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teaser promo (Defying Destiny ft. Anushka-Prabhas as Nandini-Ishaan)


Presenting the teaser promo for my upcoming FF (titled 'Defying Destiny') starring Anushka-Prabhas as Nandini-Ishaan. This one shall be out soon!

Note 1: Please read the description outlined below before watching the promo above, otherwise the video will make no sense to you whatsoever - thank you! (if you'd link to see this in HD - drop a comment below)

Teaser Promo Description:

The time had come for Nandini to discover that which lay deep within her. Ishaan would do whatever was required of him in order for her to realize its strength. So it was with a patient smile on his lips that Ishaan forced himself to bear the repeated thrashings as he watched the bare human of a being drag his wife away. Ishaan would wait for her, even if that meant an eternity of torture at the hands of the fool now in front of him.
Nandini watched helplessly, too stunned to speak. No, she wasn't helpless. Nandini let the awareness of it engulf her as she unleashed the cumulative power that unified her with Ishaan. After all, everything she'd experienced so far stood testament to what she'd always known deep down - her being now recognized the truth of it as Nandini opened the floodgates of her soul to her husband.
It was then that Ishaan felt a familiar yet unknown energy surge through him - Nandini had accepted him mind, body and soul. He would now annihilate the source of her troubles.

Anushka as Nandini
Prabhas as Ishaan

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