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This beautiful thing called #motherhood 😍😍 @funkeio pregnancybeyond.com #twinboys #twinmom #pregnancybeyond @pregnancy_beyond

This was filmed at two weeks postpartum. 🤰🏻Pregnancy is an amazing thing that the female body is capable of. We can literally grow another human inside. 👶🏻 The 6 weeks after delivery is such a delicate time as our body recovers from the act of growing and birthing a baby. Your body has been expanding for the last 9 months and now its in the process of being ‘put back together’. While we can’t rush natures timeline and everyone’s recovery time is different we can give it a helping hand. 🖐🏼This is my first postpartum experience using a skin firming gel and I honestly see a difference in the speed of my recovery. I have been using Gel-V since returning home from the hospital and love the cold sensation of the gel. Gel-V by @vannabelt is designed to firm and tone the skin and improve its elasticity and appearance. It is created with nature-based ingredients and is safe to use while breastfeeding. Gel-V is most effective when combined with a proper exercise program and a healthy diet 🍎. #postpartum #bodyafterbaby #momof3 #twoweekspostpartum #skinfirming #gelv #veganmom

This is what happens when babies poop on the shoot! Keep rolling! 😭
📸: @anabrandt

Look at all that awesome vernix, lovingly known as "birthday frosting". Vernix is the waxy or cheese-like white substance found coating the skin of newborn human babies. It is produced by dedicated cells and is thought to have some protective roles during fetal development and for a few hours after birth. 📷@monetnicolebirths

ENDLESS LOVE| Nothing more beautiful then them newborn days 👶 Endless squishy cuddles 🤗 milk filled boobs, moments of total awe aswell as a total blur at times but, such a precious time 💫

I won't lie the smell of newborn skin is probally my most favourite thing of all. soaking up every little precious second with them 💕 who can relate 🙋 #newbornsmell #newbornsmellisthebest
[📷 @angigreene found via @basikorganics]

Замечательного дня друзья 😎👩‍👩‍👧
Мои любимые девочки 😎😍
#iron_крошкаМия растёт, а @dariajuice марафон затеяла...
Наверняка вы знаете, что я скептически отношусь к подобным вещам, но вдруг у Даши получится организовать всё достойно.
Я всегда её учила быть ответственной 😇
Вообще рада что уже почти месяц как дома. Здесь...
Мама, которая сейчас невероятно облегчает мне жизнь с крохой😍
Папа, который всегда придёт на помощь, заботится и оберегает💪
Да вообше, в двух словах и не описать!
Считаю, что мне безумно повезло не только со своими родителями, но и с Сашиной семьей.
Вот это и есть счастье 🙂
Вот это надо беречь и хранить!
Берегите своих близких😍
Любите себя и радуйтесь каждому дню😎
А насчёт сети, и общения здесь - мне тоже нереально повезло! У меня самые лучшие друзья, так как лишь добрый и прекрасный человек, с чистой душой и большим сердцем, способен радоваться за другого, делать комплименты, и желать лучшего, искренне!!!
Благодарю вам!!!❤

✖️Postpartum fitness✖️Упражнения после родов✖️
Great exercises to strengthen your core and pelvic floor after a birth💪🏻Perform 12 reps each exercise and 3 sets☑️
Leggings💓: @flexilexi_fitness
Nursing friendly sports bra💓: @cadenshae

Для всех, кто не так давно стал мамой😇
После родов возвращаться к спорту надо постепенно а не бежать в спортзал и заниматься с большим весом во избежание проблем (таких как диастаз и недержание например🙊) и обязательно начинать с восстановительной гимнастики☝🏻
Тренировка на укрепление внутренних мышц живота и мышц тазового дна после родов💪🏻
Повторять 12 раз и 3 круга☑️

Девочки если есть вопросы задавайте😘Алина у нас все на носочках пытается ходить, смешная такая💓

