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Even HYPOXI Elsternwick studio owner, Eri, is able to keep fit between managing a business and taking care of 4 children at 45 years of age thanks to the HYPOXI method! What's YOUR excuse?⠀

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30 minutes of gentle exercise just 3 to 4 times a week is nothing compared to how confident you'll feel this summer if you just stay consistent with your HYPOXI sessions.⠀

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This HYPOXI Cleveland client swears by the HYPOXI method. She says, “My dress size has plummeted from a 14/16 to a size 10/12, which would never have happened so quickly without HYPOXI!”⠀

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Meet Ashh, one of the many HYPOXI clients who has successfully targeted stubborn fat on the belly, buttocks, hips and thighs after consistent sessions of HYPOXI.⠀

With just 30-minutes of light exercise 3 to 4 times a week, you too can achieve your weight loss goals without breaking a sweat! Can you image how your body would look like TODAY if you had started 3 MONTHS AGO?⠀

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Got your summer vacation planned yet? Don't let a bad diet and inconsistent fitness routine ruin an Instagram-worthy moment. Combine your HYPOXI sessions with Dermology to boost your HYPOXI results and improve your skin tone & texture, fight water retention and reduce cellulite. You'll be all ready for summer sooner than you even know it!⠀


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