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Cool jumpsuit?) 😎

Carla, why do you have red eyes all the time? Did you find the cache of Snoop Dog?😁✌😎

Сукабля, реально😵

Well, to make a tattoo?😂✌😎



I believe, raiders fly✋😎
Cool gun🔫

So the first #falloutcrate came today ❤️ aiming to get that full power armor set #lootcrate #fallout #tunnelsnakes #wasteland #poweramor #pins #lonewanderer

Поступление уже на funkopoprussia.com (активная ссылка в профиле)! Фигурки от 950 рублей:)
-Кодсворт (Codsworth) из игры Фоллаут 4
-Небула (Nebula) из фильма Стражи Галактики. Часть 2
-Бэтмен в черном костюме (Batman Black Suit (Эксклюзив)) из мультфильма Бэтмен. Возвращение Темного Рыцаря
-Силовая броня X-01 (X-01 Power Amor) из игры Фоллаут
-Уинстон (Winston 6-inch) из игры Овервотч
-Босс-молокосос в костюме (Boss Baby Suit) из мультика Босс-молокосос

Top shelf looking sweet
#poweramor #grendal #pipboy #toys

Fallout 4 T-60 power armor
#t-60 #fallout4 #poweramor #bethesda #fallout #warneverchanges

I can't believe I completely forgot that I had these! #cmpunk #poweramor #wwe #fallout3 #fallout4 #funkopop #funko #amiibo

Another supporting character in my comic. Here's Humberto "Berto" Ramirez aka. Señor Rocketfist. Berto is a 15 year old genius who has an interest in robotics, engineering, science fiction, and anime. Also the best friend of Eli( aka Titan). Being the son of two Mexican immigrants his family has always had financial trouble. Since his father, Julio, was a mechanic, Berto began was exposed to inventing and tinkering with machines at a very young age. Creating a workshop/laboratory in their garage together.After his father passed away from cancer. He vowed to keep inventing so his family would suffer any more. He attends Bishop High School and being one of the smartest kids in school he skipped a grade or two. When "The Incident" happened his intellect was boosted even further as a result of his powers. With his increased intelligence he's able to make advanced and high tech gadgets and weaponry. Berto originally helps Eli as being his eyes and hears when fighting crime. But to be more useful, he creates the Rocketfist Armor(which he considers to be his greatest invention) ,in his workshop, to fight along side his bestfriend.
Berto is has a genius level intellect. His powers are in boosted intelligence and slight technopathy. Skilled engineer and robotics expert, utilizes high tech weaponry and gadgets. Created the Rocketfist armor which allows him increased strength, durability, variety of missiles, detachable hands with rocket repulsion, non lethal weaponry, flight capabilities, and portable computer database and AI.
#artistoninstagram #mikeyverse #makecomics #comicbookart #comics #drawing #inking #poweramor #sketching #notbadatall #indiecomics #originalcharacter #heroesofcolor

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