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This may be our most important poster yet. Today is #GivingTuesday, a global day of charitable giving where you can impact the causes you care about most by giving your time, donations, goods or your voice. This year, we asked some of the world’s most talented designers to give their creativity to raise awareness for the challenges of poverty.

As a nonprofit, IDEO.org relies on contributions from people like you to continue designing products, services, and experiences that alleviate poverty and improve lives at scale. Give today and your donation will be matched in honor of Giving Tuesday! designsgiving.ideo.org

#GivingTuesday #DesignsGiving #PosterDesign #DesignforGood #PovertyAlleviation

Changing Lives starts from you and not the Government...Join us @tonyujahfoundation To make an Impact in the society. #YouthDevelopment #ChildCare #WomenEmpowerment #PovertyAlleviation #SayNoToRacism

These young men ⬆️ used to live on the streets of Kampala, Uganda... .
Nonprofit LOT2545 focuses on the oldest boys on the streets of Kampala because most organizations tend to overlook them, considering them too wild, independent, addicted and resistant to change. .
LOT2545 provides these young men opportunities for education and a chance to change the course of their lives. .
"We want them to have a chance at the future they deserve."
Follow them ~ @lot2545
Check the link in the bio to read more at www.doersmedia.com
#uganda #africa #education #povertyalleviation #saveourboys

A day with the ladies at Little Ndaba. I am so excited about the business growth that we are witnessing. 😀This is our ultimate goal....women in rural areas, widowers, single mums and grandmothers being strengthened and empowered economically. 👍👍 Business growth places greater demands on organisation structure and capital outlay. The business model has developed where women are now devided into piece makers and joiners. The piece makers work from home at specific meeting points in their different villages while the joiners work from Little Ndaba ensuring that the final toy is stitched and stuffed in accordance with EU regulations for toy safety. Little Ndaba coordinate yarn delivery and collection of knitted toys and conduct in field training. This is a great business modell for the development of rural communities that I sincerely believe in.


Throwback to a creative day inspired by the tireless work of @childfundaustralia I turned this sketch into a painting by using dried up paint flakes 💚#wastenot #povertyalleviation #AChildsColoursShouldBeSeen

1.25 billion fewer people in poverty? Now that's a reason to be happy on a Monday morning!

@breadforafricafo "Bread for Africa Foundation" BAF has set to bring forth, an ending solutions to the ills bothering every home in our communities ranging from:
#Provision of medical facilities;
#Installation of pipe borne water;
#Scholarship & sponsorship of education.
A Non-Governmental Organization as BAF is in no way affiliated to any Governmental establishment but for selfless philanthropy.
Enquiries: breadforafricafoundation@gmail.com 08055514449

@WholePlanet’s Prosperity Campaign to raise $3.5 million for global poverty alleviation starts today! 🌎 We are leaping with joy and gratitude to contribute and help 1,417 impoverished micro-entrepreneurs with the chance to build home-based businesses and break the cycle of poverty for their families - in 70 countries! 👫👭 Get involved by following @WholePlanet today! #WholePlanet #PovertyAlleviation


Such a pleasure to transfer $US750, (AU $1078 including fees) to this wonderful community of women. These funds will help develop the group goal of becoming a recognised and independent Association of skilled producers. Although facing the daily hardship of poverty and the stigma of HIV, they are determined women! With increased opportunity to earn a sustainable and flexible livelihood these women will have greater capacity to feed, care and educate their children. Joyful Fair has been going for over 6 years now, supporting a range of producer groups, small family businesses and community-based projects in Cambodia. Support of these socially motivated enterprises helps to address the root causes of poverty, injustice and family breakdown. Unemployment is a big one! I would not be still be doing this work if not for your ongoing support, interest and of course your thoughtful purchases. Thank you so much!

#ethical #cambodia #sustainability #happyfamilies #employmentopportunity #empoweringwomen #fairtrade #povertyalleviation #creatingchange

Judith, age 33, spent her transfer on school fees and on improving her home. She told us, "The biggest difference in my daily life is that I am happy seeing my child through his education."

