Being able to put the device on quickly and easily while not restricting my movements was helpful. This allowed me to play comfortably for longer periods of time before getting stiff and tired in the upper body.⠀

- PAM JOHNSON, Pianist

Be strong with #bladeflex.⠀

Our adaptable device will grow with you as you progress through your posture correction, as it can be adjusted for size and strength.

RUNNING 🏃 we know it's good for us, but what does it actually do?⠀

1) It improves your health by raising good cholesterol levels and increases lung function⠀

2) It prevents diseases like breast cancer, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis⠀

3) You lose weight and burn off extra calories⠀

4) It boosts your confidence. ⠀


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Being healthy is a lot more than the way you look... it's also about the way you feel. Heal muscle fatigue, backaches and more with #Bladeflex 💪🏽


This hip flexor stretch is a good one to do throughout the day, especially if you are sitting at a desk a lot! ⠀

Start with one leg bent with your knee almost directly over your ankle while your opposite leg will have the knee touching the ground and positioned back until there is slight tension in your hip. ⠀

With your back straight, slowly move your torso forward until you feel a deeper stretch in your hip. Ensure your forward bent knee doesn’t pass the ankle, you don’t need much movement if done right! ⠀

For an added stretch, raise your arms straight up in the air, opening your chest muscles and lengthening the hip further. ⠀

This stretch can be performed in a similar standing position if you have limited mobility or want to take a quick break from that desk! 💥

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- Stretching increases flexibility and range of motion⠀
- It improves circulation⠀
- It removes tight, tense muscles accompanied by stress⠀
- Stretching enhances coordination⠀

And... it feels pretty dang good. 💪🏽

Try these two back stretches after wearing Bladeflex for 20min. This will stretch out the back and reduced the likelihood of muscle stiffness from correcting your posture. ⠀ ⠀
In the upper image, raise your back up with your arms while keeping your legs straight and flat on the floor. Looking slightly up will help you feel the stretch better and will open up your chest and heart.⠀

In the lower image, rest your butt on your heels and relax the shoulders. Tucking your chin down will help elongate the spine and help increase the stretch. ⠀

Finally, with your palms facing down, extend your arms further and further out until you feel a comfortable stretch down your spine.⠀


#Repost: @rehabscience — 💥MOBILITY & STRENGTH💥 ———⠀
The alligator drill is a favorite among grapplers (BJJ, judo, etc) and can be a great element to add to your dynamic warm-up.⠀
In this drill, mobility of the hip, spine and shoulder are areas of focus as well as strength/movement control through the entire anterior myofascial line (quads, abs, pecs, etc).⠀
In order to perform correctly, which can take a bit of practice, focus on creating reciprocal motion where the opposite arm and leg step forward together in order to create forward motion.⠀
I hope you enjoy this one! Are people interested in more fitness related posts? As a former gymnast, martial artist and @cirquedusoleil physio, I could write more along these lines from time to time. If you have a recommendation, send it my way. 👍⠀
#RehabScience ( #Repost: @rehabscience )

#BladeflexWorkoutTip: ⠀

Mountain climbers are a killer 🔥 exercise that gets your heart rate up fast while also firing up nearly every muscle group in the body. Your biceps, triceps, chest, abs, obliques, quads and hamstrings all get a taste from this amazing workout. ⠀

Try it out by first keeping your lower abs engaged in a plank position with your butt slightly higher than your body. Bring the right knee up to the chest, followed by your left. Do each side 10 times and 3 sets each. When you feel the burn in your abs, you know you’re hitting the sweet spot!

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