2️⃣▶️✳️Sometimes✳️ you have to talk softer to see who actually listens to you

Never be afraid to make a mistake, because what you think is right and right, at this stage you need and right for you specifically. At this moment in your life, you can not do otherwise. In this minute you are all you and all your choice. Let it all change in a year, but you know that you did as your heart commanded you. Yours, not someone else's. All decisions should be based on your desire to live and survive, and not on someone else's opinion and decision.

Often we are used to shift the blame from our shoulders, kill time or gain material benefits, but after all, we often consciously or unconsciously use others. Learn to communicate to people what you want them to say, and not what they want to hear.

People have the property of "including protection," but this armor flies, if the right and close person is in front of them. Do not be afraid to say what you think, because someone who is important, will surely hear you from the first time and draw conclusions for yourself. And the one who does not care will not understand after a long debate. Be more attentive to what you say to your relatives, because your advice is their decisions in the future. Learn to recognize people, but do not divide them into "bad" and "good", but divide into "your own" and "strangers." In each of us there is much good and much bad, we choose who to be for the people we need. In our soul every day there is a battle of angels and demons. And every day someone wins, and someone loses. But we must remember that even inside the dark side there are good intentions. One need only recall the theory of "Yin and Yan," and it will be easier to live. Photo by @anoop.devaraj #lightblue #seafront #sealife #lifegoal #enjoylife #healthylife #bloggalline #bloggernation #freedom #freeway #freelancer #workfromwherever #changeisgood #pouloslife #powerwoman #lovethis #loveisintheair #loveofmylife #dubaibloggers #dubaifitness #dubaibeach

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