Never before in my life have I been surrounded by so many driven, talented, loving, and intelligent women. I’ve always had amazing women in my life, for sure, but the past few years I’ve met, and become friends with, dozens more. It’s empowering. It’s humbling. To all the magnificent ladies in my life (near and far) this post is for you. Thank you for sharing your lights with the world. For any ladies reading this going through a rough time, I get it. I can relate, we can all relate. Keep going. Don’t stop. You’ve got this. Some days are big, powerful strong steps. Other days are small steps, or stillness. But we can all relate to each other, we can all support one another through every phase. If you’re still reading, this is for you. You’re magnificent and I hope you feel that to your core! Special s/o to my literal support system in this photo - the lovely @barefoodnutrition !! Can’t wait to make more pretty photos with you! And for our epic event series we’re about to launch!!✨✔️✨❤️

I’ve been running this year with these fierce women of God. Coincidence put us in the same small group but it felt more like evidence. You all have brought me a lot this year, you provided me friendships when I needed it the most. You are all powerful leaders and carrier of breakthroughs and seeing you grow this year has been the most beautiful thing I was given to see. You are all precious and I’m excited for the next season. Europe is blessed to host such powerful ladies. I love youuuuuu 💜🔥. #mesassy #powerfulladies #myfavouriteleaders

We celebrate strong woman, a woman of passion and very zealous. Happy birthday to a darling member of @stdfoundation137

In times of distress, we are always one big happy family. continue to support us @stdfoundation137 Count down to tomorrow.

Want to do the WMM 2018 in style & have lots of fun??? Run with us in Military Block Formation & make a huge impact
Last year we had such amazing success and support running 30 women in Military Block formation for the 10k duration of the mini marathon. It was an incredible experience and a huge achievement for all.

This year, there has been massive interest in this event again, so guess what we are hopping go bigger!!!
We are looking for recruits to join in the fun and run for a charity of your choice

Please PM me if this is an event you would like to be apart of 💕💕#diddybrigade #vhiwomensminimarathon #runandhavefun #grouptraining #powerfulladies #fitnessmotivation

The older I get, I realize how much value the friendships I have hold. I don't have one best friend, I have the BEST friends. I love my group of strong and fearless women that surround me daily. These two right here in particular. Thanks for loving me since '99 Shells, and Callie thanks for letting me crash the roomie party. I am so thankful my friends let me be crazy and help me live my life to its fullest all the while accepting me for who I am. #fakelaughingthatturnedintoreal #lovemygirls #yassqueen #girlgroup #tlcaintgotnothingonus #livingourbestlife #thirtyflirtyandthriving #powerfulladies #bestfriends #bestdayever #realwomenconquer

These 2 beautiful sisters have been my greatest supporters! They teach me how to be a better coach and how to be a better person! Thank you! #learnfromyourstudents #2waylearning #support #powerfulladies #grateful

We lost weight, we gained our sexy back and now we are unstoppable!
#teem #powerfulladies

Not afraid to reinvent and redefine myself and the things that bring me joy. Clinging to ideas of who we are and what we like can keep us stagnant. When things stop flowing naturally and walls begin to form it is time to follow a new path. A path that flows naturally with little resistance. Because when we align with our joy we allow the higher vibrational things that are meant for us find us! Major time for change and growth 💜

So, love somebody until you don't love them anymore. Do a job until you don’t love it. Quit shit. Start shit. Walk away. Go find what gives you relentless joy, and if that thing changes — go find what else does. - Janne Robinson

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