I get a lot of questions about my gold bar necklace. It is handmade by @bloominglotusjewelry and has one of my mantras on it: 🌬BREATHE. I also get asked how often I meditate in my practice. The answer is every time. No I don't usually sit still and meditate for long periods of time, but I don't believe there is only one right way to meditate. I find meditation in the poses I hold, the slow movement of transitions, The dark quiet when I close my eyes and move, feeling the body and breath connected, and concentrated control. It is calming and cleansing, and everything I need. 📿📿
My other coin necklace is also made by @bloominglotusjewelry and has the initials of my three kids on it. 💜 and if you look on my story you will see the sweet, tiny bracelet I had made for Lola, with a moon because she is a moon baby. 🌙 there is something special about personalizing jewelry you wear every day; it has meaning. If you want to make something too, use code KENZIE for 15% off with @bloominglotusjewelry 💕
Leggings- @myinnerfire
Mat- @liforme .
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Am I the only one who doesn't want to leave the house, by herself, with two kids? Even to go play outside. I feel like I can't do anything without a set of helping hands. Maybe I'm adjusting? Tell me it gets better. Because when I'm alone with my two kiddies I feel like I don't know how to be the best mom I can be.
Thanks Aunty @bethannemarie for all your help... especially when Michael is away working!


No filter needed for today's view!!!! Isn't it gorgeous out?! When the skies are this blue and it says "rest day" on your calendar, you scratch that and go for a run!!! My MIL has the 2 biggest kids to the library and park, while my mom took sweet pea for a ranger ride, and that left me with my baby girl. Just her (asleep), me and the pavement. Have you created a life you love? Do you focus on all that you have to be thankful for? Do you love your job? Do you love your significant other and kids? Are you thankful for the help you get? Sure, every single thing has negatives.....like I was up every hour last night with a child who has a cold; I have to work when my kids sleep and sometimes I'd rather sleep; sometimes my husband and I fight (don't tell me you're shocked, we all do it!), and sometimes my kids drive me crazy....but why focus on that stuff? God has given me so much and that is what I'm going to focus on. Get outside, breathe in some fresh air and thank God for all that he's given you!

#blessed #somuchtobethankfulfor #4miles #blueskies #sisterstrong

New #lowcarb recipe on the blog today! Link in bio 😘😘

Our next postpartum series is scheduled! SPECIAL DEAL: This series will also include 4 weeks of gym membership after the 8 classes of postpartum class! $199 for 8 weeks! It will be held at @crossfitunbroken in August! Be sure to reserve your spot now-- non mobile babies are more than welcome!

#birthfit #birthfitmke #postpartum #diastasisrecti #fitness #nutrition #chiropractic #mindset


Top 3 pics are me right before having my girls and the bottom 3 are right before becoming preggo with number 2&3 and me now. 2011.2014.2016.2017 -they say at home workouts don't work, well I'm proof they do. It doesn't matter where you do your exercise it's just about getting it done. Ooo and your nutrition. -I wanted to share this collage with y'all in hopes of motivating someone that is struggling with extra weight or just not being able to get into a routine. -I'm here to help you. Message me and let's get it started.
THIS IS YOUR SIGN. 👆🏽👆🏽 #postpartum #journey #babygirls #healthandfitness #exercise #nutrition #thatsit #girlmom #gained30-35pdseach #findyourself

Another great morning at #lightcinemasheffield lovely little bar/cafe area to relax in afterwards, even if the views are of a big construction site 😁 #babyfriendly #babycinema #mummysboy

Body Rock 21 day boot camp day 17 + bonus band burn out.
bicep curls
chest fly
squat press
around the world
tricep dips
v sit ups
over head press

8×4 pick your weight no rest between exercises 10 sec rest between sets

One month to go before we pcs to Ga but only 5 days til the hubs leaves for tdy for almost the whole month. eek!! Duffle bags every where!!! #bodyrocklisamarie #bodyrock #mytrainerrocks #armburnout #fitmomish #mombie #postpartum #momof3 #mygaragegymlife

Time flies when your having fun but memories last forever 💙

Can't believe Declan is 10 weeks old today!!! Where did that go!! Look at his cheeky smile! 😍🐳 what better way to spend it than on the beach in sunny Majorca 🏖

At the end of the day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling ✨

Today's #lunch is light, fresh, and delicious; #salad topped with #homemade #chickensalad made from last nights grilled chicken (veganaise, herbs, red onion, grapes) 😋 #MrsBsHouseOfYumYum

Aujourd'hui était le jour de la reprise du sport.
Au programme : abdos hypopressifs et un peu de gainage et travaille des fessiers.
Je me suis concoctée un petit programme de reprise post partum en douceur, je vous en dis plus bientôt.....#fitmoms #postpartum #fitgirl #fitmom #fitness #fitnessgirl #programmepostpartum #programmepostgrossesse

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