This weekend we sleep on the summit if Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah. Played for a bit in the moonlight and the light pollution.

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We are super excited to start our Summer Music Under the Gazebo with a local favorite...Korene Greenwood!! Saturday May 26th, starting at 6 p.m. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, family, friends, and let's start this summer off with a party!!! Great places to grab something to eat, do some shopping, and listen to some great music!!!

“Hell! There ain’t no rules around here! We are tryin’ to accomplish somep’n!” -Thomas Edison
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Whatcha know about that new trail? 🚵‍♂️

Welcome to the weekend everyone! Looking forward to some chill, sun and laughs. #weekendishere #croatia #enjoylife #withmylove

Who says winter has to end

A week or so ago my brother asked if I could get a photograph of his beard before he shaved it. I thought to myself, that beard is so wild, it deserves its own Rock n' Roll photoshoot! Today I present to you my brother, not my brah, bro, brutha but my actual brother by DNA. Dave Beland. Or, as we affectionately refer to him... Young Dave. If I may, let me tell you a few things about my brother. First off, he is one of the hardest working cats that I know. And, not only does he work hard, he plays hard. You see, for years now, he works for eight months of the year and then snow boards for the remaining time. This winter while in Eden, Utah on Powder Mountain, he snowboarded 80 of the 90 days he was there and he only missed those 10 days due to various injuries or the mountain was closed.
These days, in search of the freshest powder, you’ll often find him
riding in the back country and by the sound of it, this is not for passive riders as it requires a lot of climbing. It’s worth noting that this year Dave has completed his Avalanche 1 training.
The first photo is of Dave, his car and his dog, Daisy and the second photo shows Dave with his Winterstick 183" Swallowtail.
Big thank you to my our Mother, who gave up part of her Mother's Day to hold the key light from toppling over in the breeze and @emilynutson (psst. give her a follow on IG), my trusty and excellent assistant for this shoot.
Dave, you might stand an inch or 3 shorter than me but I’ll always look up to you. ❤️ #winterstick #originalsnowsurfcompany #brotherportrait #richardbelandphotography @ Sarnia, Ontario

#BabySpotlight: Meet @ronnylynchkillsme ⚡Ron is co-founder of Bonfire Enterprises, President and Founder of Big Baby Agency, and the Creative behind 3 person start-up @gopro. He's led over 300 product launches and 70 brand launches and amassed direct attributable sales of 4 billion dollars since 2001.

Ron will be joining us in Croatia, June 6-10 as one of our speakers! In two 90-minute sessions, he will be teaching us....

• How to define the success of your creative
• The four elements required for a successful product video marketing
• How to create an actual creative brief the entire company’s left and right hemispheres can use
• The psychology of script preparation
• How to Breakdown and deconstruct a successful Direct Response Video
• The psychological framework to build your own sales argument
• Assessing the first segment of your video
• Creating 60 minute spots out of your main video
• How to connect the “Big Idea” to your audience and creative team

....and so much more!

Want to join the party? Check the link in our bio to apply! #morebaby #lessbathwater

#FlashBackFriday... More like #SLASHBACK!

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That one time in Utah when my girl @lilmisssamcam and I got a surprise acoustic performance from @mikeposner!! #ripavicii #summitseries #powdermountain

Join us at Bower Lodge Thursday, May 24th for Pizza and Pints!

Gluten-free and vegan items available. Reserve your spot online so we know to expect you or take your chances and pay at the door! Complimentary craft beer tasting for adults 21 and over.
Guests are encouraged to bring their preferred beverage. Space is limited!
Reserve at: living.powdermountain.com/pizza-pints/

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Today's to-do list: RELAX TO THE MAX
Choose your own adventure on #BabyBathwaterIsland!

Want to learn how to uplevel your biz? Connect with the world’s sharpest entrepreneurs?
Relax by the sea solo?
It's entirely up to you!

Check the link in bio to apply for the Croatia event on June 6-10! #morebaby #lessbathwater

"I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours." - Hunter S. Thompson
Plenty to learn when you're trapped on a luxurious Island with the world's sharpest entrepreneurs for FIVE WHOLE DAYS muahaha
Hit the 🔗 in bio to get involved!
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Mountain Bike season is just around the corner! Just a friendly reminder that our trails are currently closed. Please respect these closures. Riding these trails before they are open will cause damage and delay their openings. Thank

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