I posted a side by side picture of myself recently that showed a 10 year difference and while there wasn’t a HUGE weight change ...that wasn’t at all the point.
I received comments like “You can’t complain about how you looked before” “You were just as beautiful before” “You looked better with less muscle”

And a few others....🤨 Yet, every single one of those comments reminded me of how MOST of us quickly jump to conclusions without actually reading what the story of that post entailed.

You see, to you I may have looked just fine and often I was told that (which can for many make the mental game worse) but for someone who tends to go 110% into something or nothing at all... The picture of me 10 years ago was a girl who... ➕Did hours of Cardio(at one point I ran 10k EVERY DAY) ➕Measured all my food on a scale ➕Wouldn’t enjoy a drink with my friends or treats on the weekend out of fear of gaining weight ➕Thought I had to be under 120lbs
Outward appearances don’t always tell the whole story and so while my original post WAS about a girl who has since had two babies, worked really hard on her relationship with food after fear of gaining too much during pregnancy or not being able to lose it after, I want to be a reminder that being “skinny” doesn’t always mean you are healthy in both the physical and mental aspect.

Learning to appreciate your body especially as a women after babies can take a lot of work!

I have found what works for me and I hope that by sharing it helps other moms who struggle postpartum as well!
Love, a mom who often needs chocolate 🍫 & 🍷& 🏋🏼‍♂️ to keep sane 😝

#transformationtuesday My 11 week transformation which started off by giving birth to that giant baby in my belly. It's a slow process but quitting won't speed it up.
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Æfingin mín síðan í gær er komin inn á www.fitbysigrun.com Myndaband af öllum æfingum – tékkið á því!
Eitt sem mig langaði að nefna er mikilvægi þess að taka því alltaf rólega og ekki þrjóskast áfram á æfingu ef þú finnur að þú ert nálægt því að ofgera þig. Ég gerði það um daginn þegar ég ákvað að hlaupa 16km 😑 (hafði ekki hlaupið lengra en 8 km síðan fyrir ca 2 árum og næsta skref hjá mér hefði átt að vera svona 9-10 km). Í kjölfarið á þessu hlaupi fékk ég smá kviðslit 😣 (hjá naflanum sem er algengt að fá á meðgöngu/eftir fæðing). EN ég lít á það bara sem tækifæri á að læra inná slík meiðsl því þau eru algengari en manni grunar! ▪️Þannig ef þú ert byrjandi, ólétt og vön að hreyfa þig áður en þú varst ólétt eða að byrja hreyfa þig aftur eftir meðgöngu reyndu eins og þú getur að taka því “rólega” þannig að þú byggir þig hægt og rólega upp og alltaf að hlusta á líkmann – ekki þrjóstast áfram▪️
My workout since yesterday has been posted to www.fitbysigrun.com Video demo to every workout – check it out!
One important note that I wanted to mention is the importance to ALWAYS listen to your body and build up to any type of exercise – don’t “force yourself through it”. I did that the other day when I was determined to run a 16K run 😑 (the longest run the past two years was 8K and the next step should have been a 9-10K run). During the run I tore a part of my core 😣(what is called hernia, by my bellybutton which is common during pregnancy and post pregnancy). I look at this injury as an opportunity to hands on learn to deal with it since it is a lot more common than you would think! ▪️But if you are a beginner, pregnant and use to working out, or beginning to workout again post pregnancy try as much as you can to take it easy so you slowly build up on the intensity/distance and always listen to your body – never “force yourself” through anything▪️

Y’all ! I know this photo is a tad blurry (shaky muscles and a 4.5 month old are to blame) but I was taking a photo for my accountability group to show I was having my daily superfoods and I told Wyatt “Say Shakeology!” And this is what he did !!! 🤣

B O D Y - B A C K / / W E E K - 4 💗 What do you see this week (besides muscle definition)? SO MANY SMILES! #galentines #fit4mom #fit4momhonolulu

BODY BACK // 💖 These mamas don’t play! Actually, maybe they do because there was a LOT of smiling happening today 💖 #HIITitmama #fit4momhonolulu

B O D Y - B A C K // 💗 Week 8 FINALE! Way to finish STRONG mamas 💪🏽

If I had to pick one chest exercise it would be incline chest press! 💪🏼.
1️⃣ it’s still a strength exercise
2️⃣ it’s more than just that. It also helps shape your upper body
3️⃣ ya get a little shoulder action in there too
4️⃣ ya feel badass 😎 when you can put up some good weight!
Chest, shoulder, and ab workout posted in my new YouTube video - link in bio. If I can get 30 YouTube subscribers I’ll post a video I have ready that has a full day of eating and includes what my macros were last week. So SUBSCRIBE friends 😘 #lvft

