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Congrats @roast__king for graduating yesterday!πŸŽˆπŸŽ“ Best Grad gift is a new car for you and a new edge for your mama! Thank you guys for your business, and good luck with this new chapter in your life at state.πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ #PuttingDreamsInDriveWays #PowerFordNm #2015FordEdge

2 years ago I was waiting to meet my owner of my new job nervous as all hell. When Darin Wade spoke I instantly knew that this was the guy I was meant to work, learn, and grow under. After only an hour of hearing his philosophy I felt his passion and love for this business. I wanted to make this guy proud. I wanted to show him that him and John Chavez didn't make a mistake on taking a huge risk hiring a 19 year old who never sold a car before in her life. With his and my other mentors support they took my skill and life to an unimaginable level. We've gone through so much in this past two years one being my biggest achievement of my life, sales person of the year. I couldn't have done it without you. You leaving today was such a bitter sweet moment but there's not a better guy for the amazing opportunity you have laying ahead in Atlanta! Congratulations and this isn't goodbye, but see you later. Love you, boss! #PowerFordNm

Shout out to Dant & Shant for purchasing their 3rd car from me‼️ Today Dante traded in the 2016 ST he bought from me and upgraded to a 2017πŸ€—congrats on the new whip! 😊 #PuttingDreamsInDriveWays #FocusST #PowerFordNm #AnniversarySale

I've know Bailey since I was 6 and today I was able to put this beautiful girl in a brand new 2017 Ford Explorer sport! YOU deserve it.❀ #DreamsInDriveways #PowerFordNm

Geeeshh I've been slacking on here.πŸ˜…πŸ™„ but happy to put Zach's dreams in his drive way. Congrats on your brand new GT 350.πŸ‘πŸŽ‰ #PowerFordNm #PuttingDreamsInDriveWays #FordGT350

As well as an executive sales professional, I am now pleased to announce that I am Power Fords first time buyer specialist! I work will all types of credit good or bad, but I am now specializing in no credit (first time buyers!) if you or anyone you know is looking for a new/used vehicle no matter what your credit situation is come see me and I will go above and beyond to get you an amazing deal! Refer someone to me and receive a $100 check.πŸ’Έ #PuttingDreamsInDriveWays #PowerFordNm

I've been so busy and slacking on my business Instagram. But congrats to the Bullerwell Family on their 3rd vehicle purchased from me! I appreciate you.❀ #PuttingDreamsInDriveWays #PowerFordNm #2016F150

Being the top salesman is never easy, but being a average salesman is it not, and will never be in my agenda. And I won't stop till I'm salesman of the year 2017 , so let's do it again this month.πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸš— #PuttingDreamsInDriveWays #PowerFordNm #SalesmanOfTheMonth

Staying late on the last day of the month to put some last second deals together is almost a given. Finished this short month w 19 cars/trucks and can't wait to do it again. Thanks for everyone who purchased a vehicle from me or refereed someone to me! β€πŸš— #PuttingDreamsInDriveWays #PowerFordNm #SalesPersonOfTheMonth

Blessed to have sold 8 cars this weekend.πŸ™πŸš— And even more blessed to end the weekend with the two that motivate me to do my best everyday. #PuttingDreamsInDriveWays #PowerFordNm

It's Monday, and I want to put dreams in drive ways!πŸš— Are you or any of your friends/family looking for a new, certified, or pre owned vehicle?! What if I told you I could get you into a BRAND NEW escape or fusion for only 199$ a month with ZERO DOWN?! That's less than most people's phone bill πŸ˜‚ message me for details. Also; you don't even need to buy a car from me to get an amazing deal - just send someone to me and get 100$ CASH for the referral.πŸ’Έ #PowerFordNm #PuttingDreamsInDriveWays

Come see me today! Presidents' Day sell weekendπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸš— #PuttingDreamsInDriveWays #PowerFordNm

Big Happy Birthday shout out to Power Fords general sales manager, John Chavez!🎈Have a great day boss man! πŸš— #PuttingDreamsInDriveWays #PowerFordNm

#WCW to my gorgeous 2016 Mustang GT I sold myself. Had to make sure I was rocking that good good if I'm selling it! I love my car and want to help you find and own a vehicle that you love.❀ P.S I took this picture in the summer and can't wait for the weather again!πŸ˜… #PuttingDreamsInDriveWays #PowerFordNm #MustangGT

#MotivationMonday - if you want it, you gotta go get it! Congrats to Gabby on your brand new fusion!πŸŽ‰ #FordFusion #PowerFordNm #PuttingDreamsInDriveWays

One of my favorite sells. My daddy deserves the best!❀ #2017FordEscape #PuttingDreamsInDriveWays #PowerFordNm

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