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This artist paints her pottery with bubbles. #bubblesbubbles #insiderart

Must be so satisfying to peel one!🙈😍❤️🙌🏻
By @estherschletz
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As our Friday update draws nearer, I'll be sharing lots of previews of new pots! Here's some of the mountain wine cups that will be available, all $30 each and hold 16-18 oz 🌙

These matte boards we as artists use behind our pieces for photography are invaluable but for a traveling artist such as myself keeping them clean, dry, and perfect looking is a challenge! I hide them in all sorts of places to keep them safe... under my mattress, in the rafters of the studio, you name it! This one after 19 years has finally seen better days! I got this my senior year of high school when I first started making pottery to photograph my wares and have managed to keep it safe thus long. The life of travel has finally caught up to it though! 😞 #mugshotmonday #matteboardproblems #outwiththeoldinwiththenew

Coffee on the deck in the sun. Is there anything better? This Northern Lights mug is looking glow-in-the-dark in the sunshine if that makes sense 😂. There will be a few in the shop update.

Cheers, friends!
Anyone else who can't stand when their coffee starts to cool down? But who's with me about nonsensically chugging the rest and making a new cup instead of warming it up? 🙋🏻 #coffeeaddict .
This photo is having me swoon this morning! It's from the incredibly talented Tracey @traceyc1968 featuring pottery from @katiacarletti 🌿 So much love! .
#cleanprisminspo #pottery #potterylove #coffeemug #springinspiration #vignette #coffeephotography #farmhousestyle #interiorinspiration #coffeegram

Trimming is kind of mesmerizing. Here's our own @dpottery129 trimming an #icecreambowl. We're ready for summer now! 👒☀️🍦🍨


loving this new style, I will be incorporating this into some mugs as well in the next few weeks. also, there are still mugs and a few cases up for sale on my website, check it out... the link is in my bio!🎵🎶 Caves (Samuraii Remix) - Haux 🎶🎵 #potterymaking #potteryvideos #pottery #potterhead #potterylove #potteryvideos #potterybarn #potterylife #potterswheel

Hey, everyone! I know I haven't had a large update in a while, so I thank you all for being incredibly patient with me. To make up for it, I've joined a lovely giveaway with three other artists (@flower.pot.handmade & @consciouscultivations)! ONE lucky person will win ALL of these following items from each of us! The giveaway prizes include: 🌺 a handmade cinch skirt from @flower.pot.handmade, made with hemp fabric and dyed using plants in your custom size and color choice! 🌺 two handmade candleholders created by me!
🌺 a handmade woodland Labradorite & Quartz pendant with tumbled chakra set and Amethyst cluster which was put together by @ consciouscultivations !
To enter, you just have to make sure 🌺 1- you're following the three of us 🌺 2-repost this photo using the hashtag #strawberrymoongiveaway, and 🌺 3- make sure your account is public

Make sure you do all three steps in order to be included! This giveaway will end on the next full moon, which is on June 9th and the winner will be officially announced the following day. Only ONE entry per person please to reduce the spam vibe. Thank you all and good luck!!

On a day like to day we all need one of these but this is for all the days like this round the world not just in the UK...@bloomingvile #mugs #pottery #potterylove #ceramics #potterywheel #huginamug

--Pottery Festival 2017 by Pottery Wa-- on the 11th June (Sunday)!!!
All handmade plates, cups, bowls, and we will have lots of selected sale items!! (only cash accepted)

Date: 11th June 2017
Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Place:Mudgeeraba Foundation Centre, 7 School St, Mudgeeraba QLD
Facebook: Pottery Wa 「Pottery Wa」による陶器まつりを6月11日(日)に開催いたします!! 手作り和洋食器、湯呑、茶碗、丼、皿、鉢、花器、コーヒーカップ他、多種多様な器から、さらにはお値打ち品も取り揃え販売いたします!!

場所:Mudgeeraba Foundation Centre, 7 School St, Mudgeeraba QLD
FB:Pottery Wa
Instagram :potterywa
#christmasgift #器 #ilovegoldcoast #やきもの #drink #zakka #goldcoastshopping #instagood #goldcoastboutique #shop #gift #ceramic #japanesetea #potterywheel #homeware #handmade #陶芸 #design #職人 #cup #pottery #potterylove #goldcoast #thinkgoldcoast #和 #陶器

Lots of detail going on in Week 3. Large pot with a lid, and a mini something-or-other that I made with leftover clay before class ended.

I had the most difficult time photographing this blue green beauty, but I finally got some good shots!
This glaze combo is super shiny and reflective so it makes lighting difficult. But isn't that color just so lovely!? 😍💙💚
#cone6 #carvedclay #mycolorstory

New bigger size spoon/ utensil rests are ready for market this weekend!! 😆@nestinthecity

Вторая по старшинству)))
Будет не заменимой помощницей на любой кухне👩‍🍳
Материал: глина, глазурь👀
Объём: 590 мл.
Стоимость: 150 грн.🛍
#pottery #potterylove #katesclay #madewithlove #kyivpottery #katekotceramics #clay #ceramicslove

These chunky #porcelain mugs will quickly become the favourite "My mug" in the house for every member of the family. They are solid, tactile and extremely sturdy, fired in a very hot kiln to ensure strength and glazed in gorgeous earthy colours.
Katherine @katherinemahoneyceramics is a master on the wheel and these #mugs are a good example of her outstanding #craftsmanship and her eye for form and practicality. They're available in charcoal, concrete and arctic white. Image by @blinkneye.

И так))) барабанная дробь!!!! Старшая сестра семейства "пятнистых")))
Материал: глина, глазурь
Объём: 700 мл.
Стоимость: 170 грн.
#clay #caitkotceramics #ceramics #kyivceramics #handmade #madewithlove #pottery #potterylove #katesclay

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