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Yes here we go ! I put a mixture of fruits in it 1/4 lemon 1/4 grapefruit 1/2 pear 1/8 pineapple 1 Banana 25 Grams of raspberries and blueberries and 1/2 kiwi 50grams of mango and 50 grams of papaya ( i make 30 fruitpackets once a month and put hem in the freezer) als table spoon of maca, raw cacao powder, hempseed, tahini (sesame paste) and peanutbutter, 25 grams chia seeds and flax seeds also 25 grams 50 grams of spinache and kale and 1 table spoon of Apple cider vinegar and lastly two scoopes of vegan protein 🍇Raspberries have very high amounts of antioxidants 🍊Grapfruits and 🍋lemons vitamin C
Sellery ( two stick diuretic ) 🍍Pineapple for vitamine C and bromelaïne that breaks down protein. 🍐Pear for its spectrum of vitamines C, B, E and minerals and diuretic effects
Papaya for its health benefits concerning diseases like cancer. And full of fruity goodness
Mango for taste and vitames 🥝Kiwi vitamine C
🍌Banana for taste and boosting the calories
Maca helps with your natural testosteron levels 🍫Raw cacao powder more antioxidants 🌰Hemp seed, peanutbutter, and tahini (anti inflamatory ) good fats and more calories
Chia and flax seeds for Omega 3 🌿Spinach and kale for The nitrate and minerals 🍎Apple cider vinegar helps with digestion
And 2 scoops of vegan protein from @bodyenfitshopnl body en fitshop that containes a lot of fruits and veggies aswell ! Also other vegan protein powders are good like pea
You can ad whatever you like to make it your perfect smoothie !
Like oats (when i use it as breakfast) dried fruits and Nuts
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Secret of energy #powershake 🍻😋

👅YUM!!! Check out @aidenbranden winning "Power Shake" recipe. ✅This shake is FULL of antioxidant rich superfoods like blueberries and beets, has healthy fats present in the ground flaxseed, and an excellent serving of protein per serving. 329 Calories / 28 g Protein / 4 g Fat / 11 g Fiber 💥Try this shake yourself and post your experience tagging @meghan_integrityfitness and @integrityfitness_worldclass #nutrition #powershake #superfoods #recipechallenge #winner

Sunday Soldier #powershake #joeandthejuice

One tired baby at 👶🏼😴JOE & THE JUICE #joeandthejuice #powershake #mummylife #blessedwiththebest #tiredbaby


Summe Feelings☀️🌺🌴
Was für ein super schöner Morgen🙈😍
Der Tag begann heute mit nem Mega leckeren Powershake und jetzt werden erstmal alle Anfragen unserer neuen Challenger beantwortet😉👍🏼 Wünsch euch allen einen mega erfolgreichen und super schönen Tag😃❤️✌🏼
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#streetfairs #warmweather #allergies ohhhhh what a day.

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