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1 year ago today! Sometimes you've just got to be pleased with how far you've come and not stress about how far you've got to go. #vlm2018 #onemonthtogo #postsurgerycomeback #instarunners #patience #runningcommunity #runhappy

🚿🚿 jams. #BBMAK #PostSurgeryComeBack

Ok so A LOT of people have already posted this but hey why not one more! Thank you @musclesportproduction I’m honored to be on the poster for the 2018 Central California Championships show. The 2017 show was the most fun I’ve had competing yet! Not sure exactly when my first show of 2018 will be but shooting for the Fresno Classic if I can bring a better package! So funny story... I was gonna skip cardio this morning (don’t ask, I’m tired!) and was laying in bed going through social media and saw this on Muscle Sports Facebook page. I sent it to @_travisgreen_ like 😳 and then jumped out of bed and got on the elliptical 😂 Just what I needed!! #motivation So glad to be on my besties @ifbbpro_andy_b_fit team #teamandybfit. She’s an awesome coach and we have so many amazing teammates (including my hubby and now son!!) Bring on 2018!! #postsurgerycomeback #fitover40 #momswholift #momswithmuscle #npc #figureathlete #gb3 #fortwashingtonfitness #musclesportproductions

It’s been A LONG WHILE but Incline Sprints and I are about to become besties again. 7.5 weeks out IF I can get this ridiculous body fat down. Pray I don’t pass out on this treadmill 😂 #fitover40 #postsurgerycomeback #cardiolife #ihatecardiotho #sweatsession #npc #figureathlete #teamAndybfit

1/2 way through fasted cardio early on a Friday morning. Not super sure what my first show will be. Seeing the 2018 season start and some of the teammates starting to compete is helping some with the motivation but really I’m fighting the mental game in these early weeks. Me vs Me and restarting has been tougher then I expected. Trying to lean out some, put some muscle back on and see what’s underneath the extra body fat. #fitover40 #postsurgerycomeback #cardiolife #sweatsession #npc #figureathlete #teamAndybfit #fortwashingtonfitness

I am all about celebrating the small wins of every day. This past weekend I wore heels for the first time in 190 days! I was soooo nervous because I was scared to trip and fall and worried I would have set backs, more pain in my hip and back, and just that I would be miserable. But I rocked them and even did it TWO night in a row! (Thank goodness for hot tubs and foam rollers lol)
Surgery takes a toll you and never realize how easy you had it at one time. Don’t ever give up! I’m working on getting stronger everyday and will continue to celebrate all the wins big and small because all of them matter and make up your comeback story!! Any small wins or big wins you wanna share? Lets CELEBRATE them together!! #jessicasimpsonheels #shoeaddictions #pumps👠 #postsurgerycomeback #labrumtearrepair #labrumtear #surgerynurse #fitgirlygirl #heelstosneakers #laurenconradcollection #pumakicks #bcbgshoes #hipsurgeryrecovery

~The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can~
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #embraceyourself #createyourhappy #mindsetmattersmost #changeyourthinkingchangeyourlife #postsurgerycomeback
#purpleoffice #tjmaxxfinds #spraytanlife #homeofficedecor

Up next Phase 2 ✌🏻 Taking time today to figure out my meal plan for the next 4 weeks and what did I find out??? I’m going up a bracket. That means MORE FOOD!
If you are starving, fatigued, moody, or constantly craving things you may need to evaluate what and how much you are eating. Getting healthy and getting results isn’t shouldn’t include starvation and deprivation. It’s should include eating more of the RIGHT foods!
If you need help just ask! Or fill out the Slay the Day application!
Progress pics coming soon. Do you wanna see them?? .
#postsurgerylife #labrumtearrepair #labrumtear #postsurgerybody #hiprehabilitation #postsurgerycomeback #wannabemom #eatmorefood #nurseturnedpatient #nomore12hourshifts

Breakfast made in the Kaiser Kitchen is my favorite place for breakfast! And now that we have an air fryer EVEN better. Do you look at healthy eating like it’s punishment because I did. I didn’t know how to branch out and try different things so glad there is a way to have YUMMY food AND have it be healthy!
Home style fries and 2 eggs over hard with chopped spinach. .
#healthyeatsliving #kaiserkitchen #airfryerrecipe #airfryer #postsurgerycomeback #foodaftersurgery #nurseeats #beachloverforlife #bikinibodygoals #eatlikeyouloveyourself

Cauliflower “mashed potatoes”/chicken/hot sauce! Yes please!! #preplife #postsurgerycomeback #fitover40 #npc #figureathlete #teamAndybfit #foodfuel #lunchbreak

Day 1 of the comeback!! Official first lifting day because 1 month post op. 🙌🏽 I still have to take it slow and light but it feels good to be lifting again. Feeling a little pain but nothing unmanageable. Surprising how much strength one loses so quickly. Hoping I’m 12 weeks out and my comeback game is strong! #postsurgerycomeback #fitover40 #momswholift #momswithmuscle #npc #figureathlete #teamAndybfit #gb3

Extremely long day at work today. Leaving there my plan was to get home and be a lazy bum on the couch. While checking social media on the way home I saw a post reminding me the #fresnoclassic is only 12.5 weeks away. I’m planning for that to be my first show back after surgery. The short time frame instantly scared the 💩 out of me so instead of being lazy I jumped on this thing for my hour cardio session. Next week is my first officially week back lifting but I know I’ll have to go light for 2 weeks, so I need to make the most of these cardio sessions now and start acting like I’m in a show soon. Back to aligning my lifestyle to my goals! #fitover40 #postsurgerycomeback #cardiolife #sweatsession #npc #figureathlete #teamAndybfit #gb3

These never get easier but I committed to sharing the ENTIRE journey including photos….
Day 1 vs Day 15

Lets be real I’m not doing this for anyone other than myself.. well and maybe the person who needs to see that even after a big setback( no matter what it has been surgery, just lost yourself, baby, eating disorder, ect) you CAN make a comeback! It's not all about the physical side of how you look but what you gain in the process mentally!
Timed nutrition has been a big learning curve but it has also been a game changer. What to eat and when, and what kinds of foods… structure... YES please!
I like things that tell ya what to do, simple to follow and get RESULTS. Don’t get me wrong this is NOT an easy program to do physically especially post surgery but let me tell you if you make your mind up you can.. you WILL. You make any program work for YOU!

These results have happened WITHOUT ANY jumping or high impact. Almost all the moves have been modified to meet my restrictions. So for those of you who think you can’t… I have faith that you CAN!
Doesn’t matter your size, a number on a scale, or what anyone else thinks will work or not.. The ONLY thing that matters is that you know how important your HEALTH is and that you START!
Oh and find a tribe of others who will SUPPORT you and EMPOWER you to show up day after day, especially when the excitement has worn off!
If you are looking to start, I’d love to help. We are IN this TOGETHER and no one gets left behind!
#bootylift #6packinthemaking #14dayprogress #Sexyback #workingonmySummerBody #PostSurgeryComeback #labrumtear labrumtearrepair #posthipsurgery

Inspired by my beautiful Danish girlfriend, I thought it was time I got on my bicycle this morning. So, fuelled by 2 shots of my favourite Coffee Bean Ninja @t.c.b.n , I cycled after my boys ..... 30 km later!! Holy moly. The bumpy roads were ... um.... delightful ... 😬. There was no turning back though .... I had to push my bike up some of the hills and I felt like 🤢at times, but I did it. Phew. There is no such thing as easing back into it in this family ..... #cycling #cardio #postsurgerycomeback #exerciseismedicine #breastcancer #breastcancerwarrior #exerciseduringcancertreatment

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