow all hosts 👯👯 and sponsors 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️.
2. Repost this flyer and tag 3 friends to join
3. Post a photo of the daily pose and tag hosts and sponsors using the tag #SpicySpringSplits


Chakra Meditation tonight👁 join me every Monday 6-7pm @omni_yoga #Restorative Yoga 🔮>>Mind<>Spirit<<

Day 7 of #YogiFullBloom 🌼🌻 is Navasana or Boat Pose ⛵! I saw and loved this variation months ago when @yogawithbethany posted it for the #LetsStartYogaChallenge and forgot about it until today! The twist adds more of a hamstring challenge too.
Thank you to the hosts @vanessaeyoga @cherylfyoga @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga & the sponsors @aloyoga @malabella_jewels! 💙

Chase your dream in your high heels ..👠👠👠. #FearlessInHeels Vol 5
Day 9 #camel #highheels #pose
👠👢👡 .. ..ฝึกวนไปบนไฮฮีลนะคะท่านี้ลองดูค่ะ......ทีมสวยสตรอง....ส้นสูงชาเล้นท์ถูกใจคนรักส้นสูงแบบป้าที่สุด...สนุกสนุกกันค่ะปั้นร่างวนไปค่ะ..ร่างต้องการความยืดหยุ่น...ขอให้มีความสุขวนไปทุกวันค่ะ...... ชีวิตดี๊ดี ..สไตล์ป้าทาเนีย
211th pose of 2017
March 20-31
Sponsors. ..👠👠👠
Hosts ....👠👠

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That feeling after you carved an hour out of your day.. for you 🙏 #neverhappens

Shine Your Light! 💗😄🙏🏼✨
photo / @bodhiimaging 🙌🏼

5 things to do before you get out of bed:
1) Express gratitude to a higher power for all the blessings in your life.
2) Set a clear intention for the day.
3) Inhale deeply and visualise yourself in a happy place.
4) Exhale slowly and smile.
5) Tell yourself: "I cannot do anything more about Yesterday. Today is a new day and I will give my best."
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