Much of the local economy in Ghana's coastal areas relies on fish. Women preserve and sell the fish, and so making a part of the jobs easier and cost less can have an impact on their income and family's finances. That's why we built our community smokehouse - to make fish smoking easier and more accessible to women in Winneba. And when families are more financially secure they are less likely to traffic their children.
#povertyalleviation #humantrafficking #childtrafficking #fishsmoking #economicempowerment #womensempowerment #stopslaveryghana #challengingheights #endit #2030now #socialgood #instagood #photooftheday #ghana

Throwback to a creative day inspired by the tireless work of @childfundaustralia I turned this sketch into a painting by using dried up paint flakes 💚#wastenot #povertyalleviation #AChildsColoursShouldBeSeen

Look at these gorgeous girls!!! They are SO happy & grateful for all the donations coming in to support their education & fill their tummies with snacks during their afterschool program :D Thank you for the bottom of my heart to my loving friends & people I have never met for your generous donations!! Sending you all GIANT HUGS Brett Gallagher in Oakland | CA, Mike Crockett in Livermore | CA, Jesse SK in Las Vegas | NV, Steve Thorman in Fairmont | GA, Pedro David España in Guatemala City | Guatemala, and Maria Bonett Croll in Lorton | VA!

Operation Give: Guatemala is now at $1,836! We have 12 days left to raise $3,664 to support critical education programs for children in San Rafael :D Do you want to get involved? It's SO easy ;) Just share our link to spread the word and if your pretty little heart desires you can donate too <3 Every single dollar counts, no amount is too small. Trust me, your money goes A LONG way here in Guatemala. Did you know that just $10 provides 1 child with afterschool snacks for entire month?! Share & donate here {link in bio}. Thank you!!! #OperationGiveGuatemala

Peter, a recipient of GiveDirectly's #cashtransfers in Kenya, spent his transfer on improving his small farm. He bought a cow and says, "I have hopes that in the future, after it has given birth, it will be providing me with milk."

These are some wonderful cards written and drawn by children from Aldrington Primary School to our Antifreeze clients. So lovely!

Last week Humaniq launched a new series of games in several emerging African countries, including Cameroon, Niger state, Nigeria, Lesotho, Tanzania, South Africa. These games were held for the target groups of Humaniq, mostly people from rural regions, where blockchain is still an unfamiliar technology. #humaniq #unbanked #socialfinance #socialgood #blockchain #bitcoin #povertyalleviation #poverty #africa #africaninspired #fintech

We are proud to announce that Publix is a proud sponsor of Geaux Feed Atlanta! We are so grateful for this opportunity and we cannot wait to record our Publix shopping experience! If you or your business is interested in becoming a sponsor, visit us online at GeauxFeed.com #community #commonprojects #communityfirst #publix #geauxfeed #geauxfeedATL #povertyalleviation #unity #love #peace

#MappingNGOs When we group together to discuss how we're going to find all the NGOs. #transparency #NGO #Ghana #SDG #povertyalleviation #volunteerafrica #Data #OpenData

A big thank you to Andrew Wilson, Jason Whiting and @middleparkfc for donating a huge amount of football gear for our academy in Tanzania. This gear will be heading to Arusha, Tanzania via Saint Petersburg Russia this weekend as the Lengo delegation from Australia and Tanzania meet to attend the @footballforfriendship program in Saint Petersburg next week that forms part of the FIFA Confederations Cup. #povertyalleviation #purpose #purpose #F4F #football4friendship #africa #tanzania #travel #football #lengoinrussia #lengofootballacademy #australia #footballgear #scoringgoalsforlife #change #inspiration #fifa #confederationscup2017

Writing out a good game plan for your business is key to success! Our unique #MyOwnBusinessChallenge helps our youth become economically and emotionally empowered! Learn more by visiting the link in our bio! 📷cc: @uncommonschools #YouthfulSavings #YouthfulGivings #Business #Entrepreneurship #EdTech #SocialGoodFinance #EconomicEmpowerment #PovertyAlleviation

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