Quite soon after my baby was born I began to go to therapy to help me process my difficult birth. It was here I first learned that PTSD could be experienced after s traumatic birth, and that was what I was experiencing. Fast forward 8 weeks after my son was born, a febrile convulsion, many blood samples, IV lines, lumbar puncture and antibiotics and a 3 night stay in an isolation unit with him, and PTSD was sure to be prevalent again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Seeing my son with a high temperature sends me back to when he was 8 weeks old. His arms and legs jerking, his lips twitching, ghastly pale. His happy place was always his changing table, so I brought him in there thinking he would be fine. I tried to change his nappy. His eyes were glazed, his legs straight and his arms floppy. I wasn’t able to change his nappy. His legs wouldn’t allow me. After he came home from hospital I bought a new thermometer - I didn’t trust the old one. His hospital stay and febrile convulsion started with a high temperature. I had to take his temperature constantly. I couldn’t change his nappy as it brought me back to the last time I changed it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
On Friday he woke with a high temperature which immediately made me panic. Due to his previous infection his urine needed to be tested and as my husband had a dentist appointment I went to the doctors alone. Having seen the nurse, I sat in the waiting room to see the doctor. Luckily it wasn’t busy so I didn’t think I’d have long to wait, there were only three others. My son began to cry and my mind began to race. I began to panic. Hot tears began to flow down my face and I began to sob. All I could think was please don’t let the doctor call me now or he’ll deem me an unfit mother and won’t let me leave with my baby. I couldn’t reached my parents, my parents in law were 40 minutes away and my husband was in the dentist. I needed help, I couldn’t stop crying. I needed someone to take my son from me. I wanted to walk outside. I needed fresh air. In my mind I was screaming, on the outside I was sobbing. Did these people know I had postnatal depression? Were they looking at me? I couldn’t look up. ***continued in comments***

Alarm for past 3 months😶👀#nursingmom #nursingmomma #breastfeeding #breastfeedingmom #breastfeedingisbeautiful #ebfbaby #momlife #mombabybonding❤️ I couldn’t properly function without 7 hours of solid sleep pre pregnancy. I used to feel groggy, tired, exhausted,restless and less creative. But now I hardly get 4 hrs of proper sleep, yet I am functioning, taking care of the needs of my baby. I cannot sleep even if there is a little bit of light 💡 during bedtime. Now the lamp is always on and I sleep. I didn’t knew I could tolerate 6 hours of painful contractions, when I was afraid to even step inside a hospital to get a fever injection. I did survive it.
I hate needles,but I was connected to IV in both my hands for 3 days @hospital, i Dint protest.
The trauma of a normal vaginal delivery and post recovery complications were so bad, it put me into postpartum depression. I had to get medical assistance. I cried. But I dint give up.

That is the power of ❤️ 💕 amazing thing what motherhood can do to you.
#mothersarepowerful #mothersaregreatbeings #somuchsacrifices #mothers-love #pregnancyishard #postpartum #postpartumdepression #ppd #beatingppd #nopainnogain

- Con trai đi spa về đẹp hẵn ra. Cơ mà tốn kim của ba nhiều lắm con nha.
#Ppd #mít #poodle #10month

FRAGILE: Did you know that suicide is the number one cause of death to mums with an under one year old? Not illness or accident - but suicide! We have to change this shocking statistic. I was almost at that point once and just thinking about how close I got to rock bottom is truly frightening. What my journey with PND has made me realise, that I need to do all I can and use this platform I have to make sure no woman ends up getting to that dark and lonely place. Or if she does, she needs to know she’d not alone and the pressure to be a perfect mum need not be overwhelming.
Lobella Loves has eased some of that pressure for me and has certainly helped in my own recovery. When you do something that not only takes your mind away from that dark place but also actively helps others on their journey out of the darkness it can only lead to good things.
Our online marketplace (www.lobellaloves.com @lobellaloves) of beautiful treasures for little people (& mammas) seeks to ease the stress felt by busy mums giving them one easy place to buy gifts. But I wanted it to do more than just that, so i give money from every sale to
@cocoon_family_support a charity supporting families suffering from pre and postnatal mental health issues to help them continue the amazing work they do. And by supporting us and the marketplace you too can help change that scary stat! #itscooltobekind #lobellaloves 📷@drawnbymary

