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Getting it DONE this morning!! Post workout RECOVER drink...yummy and effective! And who doesn’t love chocolate 🤷🏼‍♀️. Time for sunshine & football!!😁☀️🏈 #happy #postworkout #sundayvibes #morningfitness #postworkoutdrink #chocolate #footballseason #beastmode #beast #sunnyday

I always come across clients who load up their protein shakes with lots of nuts, banana, peanut butter or almond butter.
But thats not the correct way! If you end up mixing you are turning your healthy shake into a sugar loaded, fat storing drink.

Protein shake is a post workout drink and not a meal replacer.
There are many brands in the markets which sell meal replacers but its highly unhealthy and doesnt give your body the nutrients that you get after eating your meal!
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*excuse the typos *Tag 2 workout buddies 💯
Wether you’re coming from or going to the gym. Here are some of the food u should be consuming before and after ❤️❤️.
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Go girl!

Join us for a 21-day refresh & restart the challenge.

Despite working today Saturday managed to sneak a peak (and enjoy a G & T and some tunes) at Surry Hills Festival :D #surryhillsfestival #ginandtonic #postworkoutdrink

Isn't that right?! All that pain will be worth it!

Post workout smoothie. Friday’s is more of cardio day along with some strength training. At the end of the day I really feel my muscles aching and stiff. I make sure to add in that extra dose of greens and collagen. Collagen peptides are so crucial for muscle and joint health. It helps with relaxing the muscles. Aids in digestion which in turn reduces inflammation.
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Our treatment plan for Charles Butler will continue to evolve to meet his ongoing nutritional and weight-loss needs. Call us today to start your own weight loss journey.

My breakfast ........ post workout drink
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The pain of today will be the strength of tomorrow 💪

💫 Over the last few weeks, I have been waking up and spending some time each morning focusing on gratitude. 🌞Practicing gratitude doesn’t come naturally to most people, it’s hard to look at the positives when fear is looming overhead and we feel stuck!! But, gratitude can put any situation into perspective seeing both the good and the bad makes it harder to focus on the bad. Gratitude also reminds us of what we have 💗💗versus focusing on what we don’t... it keeps us grounded and away from that crazy comparison game we all tend to play!! •

💫Today, I’m grateful for so many things!! But, I’m focusing on having a friend (Ashley Henrichsen), who is willing to stand beside me at a CrossFit gym where I’m totally lost 95% of the time and help me through the workouts!! I’m grateful for the new group of people who cheer each other on when things get tough and 😰we don’t think we can do 22 more KBS (kettlebell swings - learned this today 🤔)!! I’m also thankful for my nutrition systems post-workout drink Amed Recover, not only does it help my muscles 💪🏻 recover but it’s Raspberry Lemonade flavor so it’s delicious 😋 •
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Since I am on competition prep right now, I’m pretty restricted on what I can eat but everyday still feels like a treat when I have Phormula-1 as my Post-Workout Shake

🍋🍦Lime Sherbert Ice Cream

@1stphorm ‘s Phormula-1 is low temperature & highly micro-filtered procrossed which ensures you that you are getting the highest quality protein in a shake. This also means that you can shake & bake anything with this protein and it will turn out to be the recipe of your dreams ✨

When it comes to building muscle you can never have too little of protein since it helps to recover & rebuild your muscles after tearing & damaging them through your workouts. When it comes to losing weight, you still need a high amount of protein to perserve your muscles to keep your metabolism high (muscle boosts your metabolism) & to keep you in an anabolic state (burn fat, store muscle) Whenever I give people their macro count for their daily protein intake I often hear, “How am I suppose to have all that protein in one day?!” Well if your eating atleast 4 oz of protein with each meal (about 5-6) it’s easy! If you don’t have the time to have 5-6 meals a day, then protein shakes make it even easier for you to hit your protein goals 💪🏽You NEED protein to gain muscle & you NEED protein to help you lose weight. So ya, protein is pretty
I M P O R T A N T !!

If you’re interested in Phormula-1 let me know and i’ll give you 5 amazing recipes including my protein ice cream to go with your flavaaa 😋✨

Hair always looks f’d when you work out a lot so embrace the waves 💆🏻‍♀️

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