Making good choices in Roanoke. #befitwithwhit #powerfowlers #fitwiththefowlers

Meal prepping for me & the Cat Daddy. 🌶🥒🍴👩🏽‍🍳 #befitwithwhit #fitwiththefowlers #powerfowlers

Serving size 2 tbsp. I dare you to only eat 2 tbsp. #life #befitwithwhit #fitwiththefowlers #powerfowlers #getlean #coconut #almondbutter

To. Die. For. 😫

Raw oats, honey coconut milk, coconut flakes, almond butter, bananas & blueberries. So so so so yummy, filling and nutritional! #befitwithwhit #fitwiththefowlers #powerbreakfast #powerfowlers #birthdaybreakfast

“All he want for his birthday is a big booty girl.” 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #powerfowlers

For no reason at all, there are some days I wish my waist was skinnier, my butt was rounder and my lips were plumper. And sometimes I wish my thighs were thinner, my feet and hands were smaller, and that I didn’t have freckles or sun damage. And often times I think maybe I should dress sexier for my age, more revealing, a little more scandalous. Sometimes I wish I was different ... That I was a little tougher, had bigger balls and didn’t wear my heart on my sleeve. That I dressed to impress, turned heads for being drop dead gorgeous and that I didn’t take any shit. But today, today I did not. Today, I did not wish to be or have any of those things because all of those things added up would make me someone else. Today, I just wanted to be me. So here I am, changing the things I can and accepting the things I can’t, attempting to pull off a “more revealing” outfit that I felt good in, with my medium waist, and OK butt, my normal lips and sunshine freckles that you can’t see thanks to Snapchat filters. Today, I was me—A work in progress, attempting to get better every day—And I was happy.
My wish is for all the females out there hoping and wishing to be something or someone else, to instead, just be happy in your own skin, unapologetically and authentically because no matter how good you look, no beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart. 💗 #internalbeauty #goodintentions #cultivatekindness
#dreamsdontworkunlessyoudo #loveyourself #befitwithwhit #beyourself #matchaqueengreentea #powerfowlers

4am workout followed by some @marriotthotels fuel. Eating clean & working out when on the road is tough, but so is the feeling of regret. You can be fit, or you can make excuses, but you can’t do both. Today, I decided to not make excuses. You should, too! 💪🏽❤️🙂
#befitwithwhit #fitwiththefowlers #getlean #powerfowlers #fitness #healthy #youarewhatyoueat

Chicken parm takes the dub tonight!
I used 93% lean ground chicken sliders, gluten free breadcrumbs mixed with Mrs. Dash salt-free Italian blend, low-moisture mozzarella & Parmesan cheese. Paired it with cranberry, red pepper quinoa & asparagus for myself. Fowler & Troy got the above plus the sweet potatoes for that extra carb boost! 💪🏽💪🏽 #powerfowlers #befitwithwhit #fitwiththefowlers #foodforFowler #youarewhatyoueat

Banana English muffins (made with real bananas) and this @wild_friends Vanilla Protein Peanut Butter are sweet enough to curb the cravings & hearty enough to fuel the day, especially after a good workout. #befitwithwhit #powerfood #powerfowlers #matchaqueen #fitwiththefowlers

Not sure where I’ll be five years from now, but I pray it’s somewhere with a beautiful view beside you. & hopefully, we’re tan like we kind of are in this pic. ❤️ #powerfowlers

How you know it’s Valentine’s Day: I’m wearing something other than gym clothes & Fowler opened the car door for me. 📪❤️ #PowerFowlers

Someday, all the love you’ve given away, will find its way back to you and finally stay. ❤️ #mcm #powerfowlers

It’s all worth it in the end ... the good, the bad, the risk taking ... all the things that led us right to one another to be right here ... sharing this moment ... taking in the Aloha vibes and goal setting with my best friend. 🧡 #powerfowlers

Christmas vibes w/the leader of our tribe. 🎄🎅🏽❤️ #powerfowlers

First dinner (besides thanksgiving) in the new spot. We like our chipotle bowls made at home. 😜😎 #befitwithwhit #fitwiththefowlers #powerfowlers

Fancy copper silverware with the white paper plate. 👌🏽 Day one healthy living in our new home! #befitwithwhit #fitwiththefowlers #powerfowlers

If you would’ve told me years ago, that one day, I’d walk into a post office and meet the love of my life and that a little over a year later, we’d have a home less than 2 miles from the beach in one of the world’s greatest states, I’d call you crazy. But then again ... only the best people are. So beyond grateful to have faith in the capacity that I do because it is faith and only faith that carried me through, that gave me patience, that gave me gratitude, that gave me the vision to recognize the blessings I can now see so clearly in my life today. I knew I loved James when “home” went from being a place, to being a person. I’m just grateful that he stuck around long enough for us to find a place we can now share to create more memories and start the next chapter of our lives. November 10, 2017: SOLD! ❤️😘 #PowerFowlers

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