Nursing gives you lots of time to reflect... some of that reflection has inevitably been a comparison of my two birthing and postpartum experiences, which is akin to comparing night and day. After Ethan was born I had debilitating postpartum depression. Besides the difficulty in finding good doctors who could address and treat PPD, I felt so much guilt and a deep sense of failure over the birthing process and my inability to breastfeed him. It took a very long time to make peace with that. For my pregnancy and postpartum with Eleanor, I was/have been very proactive in protecting my mental health (medication, meditation, hypnobabies, and a doula, oh my!). After her birth, I had baby blues that I was terrified would turn into serious depression, but instead those feelings lifted. And I have been able to breastfeed Eleanor, which has been a joy. In protecting that relationship, perhaps overprotecting, I didn't try to give her a bottle until just recently (which she is still determinedly rejecting). Missteps will be made. But I'm not so hard on myself now. Learning to be more forgiving and less judgmental of myself has been a wonderful part of becoming a mother. And besides good meds (rx and meditation variety) the advice I return to again and again is something my friend @_amychronicles_ told me a long time ago, "be kind to yourself." Sounds simple but is actually not easy to do. While not a straight line, I think this self-kindness is something I am getting better and better at... #mothering #PPD #breastfeeding #mentalhealthawareness

Halo para wanita tangguh Indonesia ! 🙋♥️
Dalam rangka merayakan hari Kartini, @manderuna ingin berbagi kisah inspiratif untuk semua "Kartini Modern" berwujud Modern Mom yang tidak hanya dibanggakan oleh anak & keluarga tetapi juga berguna untuk orang- orang disekitarnya.

Kenalan yuk sama salah satu #manderunamodernmom yang juga seorang Dosen dan Praktisi montessori- at home yaitu @fadilarahmg yang ingin berbagi pengalamannya dalam menghadapi Post- Partum Depression (PPD) dan juga kiat- kiat untuk bangkit dari peristiwa tersebut dan menggali hal- hal positif yaitu kegiatan belajar sambil bermain dirumah bagi anak 😊
Q: As PPD survivor, bagaimana cerita dalam menghadapi masa masa sulit dan bagaimana peran suami & keluarga? 🤔
A: Sebelum melahirkan, saya sudah tau istilah baby blues. Tapi belum tau banyak ttg PPD. Yang kutau “habis ngelahirin itu wajar ibu ngerasa kewalahan, perubahan ekstrem yg terjadi dari gapunya bayi dan akhirnya punya bayi pasti bikin prioritas dan jadwal kita lain harus bisa disesuaikan”. Jadi saya aware itu adalah proses normal, ibu lain juga mengalami “baby blues”. Suami sebagai system support pertama, juga ga terlalu mengerti perubahan mood saya yg selalu naik turun. Jujur kami hampir selalu bertengkar setiap saat hanya karena persoalan L. Misal, hal sekecil “nitip dong mau mandi sebentar” sementara ketika suami saya mintain tolong dan dia sedang mengerjakan hal lain. Saat itu saya marah sekali, nangis, ngerasa bahwa “saya harus bisa nih independent ga harus tergantung org lain”. Dan didetik itu juga, semua keperluan L saya yang tanganin.

Saya mandi, saya buang air besar. Saya bawa L ke dalam kamar mandi, disimpan di bath tub dg harapan dia gabakal rewel. Sedih banget rasanya.

Bisa dibilang support system baik/ga baik ya. Krn mereka kurang banyak mengetahui ttg post partum syndrome ini. Sampai yg paling parah 3 bln pertama saya selalu mimpi buruk ttg L, bahwa saya bisa mencelakakan L begitu saya terlalu capek. Sering sekali saya terbangun dan nangis sendiri. Setelah beberapa bulan kemudian, saya baru tau saya mengalami PPD bukan “hanya” baby blues 😢
#manderunainspo #ppd #ppdfree #postpartumdepression

It felt weird and forced to call her by her name, holding her felt wrong, if she hadn’t come out of my body I would have thought she wasn’t mine. I questioned if I really loved her. Eventually I found myself blaming her for everything. Nothing made sense.
#newbaby #whoareyou #depression #postpartum #PPD #postpartumdepression #YouAreNotAlone #mylife #lifeasart #reallife #darkness #StopTheStigma #IlluminatingShadows #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #feelinglost #terrified #anxiety #newmom #depressionsucks #mychild #notalone #confused #breakthesilence #stigmafighter #support #endthestigma #breakthestigma #SaneSideOut

Salutethedj #respectthedj #mobiledj #ilovewhatido #support #djlife🎧 #richthekid #newfreezer #greatcause #bookmeforyournextevent #cityofplainfield #divisionofrecreation #phs #sro #ppd #teenlife #carefreefridays #fulltime ......... I was Honored and Grateful for the Plainfield Police SRO officers for booking me for their event..... I'm glad everyone enjoyed my service.👌🏿👌🏿

