El mejor T🔙 de mi vida😍
#RF #PPWT2017 #CrownsUp👑

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Where do I start ... Well I guess I’ll start by saying “Welcome to the tooourrrrr!” As @cyndidumo always says 😂
What an amazing tour it has been! 😃
We’ve been gone 47 days, travelled to 16 different countries, performed 17 shows to about 15,000 screaming fans and also taught 57 workshops to around 20,000 talented dancers around the world, I guess you can say we’ve had a pretty successful tour 👍🏼 In saying that big thank to @bgpopa for taking good care of us and for the life changing opportunity to do what we love around the world 🗺 To ma g @joshricketts thank you for being the best tour manager any crew could ask for 🤙🏼 I know we’re all stubborn at times but you always held us down bro forsure! 💙 Thank you to every single person in this photo!!!, thanks for all the hilarious moments and for making this trip a memorable one 📚✨ & last but not least big thank you to the boss @parrisgoebel Thank for being a great leader and inspiration to us on the tour. You worked so hard to be able to give us dancers this opportunity and I will be forever grateful 💙
As this chapter closes, a new one begins ..
Excited to see what else the future holds 🔮
But for now it’s good to be back in the homeland 🇳🇿
Parris Project World Tour 2017 issa wrap 🗞
Grateful • Blessed

Soo I've just got home from touring all
Over the world with my dance family, and although I got homesick for the first week 🙄 I honeslty had the time of my life. Like seriously .. it was one of the most hardest, tiring yet satisfying and most incredible things I've ever done. This RF group also was straight 🙌🏼 looking after each other and of course looking after me. Huge thanks especially to my other dad @bgpopa for always encouraging me and caring for me❤️ To @cyndidumo for always "feeding the babyyy" and @maddygolightlyy my roomie for helping me from day 1 on tour, to our amazing tour manager @joshricketts for putting up with all our shit and moans 😩😂 thank you for taking care of us josh! And thank you lastly to @parrisgoebel 😢 for being my biggest inspiration and pushing me to be better than my best. Thank you Parris ❤️ love my dance family, thank you for sharing your talents and memories with me⚡️⚡️#ppwt2017

Que me quita lo bailado ! Gracias a ellas por ayudarme y brindarme la oportunidad tan mágica 🌟 @solrosasdeborahrouse
@rosaskatya. Y Mami Mabel 💗 TREMENDOO

still can't believe it....👑 @parrisgoebel @bgpopa @corbyntaulealeahuch @kyraaoakee @kaeapearce @kirstendodgen @ruthybabyyy @simonturangatau ..... and all of you 👑 #royalfamily 👑 f.t.w. .... thank you for this day in stuttgart. how are you doing this? how do you recover? do you even sweat while ALLTHIS??!! I'm in awe and bow down foreveron 🙈🙉🙅‍♀️🙌🙌🙌🙌👑💣👽🖤 #heulsuse #altadesisdochnimmanormalwasdiedaabliefern #immerimmerwieder 🖤 #ppwt17 #ppwt2017

🖤🙌👑 both times #royalfamily #Stuttgart #ppwt2017 #ppwt17 🖤 @royalfamilydotcom I love you. since 2010 and forever 🖤

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