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Bath time, fun time via @roseandrex who will be leading a workshop on playing with purpose with your little ones at our postpartum wellness event on 6/16! Register for your ticket in link in profile! #postpartumwellness #wellroundedwellness #nycmom #nycmama 📷 @amylouhawthorne via @roseandrex

six packs aren't easily achieved. Did you know that? I didn't think it would take this long, I have unrealistic goals. Today I'm 4lbs away from my pre-preggo weight& I'm shooting for a 6 pack by October 17. Someone help me stay accountable! 😂😍🤷🏼‍♀️ #13weekspostpartum #slowprogress #postpartumwellness #csectionrecovery #battlescar

Lunch for a new mama | roasted chicken, rainbow chard sautéed in ghee and baked sweet potato fries .
#postpartumdoula #radiantwoman #foodasmedicine #postpartumwellness

Such an honour to be welcomed into people's homes during the days they need it most #postpartumwellness #homevisits #acupuncture #ndibclc #breastfeeding

📸 of Sporty Mesh Nursing Bra courtesy of @leahbhealthy
"Loving all the treats from today's @wellroundedny postpartum wellness workshop! We had a great time enjoying all of the mommy/baby pampering! #mommydaughtertime #newyork #wellrounded #postpartumwellness"

Oh my little babe, you made it through nearly an entire class today. Thank goodness for @misslulu3 who has to be the most patient and understanding instructor | pilates for Fridays in your pyjamas ☁️🌱

Have you checked out the postpartum wellness booklet by @birthofamama (you can find the link to it in her profile.) It's packed with a ton of wisdom and information on navigating the postpartum period- an absolute must for any mama-to-be. And it's FREE! Such a beautiful gift from the incredible @genevieve.family #postpartumwellness #maidentomama #postpartum #takebackpostpartum

They don't look like much, but here are the top three exercises (IMO) for diastasis recti. You'll want to AVOID exercises such as crunches and sit-ups!
1️⃣ Quadruped pelvic tilt: start on all fours with spine in a neutral position. Draw your abdomen in as you tilt your pelvis forward and round your spine. Repeat 3 sets of 10 daily. 2️⃣ Abdominal bracing: Lay with knees bent and feet flat on floor. Keep your arms straight and press your palms into the floor while you draw your belly button back toward your spine. Hold for a couple seconds and release. Repeat 3 sets of 10 daily.
3️⃣ Kegels (not demonstrated, obvi 🙈): The best way to describe this is to stop urination midstream, those are the muscles you are trying to contract. Now do that (not while urinating) and work up to holding the contraction for 10 sec. Repeat 3 sets of 10 daily.
You have to stay CONSISTENT with these exercises in order to improve! You can also perform them more than once a day, if they don't aggravate any symptoms. I'm not afraid to talk about kegels and show my loose skin because this is real freaking life and these things are part of motherhood! Outfit is from my shop 💙

Something happened today that has been occurring quite a bit lately since having Blair that I want to talk about and hopefully raise awareness on the matter. While I was out and about with my kids, a woman came up to me making what seemed to be normal small talk. She asked about my kids, how old they were, etc. When I told her that Blair was going to be 4 weeks old tomorrow, she gave me the most awful and disgusted look, and scolded me for having her out in public before being "old enough". And I immediately broke down and started crying. Yes, crying in the middle of the store with all three of my kids with me. 😕

This wasn't the first time something like this has happened since having B and I want to talk about why I feel it is necessary for people to STOP it. I have talked a little about this on here but for my newer followers, you may not know... I have dealt with and am still dealing with postpartum depression. It is a very real, very hard thing that a lot of mothers go through and I am one of them. One of the ways to help me fight ppd is simply getting out of the house, being around other people, getting out in the fresh air and sunlight, and just LIVING MY LIFE. You guys, moms should never feel guilty or be scolded by people for doing what is best for them. Yes, I have had Blair out of the house since she was 2 days old. She went to her brother's baseball game at 2 days old, and has been to the grocery store with me, the mall, the playground, Sawyer's school, and a bunch of other places. Getting out of the house has been so good for both me and her and I don't see anything wrong with it. So, if you ever see a mom out and about with what seems to be a new baby, PLEASE only give her nice and uplifting comments because you never know what she may be experiencing as far as emotions, hormonal changes, or even ppd. Thank you and much love to every single one of you! ❤️


six packs aren't easily achieved. Did you know that? I didn't think it would take this long, I have unrealistic goals. Today I'm 4lbs away from my pre-preggo weight& I'm shooting for a 6 pack by October 17. Someone help me stay accountable! 😂😍🤷🏼‍♀️ #13weekspostpartum #slowprogress #postpartumwellness #csectionrecovery #battlescar

A healthy pelvic floor will:⠀
• Support bladder, vagina, rectum, and inner organs of the abdomen ⠀
• Enhance sexual pleasure ⠀
• Help expel baby during childbirth ⠀
• Play a significant role in reducing pelvic instability and pain⠀
Proper contraction AND relaxation are essential for promoting correct pelvic floor function, so this is an integral part of what Fit For Birth teaches.⠀

Join us for our LIVE COURSE (bit.ly/FitForBirthLiveCourse), or start online today at getfitforbirth.com⠀

When it's 12am and the baby won't stop screaming but you helping only makes it worse and you literally feel helpless. Flow the funk out.