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Body Back open house week continues! 💪🏽

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H A W A I I 💗 K A I / / Strong as a mother! #fit4mombodyback #strengthinmotherhood

I’m honestly embarrassed to share this right now. I started to gain a lot of weight during college. I know now that that was probably due partially to an underlying liver and gallbladder issue because I dropped weight so fast once I had my gallbladder out after Ariadne was born. But it was also due to my awful diet. .
I was overweight before I had babies. I was overweight for a wedding. I cried when I saw my college graduation pictures. It’s so easy to fall into this hole and not think there’s any chance of you getting out so you just fall deeper and deeper and deeper. .
I never thought I was going to get out of it. I thought it be overweight for the rest of my life. I’m still overweight, but now I know that it is possible to not be overweight anymore. But it is possible to raise my children knowing how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and still fully enjoy their lives. That I can have a cupcake and pizza and pasta and not completely lose all of my progress. .
I know it’s possible for me, because I’m already seeing these results three months in. I know it’s possible for others, because I see it every single day in my groups. I’m over half way to where I need to be! .
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Getting my practice “back”
Almost immediately after getting pregnant it felt as if my muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints etc would over stretch and be over worked extremely easily. It was if everything was loose. I went on a hike at 8 weeks pregnant and could hardly walk the next day. This continued and became worse throughout my pregnancy. I realized I could keep my strength practice but had to be very careful with stretching and dynamic movement. I didn’t show until almost 6 months (I even filmed a @codyapp plan at 3 months pregnant and did Acro /yoga for @aloyoga in Las Vegas at 5 months pregnant) but even though I didn’t look pregnant, I sure felt pregnant. Little by little I grew and grew and soon I wasn’t able to keep my strength practice (at least not in the way that I liked) After giving birth and postpartum recovery I emerged with yet again a “new” body. I no longer felt that I would pull a muscle at the drop of a hat, in fact, I felt tight for the first time in a long time. My strength was down, Way down, not being naturally strong, I lost muscle fast from taking even a few months off. But....This wasn’t discouraging at all, it was exciting! I was excited to get on my mat and discover my practice again - discover my new body and grow in new ways. I was and am excited to do the work. I’m not getting my practice back, I’m not getting my Body back, they didn’t go anywhere, they have transformed, just as I have, and will continue to again and again. ———————————-
Wearing @aloyoga

Family Picture May 2017 vs May 2018
The difference between trying to do it on my own and having accountability. Trying to will myself to pick a workout, get off the couch, and get in the gym versus a structured daily workout routine I can do anywhere. Trying to just ‘’make healthy food choices” without a plan versus knowing exactly what to eat for my body.
I can tell you from my own experience that giving yourself 30 minutes a day to exercise at home and fuel your body properly is so worth it! You deserve to feel strong, sexy, confident, and happy! If you want my help, I have a new boot camp starting Monday. Let’s get Fit For the 4th together! 💪 🇺🇸
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This program is UNBELIEVABLE. In 8 days I have seen MASSIVE changes in my body. I am getting stronger, longer endurance, and I zipped up a pair of my FAVORITE pre-pregnancy pants 🙌🏻 8 DAYS 😱 HOLY SMOKES BATMAN! Imagine where I'll be in 60 days 🦄🦄🦄

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The other day my four-year-old asked me when I will be done with my workout. She didn’t mean the 30 minute one I was about to begin, she was asking when I will be done working out forever, like for good.
Never! This IS my lifestyle. It’s how I live (and do it sanely🙃). I remember when I started with home workouts three years ago and my husband (Lord bless him) so encouragingly said, “We’ll see how long this lasts.” Well sweetie😘
I’ll do this forever because I’m not chasing a body. I am not waiting to get “skinny.” I’m not looking for a six pack. I am working strength, health, confidence, happiness, energy, fun, and for ME!
“Kennedy, I’ll be doing this until I’m 90.” 👵🏽😉

Yesterday's check in!
M1: eggs and milk
Amwo: DMs and then yard work while little miss slept
M2: none
M3: I don't remember 🙈 left overs of some sort 🤔
M4: banana muffin
M5: spaghetti and meatballs
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