Let’s talk about POSTNATAL DEPRESSION and support you!
#pregnant #mum #women #dad #postpartum #toluthemidwife #lagos
#Repost @psnafrica with @get_repost
We’ve been cooking this one for a while now and we are finally ready to serve! 💃🏽💃🏽 To mark World Maternal Mental Health Day we’ll be holding a conference on the 6th of May at Oriental Hotel Victoria Island.
Join us as we engage stakeholders on how to improve access to maternal mental health care.
Professionals will also be on ground to discuss how to end the stigma and provide support for mothers during the perinatal period!
Mothers will also share real experiences on how they kick PPD in the butt!! This event is FREE but registration is required! Please click on the link to register.
For Sponsorship/Partnership please send a mail to psnafrica@gmail.com or simply send us a DM!
#WorldMMHDay #MaternalMentalHealth #PPD #postpartumDepression #Awareness #Conference

#Salutethedj #respectthedj #mobiledj #ilovewhatido #support #djlife🎧 #blacyoungsta #booty🍑 #asapferg #plainjane #greatcause #bookmeforyournextevent #cityofplainfield #divisionofrecreation #phs #sro #ppd #teenlife #carefreefridays #fulltime ......... I was Honored and Grateful for the Plainfield Police SRO officers for booking me for their event..... I'm glad everyone enjoyed my service.👌🏿👌🏿

Ah, motherhood. Am I right? So sweet and so very, very exhausting at the same time. This time around I felt more exhausted than normal, so I went to talk to my doctor. I shared in my latest @babycenter blog post about how I was diagnosed with #postpartumanxiety. For almost an entire year I felt like I was just not as capable, not as effective, not as strong a mother as the other moms I know. It's weird. I had the desire and the will to do things but my body and mind didn't seem to be in the same frequency. There were times when I pushed through, other times that I phoned it in, and a few times where I just let go altogether. Thankfully I had some family and friends who pitched in to make sure things kept rolling in my world. Now, for the first time in my life, I'm taking an antidepressant, and I am hopeful that it will help get me over this hump. Having a baby does tremendous things to our bodies. It's probably the most trauma many of us will go through. It makes sense that we might be changed or things might be a little out of whack afterwards. There is no shame in needing help. I'm grateful that it's an option for me. #ppd #postpartum #momlife #babiesofinstagram

I love this statement because it speaks to both those who have suffered/are suffering (you're not alone!) and those who haven't. I have absolutely felt misunderstood by people who haven't experienced Postpartum Mood Disorders. I don't even think they mean to, they just don't know.
So if you have not experienced PPMD, do you have any questions about it that you've never been able to ask?
And if you have, what do you want to say to those who haven't? My answer is in the comments!
#postpartum #postpartumhealth #ppd #ppmd #ppa #takebackpostpartum #motherthemother #newborn #momlife #postnataldepression #postpartumdepression

A little late but this babygirl is 10 months old!

Life is sooo good with Noélani Liv💜

#motherhood #parenting #igmotherhood

I could finally catch my breath. We had a place to lay our heads + time to rest again. The past few years felt like a whirlwind. 3 babies. 5 houses. New jobs. You name it, we were feeling it all.

Every part of my being had whiplash. Sitting still made me dizzy + trying to wrap my mind around it all felt exhausting. So, I opted to just try soaking in the moment. The people right in front of me. The smells + sounds of every season. My heartbeat. All of it.

I finally found the space to ask myself: what makes me come alive? Writing. Counseling. People's stories. Reading. Being outside. Music. Food. Creating. Laughing. Listening. Observing. Learning. Thinking.

We went on hikes, picnics, & to the park. Life was starting to settle in again, & it felt so unfamiliar yet freeing. I found myself many days waiting for something bad to happen. Wondering what would be next. We get that way don't we? Almost bracing ourselves once we have been in the thick of it. •
Feeling more grounded I shifted into a new season professionally & started my own private practice @milkandhoneycounseling It brought me so much joy to take a leap + make a lofty dream into something tangible. It was risky & scary but just felt so right.

Grief & loss have a way of slowing us down. They remind us of what really matters in life & after all the dust settles, we can come back up for air & fumble our way back into a normal rhythm. We don't leave unchanged & we are better for it. We may even do the things we have always wanted to do as a result!

I wonder what dreams have become hidden in your heart? Do you have the space to consider what might be next? Maybe you could snag 5 minutes to write the first things that come to mind & ask yourself: what am I waiting for? #mannamoment #hopewriters

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