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Such an honour to be welcomed into people's homes during the days they need it most #postpartumwellness #homevisits #acupuncture #ndibclc #breastfeeding

So I have found that I haven't made yoga a priority. Which really makes me sad considering when I think of the longevity of my wellness, I see yoga at the forefront. But how can it be at the top if I'm not practicing? SO I'm implementing it into my morning ritual. Waking up before everyone else, sipping my coffee, bullet journaling, and a simple 5 min yoga sequence. I know 5 min doesn't seem like much, but like Adriene always says 'a little goes a long way' ✨💗 What do you implement in your morning ritual? .
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link in my profile if you are inspired or able to help support my cause. 🙏🏼💛💪🏼

So I can stand tall in a storm
Like a live oak tree
No one in this world's gonna ever get the best of me
Runnin down a dream like I'm chasin a train
Cause I'm just a girl
Talkin to God,
Praying for rain.
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✨TRINITEA HERBALS✨ has officially re-launched! Our etsy shop is up & running! With new & improved listings & labels, we would love if you would show our little shop some love. Click on the link in our bio to see what kind of herbal goodness we have in stock for you this week 🌼🌿💜

Looking for 3 mamas due in October or later in or around Charlotte, NC who are interested in placenta encapsulation!
Please call or email if you would like more information!
$75 for 85-200 placenta capsules, tincture, print & cord keepsake 🙂 I'll just need a quick intake form from you about your service to count towards my certification.
Tell your friends!

My new favorite summertime drink! I made this batch with @earthmamahq Peaceful Mama Tea. The kids enjoy it with me if I add a drop of honey. It's so refreshing and WAY better than anything from a can 👌🏼 Do you have some extra tea in the cupboard? Make some Earth Mama Well Water 💚 • Take a clean ½ gallon jar or glass pitcher • Brew 4-6 bags of any Earth Mama Organic Herbal Tea in 4-6 cups boiled water.
• Let it steep for 5 minutes, then cool.
• Pour into Mason jar and add all sorts of lovely things! Lemon, cucumber and ginger slices, pieces of summer fruit, a few sprigs of fresh herbs (lemon balm, lavender, a pinch of mint)
• Let it infuse anywhere from an hour to overnight.
• Pour yourself a refreshing glass. • Replenish cold water as needed for 2-3 days, then start over when things get murky.
• Be well!! 🌞

The abdominal wall and the pelvic floor affect each other!
Pelvic floor dysfunction is highly correlated with diastasis recti, and it is clear that proper pelvic floor muscle function is part of the preventative and rehabilitative role for healing diastasis. Rehabilitating the abdominal wall can play a key role in healing the pelvic floor as well.
It's all connected.
If you have diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunction (mild in continence, prolapse), I can help.
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Depression is a sensitive subject for most of us but it's imperative to talk about it. This is not a time to judge, but a time to express and support👑. If you've been challenged with depression pre pregnancy, you may experience the "baby blues" or postpartum depression once your baby is born. Experiencing the baby blues after the birth of your baby is expected. It only progresses to postpartum depression when the symptoms do not subside and cause intense emotions that bring on more intense depressive symptoms, to the point where you are not able to care for your child. Anxiety is under the postpartum depression umbrella as well. Which is where I was challenged the most after the birth of my son. I have always been a bit anxious as a person but I never let it stop me. So during the postpartum period my anxiety intensified. Thankfully I chose to incorporate #placentaencapsulation into my postpartum plan and was able to continually combat the symptoms of depression and anxiety throughout my postpartum. I also used essential oil therapy, got as much rest as I could, I meditated/prayed🙏🏾😌 and made sure I ALWAYS had someone to talk to about my feelings. My twin sister Danielle @danibrown85 helped me so much through that period in my life. She's the G.O.A.T. lol and I wouldn't have identified my problems as easily if I didn't have her communicating with me everyday to try to figure this postpartum sh💩t out! I know this post is long but as women, it is fundamental to share our experiences and learn from each other because sharing brings us closer and I believe we're stronger together than we are divided. If you are challenged by postpartum depression and/or anxiety, be courageous! These feelings need to be expressed and not disregarded. Find local support groups in your area, call a trusted friend, and definitely tell your doctor if you have feelings of postpartum depression or feel overwhelmed. Don't be embarrassed or scared, I've been there, and you are not alone in this😊👑❤️ #love #evesblessings #lovethyself #placentaencapsulation #postpartum #postpartumdepression #babyblues #postpartumwellness #essentialoils #therapy #feelfreetoshare 🙏🏾

Today strength isn't about how much weight I can lift or how many push-ups I can do. It's about being mentally strong enough to do what's best for myself, instead of using my lack of sleep as an excuse. Baby L has officially entered a sleep regression and it is kicking. my. ass. Just so tired! So when he *finally* fell into a solid sleep at 4:30 PM, I did too. An hour and 15 minute nap, short jog (once my husband got home) and some upper body weights.. and I feel quite a bit better. Now - this Mamma needs a long shower (isn't that what every new Mom actually craves?) 😉

Happy Monday y'all! ✨ #macskadesignssketch #motivationmondays

I have a daily love affair with Peppermint Oil, so the sweetness of Spearmint was a little shocking to my senses. It didn’t seem to be as potent as Peppermint is for relieving headaches and soreness, so I wondered what to even do with it. After some research, I learned that this sweet plant actually has powerful cleansing, calming and restorative properties. 🙌
So I found something glorious to use it for and had to share. I started adding a few drops to my shampoo! It feels like a gentle, cool tingle on the scalp and keeps my hair smelling good in this summer heat! 🤗
Also, Pumba says hi and he likes the smell too. 🐽

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