This is how I de-stress myself whenever needed. Normally, few times a day 🤣😂🤣. Today even more. Just before our meditation workshop I really had to pull myself together. Normally headstand will do it, but I decided that handstand will be a buster lol.
Although we where a small group, but it was perfect. Thank you for coming.
Will share the next workshop dates and details soon.
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A little #wip for a friends family reunion ♥️ so pleased with the lettering so far, I'll keep you updated 😁
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There are 4 things I love about this photo... 👇. .
1. Gratitude. We are blessed to work with an incredible team and equally as incredible clients. As a small home based biz, we never take for granted the people who help make our dreams a reality and I love spending time pouring greatness and gratitude into each and every one of them 😘😘.
2. My @raedunn mug gifted to me by one of my favs @morethanjustmom.ca 😘.
3. My sharpies (obsessed) 😍
4. This quote that is a daily reminder for the perfectionist in me when I need to chill the f out and recognize that life is messy sometimes - just embrace the chaos 🤷‍♀️🤪
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Another Queen song, just because I love them so much!! Which one is your favorite? Song requests are still up if you want a personal serenade 👷🏻‍♂️ #queen #loveofmylife #cover #classicsong #classicrock #freddiemercury #brianmay #queenfans #rockinrio #iconic #vocalcover #practice #acapella

Hill-style, ebony tailpiece with black, Wittner, E tuner fitted with a gold screw is a success… 😪 The dead spot at D5 on my A string is gone, the overall tone is crystal clear, the G (and all the strings for that matter) has more brilliance, and the E is actually richer.

I don't know what possessed me to try a non-standard tailpiece in the harp-style I retired, but at least I can say I learned a valuable lesson. I am really loving how the ebony looks, too, especially with the gold of the tuner screw and gold fittings of my tailpiece! Such a beautiful setup for @larsenstrings Il Cannone. ☃️ If you haven't tried the new Il Cannone strings, you really need to!

My fairy✨

How do you learn to navigate a stringed instrument, in tune, by ear? Lots of practice? The cold part about it is, if you practice playing out of tune by rote, your brain will condition itself to believe out-of-tune playing is in-tune. The colder thing is, listening relatively between pitches means that if one pitch is out of tune, the next pitch will be equally or even more out-of-tune, until you hit an open string.

It sticks out in my mind, memories as a singer back in sight-singing and ear training class, how much instrumentalists in the class despised solfège. I had been studying solfège independently with my piano teacher since junior year of high school for singing, and not only did instrumentalists in aural skills hate to sing, since it wasn't their primary instrument, a lot of them really believed solfège was useless in their studies. I even witnessed brass instrumental instructors with performance careers playing slightly out-of-tune at each pitch on concerts.

I saw a violin repertoire tutor on YouTube wisely say that if you can't sing it, you can't play it. I particularly find this crucial on the G string, where it's both a thicker string and hardest to reach. In my mind, I am screaming Fa on that C, and I ultimately know exactly where I need to go.

While not all music is tonal, stop throwing the baby out with the bath water. By the time you're playing atonal music, you will have plenty of muscle memory and improved relative pitch to enable your efforts!

Congratulations to those of you who play in-tune!

Anniversary Sunrise #39.
Morning quick draw
Outdoor Painters Society Plein Air Southwest Painting Competition Rockport, TX.
9 × 12 oil on OPDLX linen panel. Caught the sunrise just in time and finished just as this shrimp boat returned from his morning catch. Named in honor of my bride as this is anniversary #39.
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When your son is overly active and your parents love sports lol ground ball practice. Future gold glove lol @_lezli_ #workout #baseball #practice

The point of my Instagram page has been to track my progress. The last several posts have been extremely-involved with instrument components along with progress videos. As I've dug deeper into studying the second finger, I have begun to address several other areas needing development, in addition.

I don't want my Instagram page to be a daily practice log. I want there to be clear contrast in my progress, long-term, and I want it to remain something that even three years from now a person can scroll through without spending 15 minutes browsing two months.

Recently, I have been working a significant amount on my right arm posture. Allowing the bow to fall downward with gravity (allowing my pinky to curve more, by default) instead of pointing it upwards with my fingers (a potential source of tension and locking in the wrist) and keeping my forearm straighter and allowing only the wrist break downward instead of the elbow are slowly giving me more control over my bow action. I even notice my tone is much richer, when I keep my elbow back a bit more and from hanging!

I have been spending a lot of time in front of a mirror. Keeping good elbow, upper arm, and forearm angles has been a huge discovery process. There is also the importance of finger arch and rotating the hand around the fingerboard in the left hand.

I have also discovered that bow hair tightness is crucial to tone quality and timbre! For some reason, no one talks about the effects of bow hair tightness on timbre. If it's too tight, the hair scrapes harshly across the strings. If it's too loose, it doesn't grip effectively. Very minor changes in tension make a world of difference on tone.

I do believe videos will start to be posted more-regularly, but I'm hoping these new discoveries will be clear from my other most-recent videos due to my absence!!!! Happy practicing!

True Confidence comes from Preparation and Refinement of Skills. Refinement of Skills only comes from practice, practice, revalutation, watching film, practice, more practice, more film, more revalutation, and some more practice. If you want to be the 🐐 at something or even just good, then you'll need to watch how the best do/create/have become the best and then practice to become the best version of You. After Refining your Skills long enough (patience is key m8) and gaining an understanding of how your mind and body flow you will have the Confidence in your own ability to make calls and mentor others👨‍🏫✍🏼 #SelfReminder #Practice #Preparation #Patience #The3Ps #EqualtheBigC #Confidence #BallisLife #WeLiveForThis #WatchMeWork🏀 #AlmostAtTheFoundationIWant #WayLessBricksInMyLife

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